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Transformer Transformer: Adaptive Re-Use; Innovative Architecture; Civic Landscape for Orion. 1. Foster Business Investments The 5 Principles A new home.

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1 Transformer Transformer: Adaptive Re-Use; Innovative Architecture; Civic Landscape for Orion. 1. Foster Business Investments The 5 Principles A new home for Orion Grass roots businesses in market setting 2. Respect for the Past Adaptive re-use of heritage buildings while honouring historic hydrology and ecology 3. A long term view of the future Improving air and water quality; Enhancing well being through community identity 4. Easy to get around Bike trail from city to sea Permeable blocks, connecting green to green 5. Vibrant central city living Local market as a neighbourhood focus for a diverse community of affordable living, cafés, arts, culture, and youth

2 Transformer Preserve remaining heritage buildings Allison via Web Dedicated cycling lanes Tony Bryndwyr Inspiring architecture in wood, something people would travel to see. Mary via Web It would be amazing to have a fresh food market in central city Jasmine via Web Spaces like squares, amphitheatres, alleys, parks etc. For people to connect... Richard Beckenham Site Tour

3 TransformerSpatial Plan Adaptive Reuse Retrofit existing structure for mixed use Office space & affordable residential Retain Heritage Structures Integrate category 4 & category 2 buildings into new site plan Connections to Broader City Context Offer permeable block to pedestrians & cyclists Green Area Extensive and connected green space Include inner-city farmers market

4 Transformer3D Views Orion Constellation North & South Office Space & Affordable Residential Heritage Structures Mixed use, including Residential Tīrewa Building Mixed use, including Residential Permeable Block Connected access through centre block Latimer Square

5 Green Roof Timber Pods slot in to repurposed Concrete Frame Gingko (Male) Tulip Tree Green wall buttress Photovoltaic Roof Panels Kowhai Square Orion Constellation North Orion Constellation South Old Manchester Street Car Park Old MED Building Armagh St Gloucester St Tīrewa Building Community Facilities Market Market Art Workshop Retail Car park with Timber batten Screening Adaptive Mixed Re- use of 1932 structure Orion Offices Dedicated Cycle Paths Affordable Residential Dedicated Cycle Paths Atrium TransformerCross -section

6 Transformer The ancient connection, through giant primitive flora Liriodendron sp. Magnolia sp. Ginkgo biloba (Fossils of all of these species found in Canterbury) Gondwana Origins Totara Forest Older Plains Ecosystem Bellbird, Matai Natural Heritage Historic Forestation & Ecosystems Tuna (eel) Ōtākaro Avon River Houhere Mid-age Plains Ecosystem Piwakawaka - Kohuhu Site Location Avon Tributary Totara Forest Timber, bark, berries, fruit, medicine & birds Tangata Whenua Historic Cultural Elements Tuna (eel) Ōtākaro Houhere Harakeke & ti Weaving & plaiting, ropes, baskets, food & fibre Site Location Avon Tributary Tuna Gathering & Drying Built Environment Heritage Infrastructure Site Location 1937 Municipal Electricity Dept 1932 Municipal Electricity Dept Latimer Square Electricity to East Christchurch Christchurch Beautifying Association Native Gardens - 1898 Identity Design Proposal Key Elements Courtyard in centre of block Permeable space 3D space, bridges for surveillance, elevation Source point storm- water treatment Wide footpath, asymmetrical street plan Gondwanan Ecology Setting

7 Transformer A community space comments on cultural history Derived from the structure of the Tuna (eel) drying rack, Tīrewa As a place for the community’s food it harkens to the whata Space for an inner city farmers market Forms inspired by local food production Tīrewa

8 Green roof and walls involve residential space in the flora rich courtyard Prefabricated timber pods inserted into existing carpark structure Provides affordable inner- city living space Workshop/retail space offered on ground floor Atrium Interior Northern Orion Constellation Modular prefab timber construction

9 Active street edge, high stud retail space Slow, tree lined people-friendly street Reused existing carpark structure, with steel & timber additions. Sustainable green features such as photovoltaics, natural ventilation & green materials Southern Orion Constellation Central Atrium

10 Tautoro Building & Gloucester Street Building Design Intent: Damage Avoidance Design Light weight Prefabricated Local Manufacturing Damage Avoidance Design PT-Timber Structures Rocking walls UFP – Seismic Damper Post Tensioned Frames Light Weight Timber lighter than concrete & steel Composite floor systems light and robust Reduces seismic loading Prefabricated Reduced time on site High quality construction Modular design philosophies Local Manufacturing/Materials NZ sourced timber High Skilled job creation Value added export potential

11 15,000m² Orion Site 6,850m² Building foot print 8,150m² Green landscaped area 100no Car parking spaces 125no Cycle spaces 10,820m² Office space 4,050m² Affordable housing 4,010m² Retail space 2,540m² Indoor market Adaptive re-use: “Tired” multi-story car park -> Offices and Affordable housing Heritage buildings -> Mixed Use Two multi-story timber damage avoidance design post-tensioned sustainable buildings to enhance site Vibrant market area – indoors, covered and outdoors. Site permeability for pedestrians Green linkages Improved urban microclimate Local materials and technology Low carbon footprint Transformer Summary Yours for $49.2m

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