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The Path to Fusion Strategies for PeopleSoft Owners Newmerix Corporation 1100 S. McCaslin Blvd, Suite 160 Superior, CO 80027 303-350-3900

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1 The Path to Fusion Strategies for PeopleSoft Owners Newmerix Corporation 1100 S. McCaslin Blvd, Suite 160 Superior, CO 80027 303-350-3900 or Optimizing Packaged Applications

2 Who I Am.. Niel Robertson  CTO/Founder, Newmerix Corp.  Eight years building automated test, change management, and performance management solutions

3 Newmerix is in the Business of… PeopleSoft Change Management Helping PeopleSoft customers manage the frequent application changes caused by constant patches, upgrades, and customizations thus reducing the risk of:  Time overruns  Poor quality  High ongoing maintenance costs  Non-compliance  Unnecessary disruptions to business processes

4 Agenda  “Halfway to Fusion” Recap  Four Potential PeopleSoft Strategies  Three Paths to Fusion  Brief Overview of Automate!PeopleSoft  Q&A

5 Lets Review What Oracle Announced

6 Fusion Now Has Three Components  Fusion Tools  Fusion Middleware  Fusion Applications

7 Fusion Tools  Fusion tools will replace existing application toolsets:  (PeopleSoft) PeopleTools, SQRs, nVision, PSQuery  (Oracle) Oracle Forms, Reports  (J.D. Edwards) OMW  (Siebel) Siebel Tools (implied)  Fusion toolset based on JDeveloper  100% Java Based (no legacy support for PeopleCode, BFL, SiebelVB)  Next generation of EBS toolset  GA available today (  Heavy focus on SOA platform  BPEL Manager and BPEL Engine  Consolidated Data Management  Composite Application Framework  Standards based middleware stack  Combine Oracle Apps, Your Own Custom Apps, and 3 rd Party Components  Database Choices  To date Oracle has only officially announced support for Oracle

8 Fusion Middleware What version of apps/tools are you on?  Oracle E-Business suite: 11i and 12  PeopleSoft Enterprise: 8.9 and 9.0  JD Edwards EnterpriseOne: 8.11 and 8.12  JD Edwards World: A7.3, A8.1, and the 2006 JD Edwards World release PeopleTools 8.47 is the first certified release for Fusion Released November 16, 2005

9 Fusion Applications  Fusion Applications being built “from scratch” using the best requirements from all the Oracle family of applications  All Fusion applications built using new Fusion Toolset  Oracle implied first applications will become available around Q1 2007 – most available 2008-2010

10 Pros of the Announcement  Process based  SOA  Customize, build, and upgrade in modular chunks  Standards based  Reuse existing application infrastructure licenses  Composite Applications  Migrate custom development and Fusion development onto the same platform

11 Cons of the Announcement  Customizations need “retirement”  How to convert reports (SQRs)?  How to migrate PeopleCode?  Retrain staff on new Java skillsets

12 Unknowns of the Announcement  Database Support:  DB2 (likely)  SQL Server, Sybase, Informix (Sybase)  When will all the applications for any suite be available  What data model will be the starting point (EBS)

13 You Have Four Strategies Switch Freeze (Wait and See) Go Legacy Adopt Fusion

14 Switch Strategy Oracle Fusion™ Middleware Starting over with SAP (or other vendor) – the technology learning curve will be very similar

15 Freeze Strategy Pros  Vendor support for updates/fixes (24x7 call center support)  Access to critical fixes/patches  Ability to stabilize application and technical environment through decreased upgrades, implementations, customization  Vendor-supplied compliance support  Ability to leverage existing knowledge base (IT, Users, etc.)  Leverage vendor desire to continue customer upgrades  Status quo in the business and technology Cons  Potentially higher maintenance fees for little net new value in applications  Deferred or no access to new functionality/applications  Potential to increase number of customizations vs. accepting vendor supplied functionality  Increased internal support to manage user change requests  May reach a point where a required patch may have huge upgrade implications Freeze all planned upgrades and new implementations until a clear product map, technology architecture, and support structure is defined by Oracle

16 Go Legacy Strategy Pros  Lower maintenance costs (50%)  No mandatory business disruptions  Increased consistency in application functionality (reduced change)  Redistribute budget to other projects  Lower training costs Cons  Increased risk with 3 rd party provider  Decreased support level from Oracle  Potential need to hire/retain additional resources  Potential for loss of application change control if outsourced  Potential cost of back maintenance if you decide to upgrade to Fusion is unknown Move away from Oracle Support to a 3 rd party support provider: TomorrowNow, LegacyMode, Klee Associates, USi, etc..

