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Welcome to the presentation on MID DAY MEAL SCHEME Annual Work Plan & Budget 2015-16 KARNATAKA.

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1 Welcome to the presentation on MID DAY MEAL SCHEME Annual Work Plan & Budget 2015-16 KARNATAKA

2 Number of districts 30 No of Taluks176 Total population(Ce nsus 2011) 6,11,30,704 Male3,11,15,528 Female3,00,15,176 Sex Ratio1000/964 Density of population 320 persons/ Literacy Rate Total 75.60% Male82.65% Female68.13% Demography and literacy of Karnataka

3 3  To improve enrollment and attendance in schools.  To improve retention rate in classes.  To Reduce the drop out rate  To improve health and hygiene of the child by increasing nutrition level.  To improve learning ability levels of children.  To develop social and national integration among the children  To provide MDM to the children of Drought affected areas during summer vacation. Objectives of MDM

4 4 Education Minister. Secretary for Primary and Secondary Education. Commissioner for Public Instruction. Joint Director of Public Instruction Nodal Officer. For MDM Chief Executive Officer of ZP at Districts Education Officer (MDM) of Education Department Deputy Director of Public Instructions Executive Officer of TP at Taluks Assistant Director (MDM) of Education Department Block Education Officer of Education Department School Head Master and SDMC President Sate Level District Level Taluk Level Village Level Management & Monitoring System:

5 5 VARIOUS COMMITTIES TO MONITOR MDM State : SSMC under the chairmanship of Additional Chief Secretary. District : DSMC under the chairmanship DC/CEO. Vigilance Committee - Under the chairmanship of senior MP Taluk : TSMC committee under the chairmanship of Asst Commissioner. School level : SDMC, Mother’s committee Foodgrain Quality checking : Under the chairmanship of DD – Food & Civil supplies.

6 6 STRENGHTS : Mid-day Meals is regular. No discrimination among children (gender, caste) Good proportion of SC/ST cooks cum helpers employed Funds flow is regular and allocation is adequate Parents as well as children have positive opinion about MDM Health card is available and updated in most of the schools. MDM is Implementing through ZP and TP. PRIs are involved in the Programme.

7 7 STRENGHTS ….. Contd Quantity of raw materials supplied (Head masters) – Adequate Supply of Vitamin A and deworming tablets is as per the requirement Teachers taste the food regularly and record their opinion in taste register.

8 8 Planning Process activities SL No.ActivityTime lineResponsibility 1Mid year review made on27-10-2014State office 2 Interaction with ditrict and block level functionaries. Oct/Nov - 2014 State Planning core team 3 Letter to CEO and MDM EO'S from commissioner regarding preparation of AWP & B 4-12-2014CPI/JD MDM 4Formation of planning team1-12-2014JD MDM 5Briefing to District officers and planning team26-11-2014JD MDM 6 Divisional level workshops to Taluka level officials and other nodal agencies. Belgaum - 13-12-14, Mysore - 16-12-14, Bengaluru - 18-12-14 & Gulbarga - 23-12-14 State Planning core team 8Video conference22-12-2014Secretary 7 Discussion with KMF, FCI, KFCSC, Health department and RDPR etc. 26-12-2014 Secretary / CPI / JD MDM 9Submission of plans by districts5-1-2015EO MDM 10Consolidation and Finalization of district plan9-1-2015JD MDM & Plan team 11Finalization of draft plan.13-01-2015JD MDM 12Submission of draft plan to MHRD.16-01-2015JD MDM 13Incorporate with directions of MHRD/Other agencies.16-01-2015JD MDM 14Final Draft27-01-2015JD MDM 15Placing before SSMC02-02-2015JD MDM 16Final Submission6-02-2015JD MDM

9 9 Schools Coverage : Existing v/s Coverage Schools No of InstitutionsCoveredDifference Primary Schools (1 to 5) 2205322048-5 Upper Primary Schools with Primary Schools (1 to 8) 2500425000-4 Upper Primary schools (6 to 8) 86968515-181 Alternative Innovative Education Centers 000 Madarasa 67 0 NCLP 53 0 Total 5587355683-190 Reasons for difference : Zero enrollment, KGBV, Residential School, Schools having only 9 and 10 schools, Food supplied from temples and others

