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Forestry and Our Planet Scientist Cheryl Lynn Miller By Montana.

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1 Forestry and Our Planet Scientist Cheryl Lynn Miller By Montana

2 Our Forest Forest are a main source of habitat and fresh air. We're able to see the over problems and strengths of our environment. Therefore, helping us predict problems and help control future forest fires. Foresters play a major part in our economy as well, as they always have.

3 What is Forestry ? Forestry is the practice or the science, of managing and caring for the forest. They take on all types of jobs from Plant ID to going around schools and teaching about our environment.

4 Plant Identification Plant Identification is the process of Identifying the many different species of plants that grow in the region. It also is the classification of new plants. This helps the forestry recognize it as a threat or not.

5 Logging People who log are called loggers. They cut down trees for timber and also hazard reasons. Many businesses use this wood for housing or other commercial purposes. Click Picture

6 Population Data A Forester will take in count of anything on the ● area they're surveying. Such as trees and animal species. This helps see if any population is over capacity or if ● they're becoming endangered. Showing us what problems this could cause. The following graph shows tree loss as the temperature rises.

7 Conservation Techs Conservation techs look at the over all health of the forest. They do what they need, to keep the forest healthy.

8 Civilization Foresters also help plan out any commercial building. Such as future roads and residential areas.

9 Thank You I would like to thank Cheryl Lynn miller, for being such an awesome mentor. Giving me a better understanding of forestry.

10 What I learned I learned that over all forestry is a main key for our daily lives. With out foresters many things wouldn't get done. Such as roads and houses being built. Without those things, we wouldn't be able to get about as easily. Our ecosystems might even be destroyed. If many of the man-planted trees werent' planted we would have less oxygen. Foresters keep our forest intact and healthy. Foresters play a major part in our lives.

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12 Resources biology/herbarium/courses/CHPT25.htm biology/herbarium/courses/CHPT25.htm ~Cheryl Lynn miller

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