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Tierra Linda Middle School “Home of the Timber Wolves” Parent Orientation April 24, 2013 7:00 pm.

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1 Tierra Linda Middle School “Home of the Timber Wolves” Parent Orientation April 24, 2013 7:00 pm

2 Welcome to the Middle School Years! Exciting Challenging A lot of growth We are here to help you You will find TL to be open and supportive

3 Tierra Linda Middle School Current Enrollment- 596 Students 27 Credentialed Teachers 10 Support Staff Lower House/ Upper House Spirit Days Student Body Activities Community Service Activities Office Open from 7:30 – 4:00 Daily

4 Tierra Linda 5 th Grade Staff List John NazarPrincipal Loraine Rossi Assistant Principal Vivian GarlickCounselor Cori CarpenterOffice Manager Carol CampbellPhysical Education Karen CorePhysical Education Matt DodgePhysical Education Jennifer XavierArt Joe MurphyBand Tabitha TetreaultOrchestra/History Annette Vanos5th Grade Math/Science/History Patty Frick5th Grade Language Arts/History Lisa Piety5th Grade Math/Science – Language Arts/History Carol Scannell5th Grade Language Arts/History April Sterrett5th Grade Math/ Science Julie Fox5 th Grade Resouce LA/Math Jenny Brady5 th & 6 th Grade SDC John FischerDay Time Custodian Paul LamNight Time Custodian

5 Recent Changes to TL 5 Brand new classrooms Reconfiguration of existing classrooms with CLC Purchase of 35 new Mac Book Pro computer for our Computer Lab Purchase of 60 new Chromebooks on two carts for in classroom use Addition of performing arts to the 5 th grade

6 -4 Schools Converging : TL/CLC/Edison/Carlmont -School Start Time: 8:05 am -School Dismissal: 2:30 pm (3:00 p.m. Guided Study) -Arrive early and/or pick up later -Maintain a slow speed -Please go around the parking lot even if you are going to park behind the new gym Traffic Issues

7 Tierra Linda Daily Schedule: 2013 - 2014 PeriodClass TitleAdvisoryRoom 8:05-8:15Advisory Period 1 8:18-9:10 Language Arts Block Period 2 9:13-10:05 Language Arts Block 10:05-10:20Break Period 3 10:20-11:12 Math/Science Block Period 4 11:15-12:07 Math/Science Block 12:07-12:43Lunch Period 5 12:43-1:35 History Period 1:38-2:30 PE/Elective (Band, Orchestra, Art)

8 Advisory/Homeroom Program Your child will be matched with an Advisor at the beginning of the year and will stay with that Advisor for the entire school year. The mission of Tierra Linda's Advisory Program is for students to connect with an adult on campus, which is not based on grading but on relating, between students and educators in a meaningful way among academia.

9 A Day/ B Day Schedule MondayTuesday Wednesday ThursdayFriday ABA/B (A/B Week) AB

10 Elective Classes & Programs 5th Grade The 5th Grade elective program is for all students. Students will have their choice of either Band, Orchestra, Art, or RSP Study Skills. Each student will take one of the above listed electives as well as Physical Education. Students will trade off between PE and their Elective based upon whether it is an A day or a B day. These classes are all year long classes so students will get in depth instruction in any of the Elective Subjects. Please have your student choose the course that will best fit their interests and needs as switching classes mid year is difficult at best, and many times impossible. All 5th grade students will also get Chorus and Performing Arts once a week on Fridays.

11 Middle School Lockers -Size of our Lockers -Consider Backpack Size -Practice Locker Combination -Remind your child not to share their combination -Be Patient…Your Locker will OPEN!

