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No End in Sight Chapter 16, Section 3.

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1 No End in Sight Chapter 16, Section 3

2 Union Victories in the West
*Union General: Ulysses S. Grant *Under Grant, Union forces captured two Confederate river forts in Tenn. -Fort Henry -Fort Donelson *Importance: opened up a river highway into the heart of the South!

3 *Union gunboats could now travel on the river as far as northern Alabama! *As a result of Grant’s victories, Confederate troops retreated along the Western front….BUT Grant followed!

4 Battle of Shiloh *April 1862: near Shiloh Church in Tenn.
-North won but at a terrible cost -Dead/wounded Union soldiers: >13,000 -Dead/wounded Confederate soldiers: around 11,000 *Battle with highest casualties so far.

5 The Fall of New Orleans *New Orleans was the largest city in the South. *Union fleet captured New Orleans – HUGE blow to the South! *After the victories in Tenn. And New Orleans, the Union controlled most of the Miss. River. *North on its way to cutting the Confederacy in two.


7 Robert E. Lee Claims Victories in the East
*Seven Days’ Battles: June 25 to July 1, 1862 Union and Confederate forces fought for control of Virginia. -Union forces retreated! *August 1862 – Confederates won a second victory at Bull Run. *Union troops retreated to Washington! *In just a few months, Lee ended the Union threat in Virginia!

8 Lee Attacks the North *Encouraged by his victories, Lee invaded the North *Sept – led troops into Maryland *Several reasons for attacking North: -Hoped a victory would force Lincoln to talk peace

9 -Invasion would give Virginia farmers a break from the war during harvest season -Hoped a successful invasion would convince Europe to side with the South (Britain and France impressed by Lee’s victories)

10 Battle of Antietam *Soon after invading Maryland, Lee drew up a plan for his campaign in the North *Officer accidentally left a copy of Lee’s battle plans *When Union troops stopped to rest at the abandoned campsite, the plans were discovered! *This gave the Union army an advantage!

11 Union troops caught up with Confederate troops on Sept
*Union troops caught up with Confederate troops on Sept. 17, 1862 at Antietam Creek, Maryland *Bloodiest day in all of American history. *By nightfall neither side gained any ground *About 25,000 men were dead/wounded *Lee lost 1/3 of his men and withdrew to Virginia

12 *Union army did not follow and finish the job!
*Abraham Lincoln was so fed up he fired General McClellan.

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