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Office of Career Services Tax & Internationa l Tax Job Search Workshop 2013 1.

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1 Office of Career Services Tax & Internationa l Tax Job Search Workshop 2013 1

2 2 Objective Timing Resources Strategy

3 Role of the OCS Job search facilitators  Craft effective correspondence  Research employers  Interview  Network It is up to you to use these skills and resources to find the perfect job for you 3

4 Career Services Team Irene Dorzback, Assistant Dean Clara Solomon, Director Sejal Sanghvi, Career Counselor Laura Mowry, Program Coordinator 4

5 Using the OCS Register CSM Profile Principles of Professional Conduct Job Search Workshop Communicate CSM Announcements CSM Job Listings Rocket Docket Online Calendar 5

6 Opportunities Provided by OCS  Day @ the Tax Court  On-Campus Interviews (OCI), Fall & Spring  Taxation Interview Program (TIP)  Resume Directories  CSM Job Listings  Networking events and educational panels Don’t rely on these programs alone; use your network and other resources to supplement your job search! 6

7 On-Campus Interviews (OCI) Administered on CSM Not pre-screened Fall (9/16-10/25) Spring

8 Job Market Snapshot 2013201220112010 Employed (by September)* 79% 89/113 67% 74/111 73% 95/130 66% 71/108 Law Firm40454745 Accounting Firm31163614 Government4014 Clerkship9755 Other/Unknown5663 Class of 2013 Method of Employment 17% NYU OCI (Fall & Spring) 19% Taxation Interview Program 20% Referral from professor, friend, colleague, networking 9% OCS Job Listing 4% Returned to pre- LLM Employer 8% Day at the Tax Court 22% Other 8 * Students who responded to the graduation employment survey

9 When Should I Start? 9  Most LL.M. students report finding jobs in April or later Factors to Consider: Market Grades Geography Type of employer Prior education Work experience Prior interview/job search experience LL.M. course load

10 Create a Job Search Plan To Do List: Update your documents Create a CSM Profile Research employers of interest Expand your network 10

11 Update Your Resume 11  NYU format & style  JD tax coursework  JD grades  Bar Status Proofread!! Resume Directory: Deadline 9/20

12 Additional Documents Cover Letter “Skeleton” text Personalized Highlight skills Write to partners Be organized 12 Writing Sample 5-10 pages Recent Your writing Tax related? References 2-3 people Reach out now Transcripts Unofficial Photocopy/pd f NYU guidelines

13 Basic Job Search Resources LL.M. Job Search Handbook Employer Research Websites CSM and Resources on the OCS Website –LL.M. Tip Sheets –Web videos of past panels & programs PILC Government/Clerkship Resources –USA Jobs website ( –Arizona Government Handbook –PSLawNet ( –Federal Staff Attorney Positions; State Court Clerkships ABA Careers In Tax Law Vault Guide to Tax Law Careers 13

14 Networking Why? What? Who? How? 14

15 “Asking a stranger to be a mentor rarely, if ever, works, approaching a stranger with a pointed, well- thought-out- inquiry can yield results” - Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In 15

16 Informational Interviewing & Networking Research in advance Make it “easy” Respect the other person’s time Don’t ask for a job Follow up Use references to your advantage “The follow-up is the hammer and nails of your networking toolkit” - Keith Ferrazzi, Never Eat Alone 16

17 Professionalism Principles of Professional Conduct Online Persona Headhunters 17

18 Using the OCS Career Counseling Appointments –Review all materials first –Call 212-998-6090 or come to FH 430 –Send resume, transcripts, LLM Intake form in advance Drop-Ins available Wednesday & Friday from 4:00-5:00 18

19 Reminders 19 Tillinghast Lecture & Coffee Chat, September 10 Resume Directory Deadline, September 20 Accounting Firm Practice Panel, October 7 SCPS Federal Tax Institute, October 20-25 Interview Skills Workshop, November 1 Tax Practice Interview Evening, November 19 Don’t forget: Graduate Tax Program Events & Lunches

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