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Office of Career Services Tax & Internationa l Tax Job Search Workshop 2013 1.

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1 Office of Career Services Tax & Internationa l Tax Job Search Workshop

2 2 Objective Timing Resources Strategy

3 Role of the OCS Job search facilitators  Craft effective correspondence  Research employers  Interview  Network It is up to you to use these skills and resources to find the perfect job for you 3

4 Career Services Team Irene Dorzback, Assistant Dean Clara Solomon, Director Sejal Sanghvi, Career Counselor Laura Mowry, Program Coordinator 4

5 Using the OCS Register CSM Profile Principles of Professional Conduct Job Search Workshop Communicate CSM Announcements CSM Job Listings Rocket Docket Online Calendar 5

6 Opportunities Provided by OCS  the Tax Court  On-Campus Interviews (OCI), Fall & Spring  Taxation Interview Program (TIP)  Resume Directories  CSM Job Listings  Networking events and educational panels Don’t rely on these programs alone; use your network and other resources to supplement your job search! 6

7 On-Campus Interviews (OCI) Administered on CSM Not pre-screened Fall (9/16-10/25) Spring

8 Job Market Snapshot Employed (by September)* 79% 89/113 67% 74/111 73% 95/130 66% 71/108 Law Firm Accounting Firm Government4014 Clerkship9755 Other/Unknown5663 Class of 2013 Method of Employment 17% NYU OCI (Fall & Spring) 19% Taxation Interview Program 20% Referral from professor, friend, colleague, networking 9% OCS Job Listing 4% Returned to pre- LLM Employer 8% Day at the Tax Court 22% Other 8 * Students who responded to the graduation employment survey

9 When Should I Start? 9  Most LL.M. students report finding jobs in April or later Factors to Consider: Market Grades Geography Type of employer Prior education Work experience Prior interview/job search experience LL.M. course load

10 Create a Job Search Plan To Do List: Update your documents Create a CSM Profile Research employers of interest Expand your network 10

11 Update Your Resume 11  NYU format & style  JD tax coursework  JD grades  Bar Status Proofread!! Resume Directory: Deadline 9/20

12 Additional Documents Cover Letter “Skeleton” text Personalized Highlight skills Write to partners Be organized 12 Writing Sample 5-10 pages Recent Your writing Tax related? References 2-3 people Reach out now Transcripts Unofficial Photocopy/pd f NYU guidelines

13 Basic Job Search Resources LL.M. Job Search Handbook Employer Research Websites CSM and Resources on the OCS Website –LL.M. Tip Sheets –Web videos of past panels & programs PILC Government/Clerkship Resources –USA Jobs website ( –Arizona Government Handbook –PSLawNet ( –Federal Staff Attorney Positions; State Court Clerkships ABA Careers In Tax Law Vault Guide to Tax Law Careers 13

14 Networking Why? What? Who? How? 14

15 “Asking a stranger to be a mentor rarely, if ever, works, approaching a stranger with a pointed, well- thought-out- inquiry can yield results” - Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In 15

16 Informational Interviewing & Networking Research in advance Make it “easy” Respect the other person’s time Don’t ask for a job Follow up Use references to your advantage “The follow-up is the hammer and nails of your networking toolkit” - Keith Ferrazzi, Never Eat Alone 16

17 Professionalism Principles of Professional Conduct Online Persona Headhunters 17

18 Using the OCS Career Counseling Appointments –Review all materials first –Call or come to FH 430 –Send resume, transcripts, LLM Intake form in advance Drop-Ins available Wednesday & Friday from 4:00-5:00 18

19 Reminders 19 Tillinghast Lecture & Coffee Chat, September 10 Resume Directory Deadline, September 20 Accounting Firm Practice Panel, October 7 SCPS Federal Tax Institute, October Interview Skills Workshop, November 1 Tax Practice Interview Evening, November 19 Don’t forget: Graduate Tax Program Events & Lunches

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