17 Three Paths to Fusion

18 Strategy #1 : Start with Fusion Toolset  Start : Now (2006)  Focus: Development Process  Value: Reduce cost by consolidating custom and packaged application development onto the same platform

19 Strategy #1 : What about PeopleSoft?  Standardize development and change management processes in PeopleSoft as well  Implement change planning system  Implement compliancy (SOX) processes  Increase quality processes for existing PeopleSoft applications  Become efficient enough to keep up to date with patches, bundles, service packs  Retrain PeopleSoft staff on Java

20 Strategy #1: Pros and Cons Pros  Leverage development team skills across all mission critical applications  Standardized Application Lifecycle Management across development platforms  Lower TCO in IT with one platform to deliver most applications on Cons  Porting applications may be costly (not all standards are so standard)  The more customizations you make, the more expensive it may be to switch to Fusion  Very few SOA/BPEL management tools

21 Strategy #2: Start with Fusion middleware  Start : 2006/2007 (8.47+ Tools)  Focus: Business Processes  Value: Leverage existing PeopleSoft investment while extending applications using SOA/BPEL framework

22 Strategy #2 : What about PeopleSoft?  Focus on defining business processes clearly and leveraging existing PeopleSoft functionality mixed with modular custom extensions  Customizations through composite application framework  Increase quality through better documentation of business processes  Expand compliancy processes across composite application framework

23 Start with Fusion Middleware Pros  Leverage existing PeopleSoft application investment while moving to Fusion  Modularize customizations through composite application framework  Better define business processes across applications  Good preparation for integrating Fusion applications into BPEL processes as they become available Cons  May have to put a lot of work into defining business processes  Limited tools for composite application management  Compliancy and testing becomes more complicated due to multiple systems and development processes  Consolidating middleware stacks may be more costly than expected

24 Strategy #3: Start with Fusion applications  Start : 2008? 2009? 2010?  Focus: Understanding scope of customizations  Value: Understand how much work you really have in front of you to upgrade to Fusion

25 Strategy #3 : What about PeopleSoft?  You are going to live with PeopleSoft for a long time so make it as cost effective as possible to maintain  Invest in change management applications  Automate testing  Implement a service desk to help arbitrage the most important fixes, patches, and requests  Define and implement compliancy policies to reduce cost and exposure around your mission critical PeopleSoft applications  Reduce ongoing license costs if possible

26 Start with Fusion Applications Pros  Get your PeopleSoft change management process efficient and use it as a model for Fusion  Potentially remove many customizations by replacing with vanilla Fusion applications Cons  Upgrading many applications to Fusion at one time may be a long process  Poor cataloging of customizations will make requirements analysis very hard when considering Fusion applications

27 Key To Succeeding  Master constant change in PeopleSoft as it will be the same in Fusion  Maintain or improve quality through each transition  Document customizations and business processes  Invest in processes and tools that will transition from PSFT to Fusion

28 Brief Overview of Automate! Suite

29 Four Disciplines of PeopleSoft Change Management PeopleSoft Change Management Automated Software Quality Change Planning Change & Release Management Workflow, Versioning, Auditing

30 Automate!PeopleSoft Suite

31 Our Secret Sauce (Testing Example)  All changes in PeopleSoft are made in the metadata  Both PeopleSoft delivered changes and customizations occur in the metadata  Newmerix recognizes each type of metadata change and the impact it will have on automated test scripts  Newmerix correlates every metadata change to lines of the test script that interact with that metadata object  Newmerix recognizes and categorizes over 1300 types of metadata changes

32 Newmerix Automate!PeopeSoft - Product Screen Shots -

33 Automate!Program Manager : Service Request Management Collect, organize, and prioritize requests Allow visibility into the resolution of requests

34 Automate!Change : Specifying a Migration Process

35 Automate!Test : Fully Integrated PeopleSoft Metadata PeopleSoft metadata objects that have changed Test Script lines related to metadata object that changed Description of change type and how it will affect testing

36 For more detailed analysis of the “Half Way to Fusion” announcement, please go to: For more information on Newmerix products please visit:

37 Q&A Contact Info (303) 588-8543 Newmerix Corporation 100 Superior Plaza Way, Suite 200 Superior, CO 80027 (303) 642-4600 Optimizing Packaged Applications

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