12 Library Services & Programs The Library is a shared resource for the students and staffs of both Tierra Linda and the Charter Learning Center. It is open between the hours of 8:05 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and 8:05 a.m. - 2:15 p.m. on Wednesday. The library is currently closed on Fridays however, we are hoping to change this in the near future. With a collection of over 10,000 books, videotapes, and audiotapes, the Library is the campus research facility to support classroom curriculum as well as to provide books and magazines for recreational reading. Parents and campus staff can also find resources in the Professional and Parent Education sections of the Library. We have a completely new Mac Book Pro laptop lab with 35 computers and two mobile carts. We also have 60 Chromebooks with two carts This will allows teachers to either take their students to the lab, or bring the lab to their classroom. The 10 iMacs provide students with the ability to conduct their own searches through the automated library management system to locate material in the Library. Students can also use them to access the Internet to conduct research for classroom assignments and. During lunch recess, students enjoy playing board games or reading and doing homework in the Library. After-school students may use the library as it is supervised for quiet group or individual study or research.

13 Guided Study 2:30-3:00 What is Guided Study? Guided Study happens Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays after school for 30 minutes in a teacher’s classroom. During this time students can visit their teacher to do homework, study for a test, or get some extra support academically. If they need more time to do their homework, they can go to the library until 3:45 pm.

14 Communication Tierra Linda Website – The Howler – Weekly Newsletter – please email Principal Nazar to get added to the newsletter – Power School (next slide) School Phone – (650) 508 - 7370

15 After school starts, do not forget to sign up for Power School!

16 Tierra Linda Behavior Standards More in depth version can be found in the student hand book Standard 1: We will respect ourselves and others -Use appropriate language at all times -Speak respectfully to all adults on campus -Students will dress appropriately Standard 2: We will respect facility and personal property -No Gum -Pick up own garbage -No food/beverage throwing Standard 3: We will be safe -Stay on campus during school hours unless signed out -Drug and Alcohol free campus -No scooters, skate boards, or bikes on campus -Remain in supervised area on campus after school (library, classrooms) Standard 4: We will maintain our school’s physical environment Standard 5: We will ensure the safety of all students to and from school

17 Honor Code I will tell the truth I will not cheat I will respect everyone I will do my best If a student violates the Honor Code, then s/he will have a consequence depending on the severity determined by a staff member.

18 What do counselors do? -Implement a comprehensive school counseling program -Academic achievement, Social-emotional and college/career development -Consultation, collaboration & program management -Individual/small group counseling -PLP (academic advising), Conflict mediation/peer helper program (school safety), support Leadership, AVID and other programs addressing current school needs - JBUGS, Guys Grub

19 Parent Teacher Conferences How can we contact teachers for parent conferences? There are about 64 students to each teacher so it will not be as flexible as elementary schools to set up parent conferences but TL teachers try to be as accommodating and flexible as possible. Our Parent Conference week is in October. Teachers will invite students and parents.

20 TL Day What to Expect! August 2014 (letter sent home) Pick up your child’s class schedule (School ID# will be on class schedule) Purchase your child’s P.E. uniform Purchase your child’s P.E. locker Purchase your child’s school sweat shirt School Tours led by Current Students Meeting Teachers

21 How can I help my student? Model calmness – your child will be naturally a little nervous – you show them calm Allow your student to make mistakes – we are not expecting perfection Do not over schedule their non school time Work with your child’s teachers to support them

22 PTA 2011-12 TL PTA Executive Board President, Sallie Gasparini VP Fundraising, Jennifer Kaufman Co-VP Membership, Carolina DeVito Co-VP Membership, Karen Seaman VP Parent/Student Services Julia Mates Secretary Laurie Crook Treasurer Janet Hall Auditor RoJeanne Sawey Co-Parliamentarian, Nazan Meysami Co-Parliamentarian, Julie Andersson SCEF School Co-Rep, Jackie Whyte SCEF School Co-Rep, Lori AtkinsSallie GaspariniCarolina DeVitoKaren SeamanJulia MatesLaurie CrookJanet HallRoJeanne SaweyNazan MeysamiJulie AnderssonJackie WhyteLori Atkins

23 Questions? John Nazar, Principal Loraine Rossi, Assistant Principal Vivian Garlick, Counselor Cori Carpenter, Office Manager 650-508-7370

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