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2010 FFA Forestry District Contests

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1 2010 FFA Forestry District Contests
General Knowledge Test PPT

2 Florida was surveyed using the Section Township and Range (STR) system
Florida was surveyed using the Section Township and Range (STR) system. Under this system, how many Sections are in a typical Township? 6 25 36 43 640

3 Silviculture is defined as?
The ability of the strees to last forever The practice of relying on seed production to regenerate a forest Sampling a forest The science of producing and tending a forest None of the above

4 What are Mycorrhizae? Fine tree roots that absorb the bulk of nutrients and water A fungus that causes tree roots to rot Beneficial fungi that aid a root to absorb water and nutrients A National Park in Australia The resin inside a tree

5 When is the best time of year to plant trees in Florida?
All year long June through August September through November March through May December through February

6 A stand of trees with an overstory made up of 75% Longleaf Pine, 20% Turkey Oak, and 5% other tree species would be considered ____. Pure Uneven-aged Mostly pure Mixed

7 Which southern pine species provides the most benefit to wildlife?
Slash pine Longleaf pine Loblolly pine Ponderosa pine Spruce pine

8 Magnetic declination in Florida can range from ___ to ___.
0 to 360 degrees 0 to 3 degrees 0 to 20 degrees 0 to -3 degrees 0 to -20 degrees

9 How much of Florida is covered by forests?
About one-half About one-third 35.7 million acres About one-quarter 9.4 million acres

10 Each Section in the STR system is how big?
36 square miles 10 square miles 6 square miles 2 square miles 1 square mile

11 When planting Longleaf pine on pasture land for wildlife, how many trees per acre are recommended?
512 726 605 806 500

12 Pond cypress communities grow in pockets of low topography and usually form a group of trees in the shape of a ________? Cone Dome Depression Triangle Oval

13 Which of the following processes might be used during the regeneration of a stand of pine trees?
Transporting Limbing Sorting Dibbling Felling

14 Monitoring of Florida’s voluntary Silvicultural Best Management Practices reveals a ____ rate of compliance. 27% 645 81% 98% 99%

15 Diameter at Breast Height (DBH) is measured at what height from the ground?
3.5 feet 4.5 feet 6 feet Chest height, no matter how tall you are None of the above

16 Which of the following was historically the dominant pine species found in Florida?
Sand pine Pinyon pine Loblolly pine Longleaf pine Slash pine

17 Florida’s forest have a ___ impact on Florida’s economy.
Minimal $32 million $16.6 billion Moderate $16 million

18 Forestry is …. The science of producing and tending a forest
The art and science of managing forests to produce products for the benefit of society The science, art, and practice of managing and using trees, forests, and their associated resources for human benefit The science of growing trees A tree in the forest

19 On a hot summer day a large tree can transpire ___ gallons of water.
10 50 450 900 1500

20 One of the cheapest and most effective practices in the management of pines is ___.
Chopping fertilization Scalping Bedding Prescribed burning

21 Each year, every person in Florida uses enough wood and paper to make up a tree ___ feet tall and ___ inches in diameter. 80, 21 60, 16 100, 21 100, 16 75, 18

22 Which of the following describe one board foot?
A section of lumber that measures 12 inches by 6 inches by 2 inches An 18 inch long 2” x 4” A block of wood that measures 12 inches by 12 inches by 1 inch 144 cubic inches of wood All of the above

23 In the early 1900s, which was Florida’s biggest industry?
Citrus Timber harvesting Hunting Naval stores Cattle ranching

24 ____ is necessary to maintain Florida’s ecosystems.
Fertilizer Fire Succession Daily rainfall drainage

25 When outside factors are required in order to maintain a forest community, this results in a ___.
Succession Procession Sub-climax community Pioneer species Forest change

26 The cork cambium is responsible for producing the dead cells that make up the ___ of the tree.
Phloem Heartwood Xylem Bark deadwood

27 When implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) you minimize impacts on:
Soil quality Roads Air quality Water quality Answers A & D

28 Managing a forest so that the amount of timber harvested each year does not exceed the amount grown is known as? Economic modeling Sustainable Forest Management Poor planning Silviculture Ecological Forest Management

