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Adrian Vido Ford Motor Company Director, Global Manufacturing Quality 1

2 Where we were…below industry
Lexus Cadillac Jaguar Honda Buick Mercury Hyundai Infiniti Toyota Mercedes-Benz Audi BMW Oldsmobile Volvo Acura Chevrolet INDUSTRY AVG Chrysler Dodge Lincoln Pontiac Subaru GMC Ford Mitsubishi Saab Jeep MINI Land Rover Saturn Suzuki Kia Nissan Mazda Scion Porsche Volkswagen Hummer J.D. Power and Associates 2004 Initial Quality Study Problems Per 100 Vehicles Ford ranks 23rd


4 How below average quality hurt Ford….
Unsatisfied customers Lost sales and market share Lower resale values Poor reputation Loss of credibility/trust Higher warranty costs Low employee morale

5 Ford’s quality offensive plan….
Design in Quality Standard global process Global Product DNA: looks, sounds, feels like a Ford Don’t compromise customer wants for lower cost Verify designs further upstream through virtual tools Build in Quality Read every claim, every day; address in 24 hours Virtual manufacturing to reduce worker injury/strain Each assembly function (body, paint, etc.) has a dedicated team of problem-solvers People Quality Developing a critical mass of problem solvers Ford has trained over 90,000 Green Belts, over 9,000 Black Belts and over 500 Master Black Belts worldwide Ford has over 900 technical specialists

6 The Road Back…. Ford #1 mainstream brand J.D. Power Initial Quality Study 2010 2009 Ford launches a new, stricter global quality standard Ford: “World-Class Reliability”; 90% of line-up average or better reliability Consumer Reports 2009 Annual Auto Issue 2008 Ford’s quality ranks below industry average J.D. Power Initial Quality Study 2007 Ford achieves initial quality that’s equal to Toyota and Honda—the tipping point RDA’s Global Quality Research Survey 2006 Global Product Development System launched; quality built-in early 2003 2002 Things-gone-wrong per 1,000 vehicles Then: 2,350 Now: 1,100 in 2009

better Industry Improvement = 0% FLM VW/Audi Honda/Acura New GM Hyundai/Kia Toyota/Lexus/Scion Nissan/Infiniti Chrysler LLC FLM ranks 1st in Satisfaction, improving by 2 pct. Pts. GM Satisfaction improves 3 pct. pts. over last year, reaching 80%.

8 GQRS TGW/1000 US FLM better Industry Improvement = 1.9% Chrysler LLC VW/Audi Hyundai/Kia Nissan/Infiniti Toyota/Lexus/Scion New GM FLM Honda/Acura FLM TGW continue to improve (5.5%), but does not keep pace with Honda’s improvement rate (8.6%). FLM gives up its first place ranking but remains statistically equivalent to Honda at 95% confidence level.

9 Where we are today….#1 full-line brand
J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Initial Quality Study Problems Per 100 Vehicles Ford #1 Mainstream Brand


11 Benefits of having industry-leading quality….
Customer satisfaction – 82% customer satisfaction** Increased dealer showroom traffic Higher U.S. sales – 20% jump in 2010 U.S. market share growth – up 16% in 2010 Better resale values – highest avg. auction value* Improved credibility and reputation Fewer warranty repairs – 40% lower globally v.s. 2009 Boosts employee morale *Data Source: Vehicles 1-5 YIS, NADA AuctionNet May CYTD, Mileage and Mix Controlled, Luxury Brands Excluded **Data Source: J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Initial Quality Study

12 Ford’s Quality Strategy
Improve our Product by identifying customer satisfaction opportunities with leading designs Standardize and adhere to key quality Processes in Manufacturing, New Model Programs, and Product Development Develop our People by building a world class quality organization with advanced problem-solving knowledge for improving quality and productivity Improve our Perception by delivering and communicating proof points to stakeholders Our Quality is fantastic; at the top of the leader boards in any measurement system. Our quality strategy goes like this: Improve our products by: -- Understanding the level of quality we are shipping by listening to the Voice of the Customer -- Stop the defects right now -- Standardize our processes -- Develop our people into Black Belts We do this all with strong standards and compliance to these standards. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT FOR LIFE Commitment To Innovation And Quality Excellence: Continuous Improvement For Life 12

13 I believe Henry Ford said it best ---“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success.” Today’s Honorees epitomize what Working Together is all about. 13

14 Have you driven a lately?
Mustang Fiesta Focus Fusion Taurus Escape Edge Flex Explorer Expedition Super Duty Transit Connect E-Series F-150 Have you driven a lately?


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