10 10 Schools Coverage (01.04.2014 to 31.12.2014)

11 11 PAB Approval v/s Performance (01.04.2014 to 31.12.2014) Classes PAB Approval for 2014-15 Performance (Upto 31-12-2014) children (In lakhs) workin g days Meals to be served (In crores) Average children (In lakhs) Working days Meals served (In crores) Primary 31.5416451.7729.4516347.88 Upper Primary 19.0016431.1617.7016328.78 Total 50.5416482.9347.1516376.66

12 (In lakhs) PAB Approval v/s Performance : Children (01.04.2014 to 31.12.2014)

13 (In lakhs) PAB App v/s Performance : Working days (01.04.2014 to 31.12.2014)

14 (In lakhs) PAB App v/s Performance : Meals Served (01.04.2014 to 31.12.2014)

15 15 (01.04.2014 to 31.12.2014) Component wise Performance : Annual Allocation v/s Utilization up to Dec- 2014 (01.04.2014 to 31.12.2014)

16 16 Food Grains Food Grains Lifted (In Mts) Bill Raised (Rs. In Lakhs) Payment Made (Rs. In Lakhs) Paid % RICE86740.5764772.373926.83782.28 Note : As on till date Rs. 220.19 lakhs is balance from 4 districts due to late submission of bills by FCI. Payment FCI: Bill raised v/s Payment Made 2014-15 (01.04.2014 to 31.12.2014)

17 17 Classes Annual Allocation for the year 2014-15 Opening Balance 1/4/2014 Lifted Till 31-12-2014 Utilization Till 31-12-2014 Balance 123456=3+4-5 RICE Primary69078.52 696.4340975.9937372.384300.04 Upper Primary62257.43 598.5437199.7932304.235494.10 Total131335.96 1294.9778175.7869676.619794.14 WHEAT Primary10556.40 3773.894605.936783.641596.18 Upper Primary9564.53 3575.813958.876945.59589.09 Total20120.93 7349.718564.7913729.232185.27 Grand Total 151456.88 8644.6786740.5883405.8311979.42 (In MTs) (01.04.2014 to 31.12.2014) Food Grains: Utilization-Till Dec 2014 (01.04.2014 to 31.12.2014)

18 18 Food Grains: Annual Allocation v/s Utilization 2014-15 (01.04.2014 to 31.12.2014)

19 19 Food Grains: Availability v/s Utilization 2014-15 (01.04.2014 to 31.12.2014)

20 20 Category of cooks SCSTOBCMinorityOthersTotal 271491506546866983918923117842 No. of CCH approved: 114653 No. of CCH working: 117842 3189 more CCH are engaged in the year 2014-15 against to PAB approval. State has given proposal for approval of Extra CCH engaged in MDM No. of Cooks working under MDM 2014-15

21 21 Year AllocationConstructedIn ProgressNot Started Physical Fin (In Lakhs) Physical Fin (In Lakhs) Physical Fin (In Lakhs) Physical Fin (In Lakhs) 2006 to 200910 2784716708.2026815160894426.4988592.80 2011-12 872433660.83706426194.40119839734623493.43 2012-13 390615967.440000390615967.44 Total 4047766336.473387942283.412423999.4535620053.67 In the year 2013-14 GOI approved 3906 Kitchen Sheds and Funds were released on 30/12/2013. Construction will be Started Shortly. Progress on Construction of Kitchen Sheds

22 Progress (in %) 22 Physical Progress of Kitchen Sheds

23 Progress (in %) 23 Financial Progress of Kitchen Sheds

24 24 Total AllocationPurchasedIn Progress Phy Fin (In Lakhs)Phy Fin (In Lakhs)Phy Fin (In Lakhs) 934694673.45867044335.206945347.25 Procurement of Kitchen devices