29 Young Longleaf pines stay in the grass stage for an extended period of time in order to ____.
Develop an extensive root system Avoid the frequent fires of the Longleaf pine ecosystem Feed the Brown Spot Needle Blight fungus Form the “grass” of the Longleaf/wiregrass ecosystem Avoid the fusiform rust fungus

30 A live crown ratio of less than ___ % indicates that a stand should be thinned.
25 33 50 66 75

31 Prescribed burning between a timber harvest and tree planting has what benefit(s)?
Improves habitat for wildlife Controls Brown Spot Needle Blight Reduces competing vegetation All of the above Only A & C

32 Choose the three classes of soil particles.
Sand, dirt, and clay Soil, dirt, and dust Clay, loam, and silt Sand, silt, and clay Sand, dust, and clay

33 Sustainable forest management requires balancing ___, ___, and ___ needs.
timber, wildlife, aesthetic Social, economic, ecological Pulpwood, sawmill, reforestation Wood, water, wildlife Silvicultural, wildlife, water quality

34 An uneven-aged stand could be best described as …
Having 90% of the trees from the same species Having all trees the same height and diameter Having a mixture of trees that all started at the same time Having trees from all stages of life Having an age that is not divisible by two

35 What might be an indicator that a stand should be thinned?
A basal area greater than 120 sq ft per acre Recent growth rings are narrower than previous growth rings The live crown ratio is greater than 33% All of the above Only A & B

36 What is a Knuckle-boom Loader used for?
Loading seedlings onto trucks Dragging trees to a loading deck Cutting trees into chips Felling trees Loading cut trees onto trucks

37 A back fire is a fire that ___?
Burns the coolest Runs with the wind Burns into the wind Burns parallel to the wind Burns the hottest

38 Pick the statement that best describes Special Management Zone (SMZ)
An area along a stream where no trees may be harvested And area that limits silvicultural operations that might disturb water quality of a nearby water body A “Do not Disturb” zone around a body of water designed to protect water quality Any area of the forest that requires special attention A forest area infested with invasive exotic species

39 People spend billions of dollars each year to recreate in Florida’s forests and natural areas.
True False

40 Prescribed fire is … A fire used to cultivate a forest
The application of fire, by trained individuals, used under specific conditions, to achieve measurable results A non-destructive forest fire used to reduce dangerous fuel level Any fire in the woods that is not out-of-control The best forest management tool available to foresters

41 Which species of pine tree provides the most benefits to wildlife?
Sand pine Slash pine Loblolly pine Longleaf pine Pond pine

42 What is an increment borer?
A boring tool that is used by the forest products industry in the production of utility poles And insect that damages the xylem of a pine tree by incrementally boring into the wood A tool used to bore into the soil during tree planting The larval stage of a wood borer that drills holes into trees A tool used to take a sample of wood from a living tree for the purpose of determining the trees age or growth rate

43 How many chains are in half a mile?
40 66 80 360 640

44 A Wedge Prism is used to? Determine fuel loads in the forest
Drive a saw kerf to prevent binding a chainsaw Estimate tree height Measure basal area Determine plot locations when cruising timber

45 Concrete floors require ___ times more energy to produce than wood floors.
2 5 12 21 25

46 One of the ways Longleaf Pine benefits from Prescribed fire is by?
Burning off it’s needles makes it grow faster Killing the fungus that causes Fusiform Rust Eliminating the alternate host of Pitch Canker Destroying the fungus that causes Brown Spot Needle Blight Depositing nitrogen in the soil

47 What height measurement might you use while cruising sawtimber?
Total geight The height to an 4 inch top The height to an 8 inch top Any of the above could be used Doesn’t really matter, as long as you are consistent

48 One cord of wood contains ___ cubic feet of wood, air, and bark.
66 80 90 128 240

49 Which of the following products does not come from trees?
Plastic grocery bags Paints Cosmetics Toothpaste Rayon fabric

50 How many square chains in five acres?
1 10 20 50 100

51 Which practice is used in wet areas to raise seedlings out of standing water?
Bedding Chopping Scalping Mechanical planting None of the above

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