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A True Handcrafted Company

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1 A True Handcrafted Company

2 Homestead Timber Frames Our Company

3 Bruce Gardner – Co-Owner Erik Toplis - Designer
Homestead Crew – (Left to Right) Andy Pierson – Shop Foreman Jon Wilkins – Joinery/Layout Cyndy Gardner – Co-Owner Dee Kistner – Joiner Adam Jones – Joiner Jason Simpson - Joiner

4 The City of Dresden Farmers Market Pavilion Rendering

5 Our Joiners in Action


7 Shipping our Timber Frames
Our timbers are bunked – strapped – and have corner protectors applied before being loaded onto a ‘curtain side’ flat bed truck. At the site, a forklift will be ready to unload the bunks neatly for the HTF crew to break apart and sort.

8 Crane at a Raising

9 Cranes in Action

10 Extendable Boom Forklift
Cranes and Forklifts Extendable Boom Forklift Homestead Timber Frames uses Cranes sized to pick the loads created for each project. The Farmers Market timber frame has six bents each weighing in at roughly 8,000 lbs. This will require a 40 Ton Crane. We also use Forklifts as pictured above to move the timbers around on the site.

11 How We Anchor Pavilion Posts to the Ground
A steel Threaded rod is imbedded in concrete and a Timberlinx connector is attached. A Plexiglas plate is placed between the bottom of the post and the concrete to prevent moisture from wicking to the wood. The post with the same sized drilled hole is set down on top of this assembly. A Timberlinx cross bolt is inserted through the side of the post and into the connector. An Allen wrench tightens the Timberlinx cross bolt, locking the entire assembly together. The hole in the post is then filled with a wooden peg for a handsome installation.

12 Trial Fitting in our Shop
Once we finish the joinery on the timber frame project, we trial fit each bent assembly on saw horses in the shop. This allows us to pre drill peg holes for the raising as well as correct the occasional math error.

13 After the timbers are trial fitted and peg holes are drilled, pictures like these are taken for the client. Then within minutes, the test pegs are removed, the members are taken apart and put back on the saw horses for final sanding. Decorative beveled timber edges called chamfers are also added at this time. Finish is applied to the oak. Our cypress projects are left natural.

14 Photo Gallery of Past Projects
Our Clients enjoy using the mallet to drive in the last wooden peg. Some even come work on their timbers with the joiners in our shop! A Great Room Addition to an existing cabin on the river.

15 The Finished Interior of the Addition to the Cabin on the River.

16 A White Oak Gambrel Barn and the finished interior of the ‘Hay Loft’ above as Guest Quarters. Bedroom and Bath are located behind the Kitchen. Exterior view of the Barn after completion. One shed is used as a front porch – the back shed is for the tractor.

17 Hip Roofed Cypress Pavilion

18 16’ x 48’ Cypress Pavilion for Pool Side Dining and Relaxing – Kentucky - 2013

19 Raising a Timber Frame Timbers are unloaded and Bents are assembled on the deck or prepared slab. The full bents are stacked in the order of the raising sequence.

20 Crane Day! The Crane is called on site after all the bents are assembled and the raising begins. Bent One is raised first – tied off – then Bent Two is raised. After it is secured, the connecting girts are placed along with the braces. Once the two bents are stable, the crane will raise the third and fourth bents accordingly.

21 The Crane continues dropping connecting girts with braces attached for the crew to place and peg.
We’re almost done and this four bent two and a half story full timber frame home was raised in three days.

22 Driving Pegs through the splines that connect the post to the connecting girt.
Setting the Ridge

23 Completed Timber Frame

24 Homestead Timber Frames – Crossville, Tennessee – A True Handcrafted Company

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