25 25 100% of Annual Data Entries(ADE) of Schools are completed. Annual and Monthly Data Entries (MDE) of Schools are done at Taluk/Block levels. Data entry operator, Assistant staff and a Nodal officers (ADPI) are feeding information to MIS Portal. Total No. of Schools Progress Monthly Data progress AprMayJuneJulyAugSepOctNovDec 54996 Schools Completed 54,996 % of Completion 100.00% Feeding of Data in to MDM MIS Portal 2014-15

26 Feeding Feeding of Data in to MDM, MIS Portal 2014-15 of Data in to MDM MIS Portal 2014-15

27 Proposal For 2015-16

28 ClassSchools Primary Schools (1 to 5) 22053 Upper Primary Schools with Primary Schools (1 to 8) 25004 Upper Primary schools (6 to 8) 8696 Madarasa 67 NCLP 53 Total 55873 Proposed Schools, for the year 2015-16

29 NCLP Schools No. of Districts NCLP schools ChildrenWorking Days 6532,032313 Proposed Children and working days for the year 2015-16 Classes (Govt+LB) Schools Aided Schools Madarasa/ Maqtab TotalWorking Days Primary25,10,9924,29,2773,35229,43,621 235 Upper Primary 13,61,3204,05,3351,28917,67,944 235 Total38,72,3128,34,6124,64147,11,565 235

30 Requirement of Food Grains: 2015-16 (In MTs) Requirement of Food grains 2015-16 ClassRiceWheatTotal Primary 59241.539933.6069175.13 Upr Primary 52773.159546.9062320.05 NCLP 81.3914.0295.41 Total 112096.0719494.52131590.59 Requirement of Food grains for Drought Area 2015-16 Primary 1763.34251.912015.24 Upr Primary 1951.31274.322225.63 Total 3714.65526.224240.87 Total Requirement of Food grains 2015-16 Primary 61004.8710185.5071190.37 Upr Primary 54724.469821.2264545.67 NCLP 81.3934.1232.3 Total 115810.7220040.82135968.35

31 31 Sl. No Component PrimaryUpper Primary Grand Total Central Share State ShareSub Total Central Share State Share Sub Total Recurring Assistance 1Cost of Foodgrain 3,869.470 3,502.940.003,502.947,372.41 2Cooking cost 19,150.216407.133525,557.3417,358.555,814.9023,173.4548,730.79 3Honorarium to CCH 3,729.591243.19764,972.795,533.461,844.497,377.9412,350.73 4 Transportation Assistance 533.930 484.570.00484.571,018.50 5MME 628.800 621.700.00621.701,250.50 Sub Total 27,912.017,650.3335,562.3427,501.227,659.3835,160.6070,722.94 Non-Recurring Assistance 7Kitchen sheds 8245.852748.6210,994.47000.0010,994.47 8Kitchen devices 622.35 000.00622.35 Sub Total 8868.22748.6211,616.82000.0011,616.82 Grand Total 36,780.2110,398.9547,179.1627,501.227,659.3835,160.6082,339.76 Budget Proposal: 2015-16 (Rs. In Lakhs )

32 32 AT-6B,7,7A,8,8A,9 & 10 Ksheera Bhagya Yojana Best Practices

33 33  GOK has introduced Ksheera Bhagya Yojana on 01-08-2013.  150ml of hot Milk is given to all children from 1 to 10 th Std in Govt and Aided Schools alternative days.  Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) is supplying the Whole Milk powder.  18 grams of Whole Milk Powder is converted into 150ml Milk Cost per Child per Time Sl. NoDetailsQuantityCost 1Whole Milk Powder18 Grams 4.59 2Sugar10 Grams 0.32 3Fuel- 0.15 4Other- 0.12 Total 5.18 Honorarium to CCH / month 100 Best Practices Contd...

34 34  Kitchen Gardens are maintained in majority of the schools. The main objective of maintaining kitchen gardens is growing required vegetables & green leaves in schools with the help of children for MDM.  There are some kitchen gardens also are being maintained with the convergence of department of Horticulture at district & Taluka level. It reserved a small portion of budget exclusively for kitchen gardens in Karnataka. Kitchen Garden Best Practices Contd...

