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County College Budget Presentation November 19, 2009.

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1 County College Budget Presentation November 19, 2009

2 Budget Staff Contact Info Dave Garnick, Budget / Financial Planning Manager Dave.Garnick@co.lane.or.usDave.Garnick@co.lane.or.us682-3694 Christine Moody, Budget / Financial Planning Mgr. (Interim) 682-3766 Jennifer Inman, Senior Management Analyst Jennifer.Inman@co.lane.or.usJennifer.Inman@co.lane.or.us682-4124 David Stockdale, Management Analyst David.Stockdale@co.lane.or.usDavid.Stockdale@co.lane.or.us682-3694 Judy Williams, Budget Specialist Judy.Williams@co.lane.or.usJudy.Williams@co.lane.or.us682-4527

3 Services Provided Only by Lane County Animal Regulation Elections Deeds & Records Tax Assessment & Collection Waste Management (Landfill) Public Health Authority Communicable Diseases Environmental Health Women, Infant, Children / High Risk Infants Search & Rescue Rural Law Enforcement Emergency Management Corrections for those with Medical and Mental health needs, Women, and Youth Youth Services Management of AIRS / Criminal Justice Database Prosecution Child Support Enforcement Medical Examiner Marriage Licenses Parks / County Roads and Infrastructure Transport Mental Health Commitments (Mental Health Officers) Developmental Disability Providers / Abuse Investigators Case Management Land Planning & Management (Permitting, Inspecting)

4 The Brief Story of Lane County Funding After nearly 100 years of federal timber revenue subsidy, Lane County is once again approaching a critical crossroads

5 Timber Subsidy Ending? Federal contract to share timber revenue since 1916 O&C History O&C History Last 18 years very volatile with budget cuts in 13 of those years chart chart Current timber renewal for 4-Years. We are now in Year 2. If not renewed, go back to old 50/50 formula based upon actual timber cut

6 Tax Base Changes/Restrictions Federal timber subsidy influenced prior attempts to change property tax base In the meantime, voters imposed two major property tax restrictions (M5 & 50) resulting in permanent tax rate 1.28/1000 Our tax rate, even when adjusted by rate timber $$, lowest of 36 Oregon counties rate

7 Unrestricted Dollars Shrinking Unrestricted dollars (no strings) now only 14.5% of total budget chart chart Have Structural Deficit (exp. outpacing rev.) into foreseeable future jaws jaws Critical core services like public health & safety starving for funding

8 Contributing Factors State mandates/restrictions further diminish unrestricted funding or dictate service level funding (A&T, Pub. Hlth) Surviving on grants/outside funding but “many strings” attached Prior record with ballot measures dismal

9 Major Crossroad Ahead? If the timber subsidy disappears entirely, County will once again be at a major crossroads After the last 13 years of cuts, which of the remaining critical services should be cut next or eliminated entirely?


11 Return to slide 2 Discretionary General Fund Budget Cuts in the Prior Fifteen Years FiscalDiscretionaryActual Annual % YearGeneral FundReduction 92-965-Year Subtotal$7,613,215 4.71% 97-015-Year Subtotal$2,279,601 1.36% 02-065-Year Subtotal$8,114,886 3.02% 15-Year Reduction Total$18,007,702 Annual Budget Cuts12 out of the prior 15 years Average Annual Reduction$1,200,000 3.03%

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14 Return to slide 3 Lane CountyPerm Rate RankTaxing DistrictsPer 1,000 1City of West Fir9.30 2City of Cottage Grove7.21 3City of Oakridge7.20 4City of Eugene7.01 5City of Junction City6.04 6City of Veneta5.64 7City of Springfield4.74 8City of Coburg3.75 9Lake Creek RFPD3.08 10River Road Park & Rec3.06 11City of Florence2.86 13City of Creswell2.67 18City of Lowell2.16 23Willamalane Park & Rec1.97 28Goshen RFPD1.72 29Monroe RFPD1.69 30McKenzie RFPD1.61 31Siuslaw RFPD1.54 32Dexter RFPD1.42 33Mapleton RFPD1.39 34Coburg RFPD1.33 35Lane County1.28

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