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Welcome! The Topic For Today Is… FORESTRY. How do you measure up? Looking BackWho am I?Tree TerrorI can do that. 200 400 600 800 1000 FINAL JEOPARDY.

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1 Welcome! The Topic For Today Is… FORESTRY

2 How do you measure up? Looking BackWho am I?Tree TerrorI can do that. 200 400 600 800 1000 FINAL JEOPARDY

3 How do you measure up?: 200 Question: The point where should you measure the diameter of a tree to estimate it’s volume. Answer What is Breast Height? 4 ½ feet on the uphill side

4 How do you measure up?: 400 Question: This device is used to estimate diameter, height, and tree volume. Answer What is a Biltmore Stick?

5 How do you measure up?: 600 Question: The term for a stack of wood that is 4 feet high by 8 feet long with pieces that are 4 feet long. Answer What is a cord?

6 How do you measure up?: 800 Question: This is a way for to determine how much marketable wood is contained in a forest (without cutting the forest). Answer What is a timber cruise?

7 How do you measure up?: 1000 Question: This small device can be used to determine the stocking rate of a stand of trees, the amount of timber to remove when thinning a stand, and the volume of standing timber. Answer What is a wedge prism?

8 Looking Back 200 Question: Forestry, as a discipline in the United States began here. Answer What is the Biltmore Estate?

9 Looking Back : 400 Question: I was hired by George Vanderbilt in 1895 and founded the first American school of forestry in 1898 Answer Who is Carl Schenck?

10 Looking Back : 600 Question: In 1885 this state established the first forest agency in the United States. Answer What is California?

11 Looking Back : 800 Question: When the Bureau of Forestry became the Forest Service in 1905 I became its first Chief. Answer Who is Gifford Pinchot?

12 Looking Back : 1000 Question: The first federally appropriated funds to buy timberland were used to buy land in South Carolina and Georgia to supply this species of tree for use in sailing ships. Answer What is live oak?

13 Who am I: 200 Question: I was officially designated as the State Tree of North Carolina in 1963. Answer What is the pine tree?

14 Who am I : 400 Question: My needles are bright green, 8 to 15 inches long, my cones are 6 to 10 inches long and tipped with spines (the largest of my Genus in NC), and my bark is orange brown furrowed into scaly plates. Answer What is the Longleaf Pine?

15 Who am I : 600 Question: You can identify me by my star shaped alternate leaves and my twigs that often have corky wings. But my round bur like fruit is a dead give-away. Answer What is Sweetgum?

16 Who am I : 800 Question: My leaves are opposite usually with 3 to 5 lobes and serrated margins. My fruit is a reddish pair of v-shaped samaras. Answer What is Red Maple?

17 Who am I : 1000 Question: My wood has been used for ship building, flooring, furniture, barrels, and kegs. My leaves have rounded tips that lack spines and my acorns mature in 1 year. Answer What is White Oak?

18 Tree Terror: 200 Question: I may only be the size of a single grain of rice, but I am the most destructive insect of southern pine trees. Answer What is the Southern Pine Beetle?

19 Tree Terror: 400 Question: The Longleaf Pine fears me but the Red Cockaded Woodpecker seeks me out. Answer What is Red Heart or Red Ring Rot?

20 Tree Terror: 600 Question: I am an exotic species that was introduced to the US by a French scientist in 1869. Once I got here I became the most destructive defoliator of broadleaf trees in the US. Answer What is the Gypsy Moth?

21 Tree Terror: 800 Question: Here in the forest a low burning fire is usually welcome unless these kinds of fuels are present. Answer What are ladder-fuels?

22 Tree Terror: 1000 Question: This fungus causes galls on tree trunks and branches. In the spring when producing spores the gall will turn a bright orange. Answer What is Fusiform Rust?

23 I can do that: 200 Question: Gifford Pinchot and Carl Schenck believed that properly manage forests could provide a sustainable supply of products because they are this type of resource. Answer What is renewable?

24 I can do that: 400 Question: On a global scale more that one-half of the timber cut each year is used for this. Answer What is a heating and cooking?

25 I can do that: 600 Question: Trees significantly reduce the energy consumed in buildings by these two means. Answer What are transpiration and blocking the sun?

26 I can do that: 800 Question: Forests take up approximately 90% of this gas that is removed from the atmosphere. Answer What is Carbon Dioxide?

27 I can do that: 1000 Question: Trees provided this, one of NC most valuable economic products for over 200 years. Answer What are naval stores?

28 Final Jeopardy Question: The National Forest Management Act of 1976 required this kind of management in the National Forests. Answer What is multiple-use management?



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