35 35  All 1,17,842 CCHs are trained.  30 Cooks were trained by Institute of Hotel Management.  Apron provided to CCHs.  Akshaya Tarakari Butti (Vegetable box) in some districts.  Akshaya Majjige Patre (Butter milk vessel) in some districts.  Compensation paid to CCHs if any untoward happen while cooking. Sl.ParticularsAmount in Rs 01In case of death of cook.Rs 1,00,000 02In case of burn leading to Permanente disability.Rs 75,000 03In case of burn injuries.Rs 30,000 Best Practices Contd...

36 36  Almost all women CCH are engaged Preference given to widows.  53407 schools are using LPG.  Teachers taste MDM before serving and record opinion daily.  Fire Extinguishers maintained in all schools.  MDM is served by using small vessels and serve in rows in school verandahs/class rooms  Additional Honorarium of Rs. 700/- per month will be given to CCH by GOK w.e.f 1-1-2014 Best Practices Contd...

37 37  MDM Logo, Food Menu and MDM Toll free number (redressal) are displayed on the walls of all schools.  Plates and Glasses provided by the donors.  SDMC and Mothers Committees are actively involved in MDM.  Schools compound walls constructed under MNREGA Scheme.  Centralized Procurement of Dhal, Oil and Salt by KFCSC.  Rs. 473.55 Lakhs received as contribution by community in the form of providing meals in lieu of MDM, additional food item and other materials is raised Best Practices Contd...

38 To be provided minimum 2 cook cum helpers for LPS school. One Accounts Assistant is needed at District level to support Education Officer, Mid day Meal Scheme. Transportation Assistants needs to enhance. Cook cum Helpers honorarium needs to increase. Cooking cost needs to enhance to the schools having less than 50 students. Coarse grains to supply through FCI. MME Amount has to increase 1.8% to 3 %. Separate Funds for IVRS. Vehicles to be provided to Assistant Directors at Taluk level ISSUSE:

39 Pre requisite for Submission of AWP& B Plan Action taken Plan approved by State Steering cum Monitoring Committee SSMC was Approved AWP&B 2015-16 on 02-02- 2015. Release of funds through e-transfer from State / District to at least 50% schools. 100% of funds released from State to Districts through e-transfer further the same fund will be transferred through e-transfer to the schools. 100% payment of cost of food grains made to FCI Due to late submission of bills from FCI (January 2 nd week and 3 rd week). Only 2 or 3 Districts FCI bill to be cleared for the month of December-2014. All the previous year bills were cleared. 100% payment of honorarium to cook- cum-helpers through e-transfer to their bank accounts. Steps have been taken to pay CCH honorarium directly through the e-transfer to their accounts. Annual and Monthly data entry for the FY 2014-15 Annual and monthly data for the year 2014-15 upto December-2014 is Completed. Emergency Medical Plan on the lines of the contingency plan of Odisha. Emergency plan already in-practice in Karnataka. Emergency contact numbers displayed on the walls of Kitchen sheds.(Emergency Medical Plan is Enclosed). Plan submitted through MDM-MIS portal Plan is submitting through MDM, MIS portal. Pre requisite for Submission

40 Pre requisite for Submission of AWP& B Plan Action taken Action taken note on commitments given by the State Govt. during PAB Meeting of 2014-15 Detail report is attached as part of document. Action taken note on findings of reports of Monitoring Institute. Detail report is attached as part of document. Action plan for the testing of food samples, Number of food samples tested by accredited labs and findings Detail report is attached as part of document. Separate and detailed MME plan Separate detail is attached as part of document Plan submitted duly signed by the Pr. Secretary / Secretary of the State/UT within the scheduled date. Yes Pre requisite for Submission Contd…

41 Best practices Photos


43 Best practices






49 Best practices Photos

50 50 MDM Karnataka Thank You all Thank You

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