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Sustainable Development Initiatives at SRF Chemicals Business An example of Corporate NGO Partnership 18th Feb 2010.

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1 Sustainable Development Initiatives at SRF Chemicals Business An example of Corporate NGO Partnership 18th Feb 2010

2 SRF-CB - an overview Established: 1989 in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan Turnover in 2008-09: Rs. 595 Crores One of the largest players in Refrigerant Gas Business: ~39% domestic market share Refrigerant Gases Floron 22 (HCFC) Floron 134a (HFC 134a) Applications Refrigerants. Air Conditioning, Blowing Agent, Aerosol Chloromethanes Methylene Dichloride Chloroform Carbon Tetrachloride Applications Raw Material for Refrigerants & Insecticides, Solvent in Drugs Fluorospecialities Trifluoroacetic Acid (TFA) Penta Fluoro Benzoic Acid Para Bromo Fluoro Benzene Tetrafluorobenzyl Alcohol Applications Pharma & Agro Intermediates

3 Earthen Check Dams Stone Dams Adopt Government Schools SRF Chemicals Business is engaged in addressing some of the most pressing problems faced by the community where it operates. The focus is on Natural Resource Management, Primary Education and HIV AIDS. Marking World AIDS Day Water ManagementPlantations Sustainable Development Initiatives HIV AIDS Awareness

4 Project Guide: PRADAN Implementation:Sir Syed Trust (SST) Impact Assessment: SPACE Integrated NRM Project of SRF NGO Partners SPACE

5  One of the first industries in India to invest in CDM to reduce carbon emissions  First company globally to be issued Carbon Credits ( CERs) One part of the project being to assist local community with Sustainable Development Water LivelihoodEmpowerment Education, Health Inspiration

6 Context  SRF plant is located in Tijara of Alwar; part of Aravali hills  Aravali hills spread over 500 kms across N-E to S-W of Rajasthan  Once upon a time, covered with dense forest - providing firewood, fodder to local communities; maintaining delicate ecological balance of the Aravali ecosystem. SRF SRF Chemicals Business

7 Landscape Over the years, severe land degradation has occurred due to:  Increasing pressure of human and livestock population  Breakup of Community system leading to non ownership and maintenance of water structures.  Large scale mining- legal and illegal

8 AlwarTijara Literacy49.7%45.3% Female Literacy34.9%29.4% Sex Ratio886829 The Community: Meo-Muslims & SCs

9 Project Design How did we go about our NRM project! 1.Prepared the Project Charter 2.Identification of NGO Partners 3.Implementation Plan Established the Deliverables Budget (in line with the Activities) Details of working relationships MOUs with Partners Monitoring & Review mechanism 4.Documentation 5.Impact Assessment SPACE

10 Interventions  Mapping of the target area with involvement of local community  Old water structures were identified  Phased plan made for implementation  Selling community the concept to local community and encourage them to contribute 20-30 % for their buy-in  Involved CGWB Jaipur for technical inputs  Carried out contour surveys and hydrological studies to establish right locations for Paals etc.

11 Self Help Groups & User Groups are formed which carry out interventions Self Help Groups & User Groups are formed which carry out interventions Funds are channelized through these groups, ensuring transparency Funds are channelized through these groups, ensuring transparency Community Mobilization

12 Barrierwalls commonly called Paals were constructed to harvest surplus rain water and recharge the soil profile Barrier walls commonly called Paals were constructed to harvest surplus rain water and recharge the soil profile

13 Loose Stone Check Dams To check the velocity of rain water gushing down from the hills To lessen the speed of water gushing down from Hills

14 Installed Injection wells & Piezometers for improved efficacy for Ground Water Recharge in consultation with CGWB, Jaipur

15 Leveling & Terracing of undulated lands near catchment Where lands are highly undulating and lying fallow

16 Plantations on leveled lands Focus on Fruit, Fodder, Wood trees

17 Better Agricultural Practices Mustard, Chilies, Tomatoes, Gladiolus

18 Since 2006-07, we have been able to:  Create 119 Check Dams (Paals)  …551 Loose Stone Check Dams  Level 477 hectares of undulated Waste Land  Plant 120,000 fruits, fodder and timber trees in the leveled lands  Form 66 Community Self Help Groups  Introduce improved variety of mustard (T-59) with an yield of 32 Qt/ Ha against the local breed (yield 19 Qt/Ha)  Introduce improved Agriculture practices in more than 350 acres in impacting 501 families Results

19 Water harvesting:  Harvested 254 Ha-mtr of rainwater (cumulative 3 yrs)  Created over 350 Ha-meter of water holding capacity in the 119 Paals In-situ soil moisture conservation:  On an average 3 cm water was conserved per hectare of land  Increased soil moisture brings improvement in soil/crop productivity Families impacted  3780 families in 33 villages Impact so far…

20 To acknowledge community for their work in paals construction, land leveling, plantation etc Hand over the paals to the community so that they take ownership of maintaining them as their own assets. Kissan Sammelan – Feb 2009 Nawab Durru MianKaran SinghRoop SalotraNassir KhanRatan Singh Participation of more than 1000 people, largely women

21 Our Vision for NRM Based Livelihood Project Management of Land, Water – Paals, Field Bunds, Plantations etc Transforming farms– Enhanced Productivity Social Transformation 60 SHG & Federation 60 SHG & Federation Producer Companies Milk Producers Producer Companies Milk Producers Bank Market Producer Companies Vegetable/Fruits producers Producer Companies Vegetable/Fruits producers Mother Dairy Empowered women, families (Socially + Economically) Empowered women, families (Socially + Economically) Mobilizing Women 22 Villages Physical Work Linkages established Completion

22  Expand our reach in the NRM Project  Go further downstream in the areas of education, skills improvement; look at health and sanitation interventions Way Forward

23 PRADAN helped us in conceptualizing and initiating this Project SST with its experience of working with local community were the best choice for being the implementation partners SPACE brought in the expertise in agriculture and impact assessment to ensure the benefits reach the community SARD is engaged with us in Education and Health related initiatives IDEA (CGWB), for their technical expertise in groundwater Interventions One of the Injection Wells Acknowledgements

24 Education: Government School Adoption Partners: SARD and SRFF Bridge Schools: Mainstream Out-of-School Children –62 children mainstreamed in 4 years Remedial Support Centers: Reduce drop out rates of school children in Govt. primary schools –About 17 centers organized in last 4 years and 3 Centres presently running (180 students) Ban-Ban School adoption by SRF: Goals Raise Minimum Learning Levels Reduce dropout rate & Improve attendance Focus on girl child

25 Ban Ban Government Primary School 3 Fold Planned Improvements: 1.Infrastructure 2.Teachers, Curriculum, Pedagogy 3.Community Involvement Outputs so far: There has been increase in overall attendance & avg. learning level Permission obtained for Bridge school for 5 th pass out girls Before AfterInfrastr. ImprovementsCommunity Involvement

26 HIV AIDS at Work Place: SRF-SARD Model Master Trainers Peer Educators Employees Families Community (The International Labor Organization) With the help of SARD, developed a band of Peer Educators and Master Trainers to expand the community outreach program in the neighboring industries and the local community – more than 4000 people (employees, contract workers, truckers covered )

27 We are thankful to our NGO Partners for guiding us through the issues of Survival and Sustainability Thank you for your attention

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