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Honeysuckle Urban Renewal Project

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1 Honeysuckle Urban Renewal Project
A Case Study in Ecologically Sustainable Development Copyright Morisset High

2 Turning This Old Wool Sheds Container Dock Old unused wharves
Contaminated Industrial Land Old railway sheds (disused) Copyright Morisset High

3 Into This! Medium Density Housing Marina Office Blocks
5 star Hotel and residential units Cafes and Markets Public Parkland Copyright Morisset High

4 What is Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD)?
Definition by World Commission on Environment and Development: • “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Definition by Australian Commonwealth Government: • “ESD means using, conserving and enhancing the community’s resources so that ecological processes, on which life depends, are maintained, and the total quality of life, now and in the future can be increased.” Simple Version? Changing the environment in such a way that it has minimal impact. Therefore not destroying the environmental qualities of the area for future generations. Copyright Morisset High

5 4 Paths to and Ecologically Sustainable Development
Biodiversity Sustainable Quality of Life Pollution Minimisation Resource Conservation Copyright Morisset High

6 Feeds into Newcastle Harbour
1 - BIODIVERSITY 1 - Biodiversity Rehabilitation of Throsby Creek in conjunction with the Hunter Catchment Management Trust, promotes the return of fish and bird life and the regeneration of the mangroves and their sensitive ecosystems. Community interest has led to the establishment of the Throsby Land Care Group, which monitors the health of Throsby Creek. Removal of weeds Mangrove Regeneration Linwood Housing Project Feeds into Newcastle Harbour Copyright Morisset High

7 2 - Sustainable Quality of Life
Boat Ramps Marina Promenades Foreshore Parkland Over 30% of the 50 ha under HDC control has been established as water front open spaces and promenades, plazas, reserves and parklands Copyright Morisset High

8 Boat Ramps Copyright Morisset High

9 Promenades in front of Crown Plaza
Copyright Morisset High

10 3 - Pollution Minimisation
Stormwater run-off management - Carrington residential precinct collects stormwater in natural filtration basins prior to discharge into the river system. Land rehabilitation – environmental assessment reports done to determine the existing conditions and remediation strategies for all land under the Corporation’s control. Transport oriented development – a 3.5 km cycleway and promenade,public walkways, streets, squares and open spaces integrate existing and future developments with the adjoining areas. Residential consolidation and intensification areas are located to takeadvantage of public transport services. Copyright Morisset High

11 4 - Resource Conservation
Medium Density Housing was built with recycled building materials (from the woolsheds they demolished) Old buildings restored instead of demolished eg: markets are held in old railway sheds Use of plantation timbers (not old growth) All buildings have water tanks and use “grey water” for gardens and flushing toilets etc. Copyright Morisset High

12 Linwood Housing Project
Medium Density housing encourages more people to move back to the city but takes up less space than conventional housing. All of these buildings are extremely energy efficient and built using recycled or plantantion timber.

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