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Windows ® version 2.5 ALCOS LAVRAZIA Ltd. Vazrazhdane 76/A/9, 9010 Varna, BULGARIA tel. +359 (52) 302486, +359 (52) 470228; Fax +359 (52) 303726, Mobile.

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1 Windows ® version 2.5 ALCOS LAVRAZIA Ltd. Vazrazhdane 76/A/9, 9010 Varna, BULGARIA tel. +359 (52) 302486, +359 (52) 470228; Fax +359 (52) 303726, Mobile +359 (88) 8435125 E-mail: Web:

2 The system is designed for deck officers and ship planners engaged in preparing and verifying the cargo plans for general, bulk, grain, liquid cargoes as well as for containers and timber. Constant display of draughts, heel angle, trim, displacement, actual and required metacentric height which are updated every time a dedweight item is changed. Graphical display of intact GZ curve, bending moments and shear force curve are updated every time a condition is changed. Comprehensive output results available on screen or in hard copy via a printer. The structure of the main menu and submenus depends on the type of the ship and included modules. The main software modules are presented in the following table:

3 Modules for different types of ships NoModule Type of ship Bulk carrier General cargo carrier Tanker Chemical carrier ContainerRo-Ro Ferry 1 Loading Condition Library  2 File Operations  3 Voyage Options  4 Ballast & SuppliesOperations  5 Cargo Operations  6 Autoloading  7 Intact Stability Calvulation  8Reports print out  9Grain Loading Stability  10N.C.B. form for grain cargo  11Damage Stability  12BM & SF Calculation  13Loading Sequence  14Torsion calculation  15Lashing checks  16Pre-planning of containers  17Transfer of files by EDIFACT BAPLIE format  18Draught Survey  19Ullage Survey  20O.B.Q./ R.O.B. Report 

4 The new version 2.5 is running under Windows ® 95/98/2000/XP operating systems. The following configurations is necessary for reliable and successful operation of the ALCOS. Pentium 2 (~400 MHz) Memory: 32 Mb, 64 Mb recommended 30 Mb of free hard disk space Graphics card: Must support 800x600x256 colours Operating system: Windows 95,98,2000, XP The software has been approved by the following Classification Societies: Lloyd’s Register of Shipping Germanisher Lloyd Bulgarian Register of Shipping American Bureau of Shipping Bureau Veritas

5 The following data from existing Stability booklets is required for a vessel in order to set up ALCOS : Hydrostatics; Cross Curves Bonjean’s scale Limiting KG curves and maximum permissible Shear Forces and Bending Moments Lightweight distribution Tank calibrations ( volumes, centroids, free surface, trim corrections) Profile and deck plans List of compartments The ALCOS team can prepare the data for customers from existing:  Theoretical lines ( Offset tables)  General arrangement  Tank arrangement Structural Drawings

6 LASHING CHECKS: The lashing module checks securing of containers in the bay according to GL or LR rules and interaction between containers in next stacks by bridge fittings ( spring algorithm). The procedure calculates for analyzed bay the maximum values of forces in containers and in lashing elements, compare them with the allowable ones, and if it is necessary provides additional lashings or shows the actual load level in % of the permissible. PRE-PLANNING OF CONTAINERS: The module executes the pre-planning of the containers from a given list of containers. The location of the containers is not fixed and you can move it and optimize its location. TRANSFER FILES by EDIFACT/BAPLIE FORMAT: The module loads or saves files with information for containers by UN/EDIFACT BAPLIE format. In that way it is possible to transfer paper-less Master or Bay plans between the ship and terminals or planning centers. AUTOLOADING : The option performs automatically a distribution of the input total amount of bulk, grain or liquid cargo for previously chosen cargo spaces. The constraints are the draught and/or the trim of vessel. N.C.B. BLANK FORM for grain cargo: Prepares a report about the loading conditions according to the National Cargo Bureau requirements.

7 DRAFT SURVEY: On the basis of PS and SB scale draughts and for initial and final loading conditions the module performs a draught survey and corresponding report. ULLAGE SURVEY: The module prepares ullage report for crude oil and products with VCF ( volume correction factor) under Petroleum measurement tables. Vol. X - Background development and program documentation. Baltimore, ASTM, 1983. O.B.Q./ R.O.B. REPORT: The module prepares O.B.Q/R.O.B report from input data for each cargo tank. LOADING SEQUENCES: The module is used for preparing a loading/ unloading sequences according to IACS UR S1A “Additional Requirements for Loading Conditions, Loading manuals and Loading Instruments for Bulk Carriers, Ore Carriers and Combination Carriers ” DAMAGE STABILITY: Direct calculation of damage stability, based on mathematical presentation of the hull after flooding of any compartment.

8 Unlimited number of loading conditions and each one may contain 3 sub- cases Unspecified cargoes on free specified positions

9 Stability Bending Moments Shear Forces Torsion Always actual Graphics

10 General Cargo (incl. RO-RO, Containers, Rail) Containers

11 Specific ship modules are integrated in the system Autoloading Draft survey Double Bottom Calculation Bulk loading/unloading sequences

12 Ullage survey O.B.Q./R.O.B. Level measuring system connection

13 All what you preview

14 Simply print



17 More detailed as can be shown

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