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Dr. Nick Osborne Dr. John Dively Dr. Marleis Trover Dr. David Grace Educational Leadership Department October 2013 “Finding Your First Administrative Job”

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1 Dr. Nick Osborne Dr. John Dively Dr. Marleis Trover Dr. David Grace Educational Leadership Department October 2013 “Finding Your First Administrative Job” Please sit in the middle, front rows!

2 Overview 2  Current Job Market…good time to be looking  Where to Find Job Opportunities  Cover Letters  Resumes  Interviews  Post-Interview  Job Offers  Contracts  Once You Have the Job

3 Websites for Job Openings  IASA Job Bank http://www.illinoiseducationjobbank.org  National Association of Elementary School Principals  National Association of Secondary School Principals  American Association of School Administrators  Education Week 3

4 Cover Letters 4  Only one opportunity to create a good first impression- Perfect, Perfect, Perfect  Maximum of One Page…3-4 Short Paragraphs  No Pictures, Colored Paper—20 lb. Bond Paper  Express Interest in Job and Introduce Yourself  Briefly Summarize Your Training, Education and Experience and How It Relates to this Position  Personalize the Letter…What is it about this position school or district that makes you interested?

5 Cover Letters 5  Opening Sentences and Other Guidelines—see the handout. Please find enclosed my application for the position of principal of Lincoln Elementary School. I have included all the required documents including my resume, unofficial transcripts, certificates, and letters of recommendation for your review. I respectfully request that you consider this as my application for the principal position at Lincoln Elementary School. Please find attached a copy of my current resume and other relevant documents for your review.

6 Resumes 6  Consider your audience  Stack of Applications; Short Time Span  First Consideration—First Cut: Is this person legally qualified?  Concise, Easy to Read; Use phrases and incomplete sentences to describe work experiences  Foreground Specific Duties, Experiences, That Demonstrate Leadership, Productivity, Expertise  Limit the use of first person…”I”  Use Action Words  Length? Some say 1-2 pages…others… give me everything that is relevant  1” Margins…  Perfect, Perfect, Perfect

7 Resume Categories 7  Heading  Career Objective…?  Personal Info and Certification  Education  Work Experience  Honors and Awards  References...Letters from….?  See sample resume on page 6-7

8 Preparing for the Interview 8  See the sample questions on page 2-3 of handout.  Do a simulated interview prior to the actual event.  Read the introduction of DuFour’s Creating the New American School.  Reread books…Current Issues

9  Website, Report Card, Illinois Interactive Report Card, Handbooks, School Improvement Plan, Google School News  Call someone in the district that you know regarding the Current Issues  Review the Job Description Preparing for the Interview

10 Interview Considerations 10  Dress Professionally  Shine shoes  Press clothes  No excessive piercings/cover tats  Go light on the perfume  Eliminate FaceBook & Other Social Media Sites  companies-are-using-social-media-to-hire-fire- employees/?view=mindflashgraphic companies-are-using-social-media-to-hire-fire- employees/?view=mindflashgraphic

11 Interview Considerations 11  Arrive early  Be yourself  Portfolio? Check ahead of time.  Listen carefully  Think and then answer the question  Be polite and courteous to everyone

12 Interview Considerations 12  The interview is not a time to be self-effacing. Don’t be shy—you are the best candidate for this job— prove it.  If you make a mistake or fumble a word, don’t dwell on it. Drive on.  When appropriate, demonstrate that you have a sense of humor.

13 Themes for the Interview 13  You like kids.  You are teachable and eager to learn.  You are a team player.  You are a positive person.  You understand the chain of command.

14 Themes for the Interview 14  You appreciate the benefits of a collaborative environment.  You understand the time commitments.  An administrator’s job is to support and improve instruction.  You believe strongly in the importance of public education and its role in a democratic society.

15 Themes for the Interview 15  Be prepared to ask a question or two when you are provided the opportunity.  What is your timeline?  Don’t ask about money.  Send a thank you note after the interview.

16 If you don’t get the job… 16  Send a note.  Remember that this was another opportunity to hone your interview skills.  Review your performance and make plans to do better next time.  Stay positive!

17 You Get the Job Offer 17  Be prepared to provide a timely response. What is timely?  Now it the time to discuss salary and benefits.  Salary; Health, Life, Mileage, 403b7; Board Paid Retirement; Vacation; Personal Days; Sick Leave

18 Single Year or Multi-Year Contract? 18  New administrators can get tenure via four successful 1 year contracts  No tenure with Multi-Year  Teacher to Administrator--Retain tenure with single year + seniority  Teacher to Administrator--retain tenure with multi no seniority

19 Multi-Year Contract 19  School boards may hire school administrators for a multiple year period of up to five years.  Multiple year agreements must be "performance-based linked to student performance and academic improvement of schools within the district."

20 Multi-Year Contract 20 The law requires that "each …contract shall include the goals and indicators of student performance and academic improvement determined and used by the local school board to measure the performance and effectiveness of the superintendent and such other information as the local school board may determine.“ ploaded_files/Document1.pdf ploaded_files/Document1.pdf

21 Once You Have the Job…  Dr. Morford: Send a planter/basket of goodies to the staff… “I’m looking forward to working with you…”  Dr. Berg: Don’t send a planter  Make Arrangements with the Superintendent to visit the school, begin preparations to hit the ground running, learn more about the community  Be sure and finish your current job in a positive manner.  EDA 5630 four (4) month Leadership Plan 21

22 Once You Have the Job…  Do a good job, do a good job, do a good job  Learn Community’s and Your Boss’ Expectations  Be Firm, Fair and Consistent  Follow the Policies  Develop a Collaborative Relationship with School Community 22

23 Questions????

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