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2 Graduate Education in Technology Commercialization Workshops 2 Technology Commercialization – A “contact sport” in interdisciplinary space (Lita Nelson, MIT) Professionals with graduate degrees – PhD, JD, MBA Little education in the “right” space for the “right” students – Need for entrepreneurship education outside of MBA – An integrated approach Kauffman Sponsored Workshops on TI:GER approach – 2008: Programs & Curricula (HBS cases & TIGER volume) – 2009: Research to Pedagogy (TI:GER volume teaching notes)

3 2010 Crossing Cultures & Boundaries 3

4 Crossing Business, Law, Science & Engineering: The TI:GER Approach 4 Marie Thursby, Margi Berbari, Anne Rector

5 Team-based Program 5 PhD students in Engineering and Science teamed with MBA and JD students To focus on potential for commercial application of PhD student research

6 6 Technology commercialization requires integration of – Science & Engineering expertise – Knowledge of management, law, economics, public policy Targeted students – PhDs in Science & Engineering (GA Tech and Emory) – PhDs in Management (GA Tech) and Economics (Emory) – MBAs (GA Tech) – Law (Emory)

7 Industry CTO Interviews 7 “Good” – Technical Skills “Need Improvement” – Management Skills – Communication Skills – Teamwork Skills “Inadequate” – Ability to think & solve problems Source: IRI Interviews with Industrial Leaders RE: University Education of Engineers and Scientists

8 Industry’s “Biggest Problem (s) in R&D” 8 Grow business through innovation Accelerating innovation Balancing ST & LT R&D focus Attracting & retaining talent Gaining senior management support Competitive intelligence Knowledge management Integrating R&D and business strategy Managing global R&D Measuring & improving R&D productivity IRI Survey > 190 Responses “Top 10 ‘Top 3’ Problems”

9 Need for TI:GER trained MBAs and JDs – Understanding Technology Helps 9

10 Program Goals 10 Produce graduates with multidisciplinary skills & entrepreneurial perspective needed to succeed in innovation-related careers – S&E PhDs aware of business & legal issues – MBAs & JDs experienced in technical research setting – Communication & team skills Produce S&E dissertations of technical merit and market relevance Produce research in management, law and economics that improves understanding of innovation

11 2 Year Certificate Program 11 Engineering PhDs Classes/Labs JDs & MBAs PhDs Classes Thesis ResearchClasses Clinics/Internships Multidisciplinary Research Centers Market Informed S&E Research Graduates aware of technical, legal, market, interpersonal, & communication issues Mgt/Law/Econ Research on the Innovation Process TI:GER 3 Core Classes Industry Mentors Consulting Projects Teams: Issues in Potential Commercialization of PhD Research Science Econ/Mgt Law/Mgt

12 Principles of Management Any semester PhD MBA Fundamentals of Innovation I Fall Semester Special Topics in Technology Commercialization  Team Building Retreat  Team Development  Intellectual Property Analysis  Industry Analysis  Marketing Strategies  Company Valuation  Funding Strategies  Commercialization Plan Independent Study Spring Semester  Project Management Planning  Commercialization Plan Expansion  Business Plan Development  Venture Lab Project Year 1 Options Include:  Business Plan Competitions  ATDC Project  Overseas Programs  Other projects Curriculum JD Technology Track Optional Year 2 Fall Semester Spring Semester Fundamentals of Innovation II Patent Track Finance Track Marketing Track Team Members

13 Team Experience 13 INTEGRATED RESEARCH S&E/MGMT/LEGAL ISSUES Hypothesis formationScientific merit; feasibility Market forecastPrior art, economic and social impact Legal landscape Proof of conceptTesting and validation Competitive analysisRisk, product and platform definition Intellectual Property ProtectionPatent, mark, secret, or copyright Business creation or license Capitalization PrototypeRefinement and scale-up Commercialization strategyFull market analysis (e.g. pricing, cost) Business AssociationsContractual issues

14 Students 2004-2011 14 Students in Program from inception to present: SCIENCE PhDs 64 JD118 MBA 71 BUS/ECON PhDs 9 Total262 OTHER PhDs: Biochemistry Bioinformatics Computer Science Industrial Engineering Materials & Science Engineering Physics Polymer, Textile & Fiber Engineering

15 15

16 One PhD Candidate – Science & Engineering – 3 rd & 4 th Year Two MBA Students – Finance – Marketing Two JD (Law) Students – Patent – Technology 16 Interdisciplinary – 5 Members Team Composition

17 17 PhD Lab Visits Team Formation Socials - Networking

18 Personality Styles: Myers-Briggs Assessment & Workshop Ropes Course –Berry College – Challenge Course Retreat Team Handbook & Exercises 18 Team Building

19 19 Team Education TI:GER Text – Chapter 2 Multidisciplinary Commercialization Teams Cases – Infovision (HBS 9-605-064) Tech Transfer at Georgia Tech – SpudSpy (HBS 5-607-103)

20 20 Team Advisors TI:GER Faculty – Team meetings 2/semester – required – Individual issues/needs Mentors – Legal – Business TI:GER Advisory Board Industry Experts “Pitch” coaches

21 21 Team Processes Graded Team Evaluations – 5% 1st semester – 10% 2nd semester – 15% 3rd semester Regularly Scheduled Team Meetings

22 22 TEAM A: Experiencing and overcoming conflicting goals and program demands

23 23 TEAM B: Achieving short-term success but no commercialization

24 24 TEAM C: Overcoming adversity to create a start-up

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