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Falling Objects Free Fall.

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1 Falling Objects Free Fall

2 Bell Work Write the following equation and solve for vf.
Page 13 of Scientific Notebook Write the following equation and solve for vf. Vf2 = Vi2 + 2a ∆ y Write the following equation and solve for ∆t. Vf = Vi + a ∆t

3 Objectives: Describe Free Fall
Calculate Displacement, velocity, and time in relation to a free falling object.

4 What is free fall? The motion of a body when only the force due to gravity is acting on the body.

5 What is acceleration due to gravity?
The constant acceleration of an object dropped near the surface of a planet. Earth ag = - g = -9.81m/s2 ALSO KNOWN AS FREE FALL ACCELERATION

6 What happens if you throw an object upward?
Acceleration is constant = m/s2 Velocity will change; there will be an instant where velocity is 0m/s

7 When an object is thrown upward, does it always have the same acceleration?
Yes, downward acceleration is the same when the object is moving up, when it is at rest at the top of its path, and when it is moving down.

8 When a ball is thrown upward, what changes?
Position, magnitude, and direction of the velocity changes. 1) Object Moving Upward – Positive Velocity & Negative Acceleration. 2) Object At the Top of It’s Path – Velocity is zero & Negative Acceleration. 3) Object Moving Downward - Negative Velocity & Negative Acceleration.

9 Guided Practice; Page 64; Practice F
Page 14 of Scientific Notebook A robot probe drops a camera off the rim of a 239 m high cliff on Mars, where the free-fall acceleration is -3.77m/s2. a. Find the Velocity with which the camera hits the ground. b. Find the time required for it to hit the ground. -1.42 m/s, 11s

10 Independent Practice Falling Objects: page 64; 3-4 Falling Objects Quiz Extra Credit Problems: Thinking; 5 & 6

11 Closure: Describe today’s lesson in at least five sentences.

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