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NuTek® Devices.

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1 NuTek® Devices

2 New EMG\STIM Devices Maxi Plus 1 Levator Elite
1 Channel EMG Levator Elite 1 Channel EMG \ 1 Channel STIM \ 1 Channel ETS Maxi Plus 2 1 Channel EMG \ 2 Channel STIM \ 1 Channel ETS Levator Mini 2 Channel STIM

3 New EMG\STIM Devices Colour dot matrix display and menu interface
Accurate & sensitive Auditory and visual EMG biofeedback signal Portable and user friendly Convenient stand Optional multilingual PC software with USB cable link to computer

4 Clinical Conditions FOR Clinical & Home Use REHABILITATION CONTINENCE

5 What is EMG? EMG: Electromyograph
The measurement of electrical activity that brings about muscle contractions. Evaluating and training the muscles.

6 How To Measure EMG Clean the site of application of electrode ;
Place NuTek ® surface skin electrodes , vaginal or rectal probe at muscle belly; NuTek ® device record muscle activity at rest; NuTek ® device record muscle activity upon voluntary contraction of the muscle. EMG Range: 0.2 to 2000 μV Sensitivity: 0.1 μV

7 Display Type From NuTek ® EMG

8 EMG Statistics From NuTek ® EMG
Work Average: the average value in microvolt of all the Work segments excluding the first second of each segment.  Rest Average: as low as you can manage, below 6µV is acceptable while below 4µV is ideal. Onset Time: most muscles contract within 1 second. Relax Time: readings below 1 second are considered normal for most muscles. Peak Value: working at peak value during the whole cycle of all the trials . Muscle Deviation: the stability of the muscle.

9 5/5/5 EMG Assessment 5/5/5 = 5 sec Work /5 sec Rest/ 5 Trials
Target: assess muscle condition and quantify the need for further treatment

10 Fast Contraction/Relax
5 fast contractions ( 10 sec Rest at least before contraction) Target: Evaluate or Training fast twitch fibre function

11 10/10/5 Muscle Endurance 10/10/5 = 10 sec Work /10 sec Rest/ 5 Trials
Target: Evaluate or Training slow twitch fibre function

12 STIM: Electrical Stimulation
Waveform: Symmetrical Stimulation cycle: required to prevent fatigue Parameters Range Programme time 1- 99mins Phase type W/R, CON Phase time(m) 1- 99min Frequency (Hz) 2-100 Hz Pulse Width(μS) μS Ramp down /up time (s) sec Work/Rest time (s) 1- 99 sec

13 STIM: Effects Produce substantial muscular tension.
Capable of increasing strength. Used when limb is immobilized. Also slows the onset of atrophy.

14 STIM: Clinical Conditions
Clinical mode Frequency [Hz] Pulse Width [µS] Amplitude [mA] Continence 3-35 0-90 Sports 4-100 Rehabilitation 80-350 Fitness 4-60 Pain relief 2-100 Frequency: cycles per second (1Hz= 1 cycle per second 50Hz=50 cycles per second)

15 What Is ETS ? ETS (EMG + STIM)== Electromyography Triggered Stimulation Actively participating in the training!

16 ETS Training Closed loop training system
Patient attempts a movement, at the same time, and generates a EMG signal. When reaching a preset threshold of EMG, it triggers the stimulation and helps the patient complete the movement. Patient receives feedback about the movement and learns how to produce a normal movement. Goal Helps the patient gain strength and awareness of muscles affected by neurological injury. Conditions known to respond to ETS Stroke. Pelvic floor conditions.

17 NuTek ® Software Connect the device to the PC or Smartphone via the USB cable. This function is an optional extra and the user will need to purchase the NuTek® PC software, the USB connection cable to the PC or the Bluetooth module . The Smartphone function is realized by communicating with Bluetooth module.

18 Patients Data : Choose Patient Firstly, Select Patient
The list of finished sessions of the selected patient

19 Available Protocol Session: One
Open Display it is for EMG only and advised to be used as a diagnosis tool. 1. Select Open Display 2. Complete Open Display sessions 3. View statistic 4. View graph

20 Available Protocol Session: Two
Work/Rest Assessment And Training Those are for EMG only Assessment is advised to be used by therapist evaluating muscle condition. Training is advised to be used for patient daily exercise

21 Available Protocol Session: Three
Nu-Tek Control It is used for ETS or STIM controlled by the device. When the patient observes their EMG reaching the threshold, it triggers stimulation and encourage the patient to contract longer and reach higher threshold level faster.

22 Available Protocol Session: Four
1. Draw the line, it can be repeated Available Protocol Session : Three 2. Save the template 3. Template training: Patient should follow the line by his/her EMG

23 Home Reports Using the PC Software, The recorded data can be uploaded to PC, create the home report. On the Report, the data of first and last day are display, the EMG, ETS ,STIM data can be compared day by day. This functionality is especially useful if the Patient exercises day by day at home and comes periodically to the Doctor/Clinician.

24 NuTek Control Reports Note Icons The recorded data is generated by NuTek Control, it stores daily EMG/STIM/ETS statistics, the statistics are organized in Monthly and Daily Report in the PC Software.

25 Clinical Progress Reports
Clinical progress reports are composed of Work/Rest assessment on PC and in device Using the PC Software, The Doctor/Clinician can select the recorded sessions for the selected Patient and create the Clinical Progress Reports. On the Report the EMG data can be compared day by day. This functionality is especially useful if the Patient exercises day by day at home and comes periodically to the Doctor/Clinician for evaluating patient conditions.

26 Other Function: Precription
Periodically the doctor or therapist will be able to download newly developed programmes for Muscle Stimulation, EMG Biofeedback and EMG- TRIGGERED STIMULATION. This helps this unique product to keep abreast of any clinical trials where the conclusion is that a specific programme or programme set may assist in enhancing the treatment .

27 Other Function: Forgotten Password
If you forget your password, you have to answer your secret questions to retrieve it

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