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The Life and Times of J.D. Vincent James David Vincent November 7, 1917 — September 26, 2006.

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1 The Life and Times of J.D. Vincent James David Vincent November 7, 1917 — September 26, 2006

2 J.D. Vincent U.S. Marine Airline Captain Skipper Shutterbug Family Man Legend

3 J.D. Vincent Native of Tupelo, Oklahoma, J.D. had been a resident of Richmond since he was 6. His family, uprooted by the recession after World War I, moved first to Fresno in 1921, then followed the Santa Fe Railroad to Richmond in 1923. The family initially made their home at Ferry Point, where his father was the station engineer for the railroad ferry to and from San Francisco. J.D. called the hills above Ferry Point... his “playground.”

4 Jay joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1942 as a second lieutenant and C-47 pilot, and saw action in the Pacific theatre during World War II.

5 This is what our young Leatherneck looked like... (Handsome devil, wasn’t he?)

6 Jay was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps on Christmas Day, 1945, with the rank of Captain.

7 After the war, he got a job as a pilot for the fledgling Philippine Air Lines. (During a run to Naga City, he met his wife-to-be, Mercedes Jordana, at the airport.)

8 This is what she looked like... (Whoa, baby!)

9 Jay was assigned by Philippine Air Lines to Hawaii, on the trans- pacific run between Manila and San Francisco. He and his sweetie, and baby daughter Tressie Ann, set up housekeeping in Honolulu, near Waikiki Beach. Sons Robert and Pat soon followed.

10 J.D. made a career as a commercial airline pilot and captain for various domestic and international air transport companies, flying big jets for 40 years.

11 In a few years, J.D. and his growing family moved back to his childhood roots in Richmond, to be near his mom and dad and his older siblings, J.A. and Lucille.

12 Jay loved his San Francisco Bay, and had developed a love for sailing since his youth. He was an avid sailor and a formidable competitor. He had been a member in good standing of the Richmond Yacht Club for many years.

13 This boat he built himself, in Hawaii...

14 He even built a dark- room in his basement, the better to practice and hone his craft. Jay loved the camera. Not to be in front of it, but rather behind it. He was an exceptional amateur photographer. He joined with others, like the Viewfinders Camera Club and the Pinole Camera Club, to share and build his skills, winning many awards in the process.

15 J.D. also became a champion builder and racer of radio- controlled model yachts, a sport he enjoyed for many years.

16 Jay was a true champion in every sense. He was a friend to all, happy to share his knowledge and extend his friendship to anyone who sought it. He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it... even the gold off his teeth. He would never turn his back on you. Fair and honorable in all his dealings, he was a straight-shooter — a man of complete and absolute integrity. Share with us now these other photos remembering J.D. and some of the people whom he loved, and who in turn loved him deeply... and will miss him dearly.

17 “Okay, looks like we’re fixin’ to get ready to take a trip somewhere...”

18 “... with my in-laws even. Well, sure glad they like me. “Honey?” “I mean... they do like me... right, honey?”

19 Dad hanging out with the kids...

20 The family was getting bigger. Life was good...

21 Didn’t they make… … the cutest couple??

22 “Just me and my honey...”

23 The captain is at the controls.

24 “Hmm... I wonder why this gauge is spinning around like that...”

25 “Captain Vincent, you comin’ up here to fly this plane, or are you just gonna take pictures of it all day?”

26 “Oh yeah, Mom and Dad Jordana gotta like me now. I made ‘em some grandkids!”

27 “Una más cerveza, por favor.”

28 “Here’s my three boys and me, on a trip up to Red Bluff, huntin’ and fishin’ and campin’... doing stuff that manly men do.”

29 “Don’t you just love a good party?”

30 “Hangin’ out at home, enjoying my golden years.”

31 “Me and my best bud, Gordy Miller, having a little vino...”

32 “You’ll always be my hero, Jay!” “I know. I love you too, beautiful…”

33 The Life and Times of J.D. Vincent James David Vincent November 7, 1917 — September 26, 2006 The End

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