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Sustainability: An Independent Corrugators Perspective.

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1 Sustainability: An Independent Corrugators Perspective

2 Look At The Facts: We Are Closing In On 8 Billion Humans On The Planet. Each American Consumes The Resources From 20+ Acres Of Ground Compared To The World Average Of 3+ Acres. We Hit Earth’s Critical Mass On Co2 In The Atmosphere When It Is Double What It Is Today. Currently Computer Models Predict That Is 50 Years Away.

3 Sustainability - Just A Marketing Exercise? We Must Now Identify, Measure, And Record The Results Of Efforts Related To Sustainability – Not Just Cost Savings. Examples:Fiber Reduction Automation Space Utilization Co² Carbon Footprinting

4 Sustainability: What Has Mid-Atlantic Done 1.Sustainability Program & Sustainability Manager 2.Sustainability Approach 3.Sustainability Goals & Objectives Mission: We Will Be Responsible And Deliberate In Our Packaging Sustainability Efforts, Both Internal And External, To Promote Economic Viability And Support Environmental Health For Future Generations.

5 Mid Atlantic’s Sustainability Approach: Cradle To Gate Life Cycle Focus Reviewing The 7 R’s. Maintain Performance Through Design & Testing Source Responsibly From Like Minded Partners Share Success, Practices, & Guidelines With Others Provide Education And Training


7 –58% Chose Packaging As The Industry Prepared Best For Sustainability Challenges. –Within The Packaging Industry 65% Chose Corrugated As The Sector Most Prepared For Sustainability Sustainability Thought Leaders: Sustainability And Packaging Moving In The Next Decade.

8 Sustainability & The Corrugated Industry  Approximately 49%more Wood Grows In Our Nation’s Forest Than Is Harvested.  1.7 Million Trees Are Planted Every Day By The Forest Products Industry.  The Amount Of Standing /Timber Has Increased By 39% Since 1952.  Corrugated Is The Most Recycled Packaging Material With 76% Of Produced Containers Recovered For Recycling.

9 Our Industry: The CPA (One Voice) Corrugated Packaging Alliance Was Established In 2002 As A Joint Venture Between AF&PA And FBA To Focus On Issues That Affect Both Containerboard And Boxes, Like RFID And Sustainability. The CPA Recognized The AICC As A Major Industry Contributor And Has Provided Two Additional Seats Within The Alliance For Two Elected Member Representatives From The AICC (One Of Whom Is Andrew Pierson). - Industry Benefits (SVN, LCA)

10 Sustainability Case Study

11 DRC Project: 900gr Reduction Over Previous Package Program (60% Fiber Reduction and still met Compression Requirements) Customer Case Study Example

12 Package Testing & Sustainability Sustainability Must Not Supersede Performance -How To Maintain Performance With Less? -Packages: Protect/Transport/Sell/Contain Transparency - Sustainability Evidence & Documentation = Credibility!

13 Sustainability Opportunities Suppliers Must Be Proactive – Keep Us Informed Differentiate Yourselves From Competition We Are Continuing To Gain Access To Customers Specifically To Address The Sustainability Initiative - So Should You SCORE Us – Share The Road Blocks Resulting From Our Requirements Leave No Stone Unturned.

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