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Primary Industries Department NSW Jim Murison Senior Manager Agsell.

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1 Primary Industries Department NSW Jim Murison Senior Manager Agsell

2 NSW Primary Industries Agriculture Fisheries Forestry Mineral & Energy

3 Agriculture Animal and plant production. Post harvest handling. Reduced agricultural chemical usage. Environmental management. Export of primary products.

4 Fisheries Management of fishing resources. Improved harvesting of resource. (Reduced by catch) Regulation of fishing resources. Development of markets.

5 Mineral Resources Management of resources in NSW Mapping of New South Wales resources. Regulation of the use of resources. Export of minerals.

6 Areas for exports Training and Technology. Developing and implementing regulations. Environmental planning and protection. Products- agricultural, timber fish and coal.

7 Export Area ( Agriculture) Dairy and Beef Production Breeding, genetics and management. Horticulture Crop production. Reduced Chemical use & post harvest. Rangeland Management Stocking rates and feeding strategies. Pigs Sheep and Goats Genetics production and herd management.

8 Export Areas ( Agriculture) Environment Reduced tillage,crop rotations, trees on farms, soil protection. Chemical application courses and accreditation.

9 Export Areas (Fisheries) Regulating harvesting. Protecting breeding areas and stock of fish. Water quality to maintain fish populations. Safe Food.

10 Export Areas ( Forestry) Management of planted and native forests. Regulating harvest for best yields. Protection of environment. Research on felling regimes.

11 Export Areas ( Minerals and Energy) Regulating the extraction of resources. Rehabilitation following extraction. Mapping and using resources. Better use of products eg coal. Mining safety

12 Investment in NSW Primary Industries Value adding factories and processing. Production of agricultural products. Aquaculture. Mining equipment. Forestry for timber& carbon credits.

13 Forums Where Australia and China. Why Information transfer. How Often Alternating on a yearly basis. Participants Academics, technologists and business. Outcomes Improved business and trade.

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