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Motion Graph Story Book Project

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1 Motion Graph Story Book Project

2 Goal Create a storybook, cartoon, or animation displaying constant and accelerated motion.

3 Your Project Must Have….
Simple story plotline Illustrations :D At least 5 different motions At least 2 constant velocity At least 2 accelerated motion Each motion must have Displacement vs. time graph Velocity vs. time graph Acceleration vs. time graph

4 Example Story “The Hungry Bug”
Darcy the lady bug was a happy little bug. One day, she decided to take a walk to the nearby park. She left her home and crawled at a clam, constant pace. She then slowed down to a stop and sat on a park bench to enjoy the sun. She remained there and enjoyed her lunch for most of the afternoon. After she was finished, she remembered she had an appointment to meet her friend Lucky. She calmly walked back to her home and then quickly speed off away from her home until she came to a rest at her friends house.

5 Displacement vs. Time Graphs
B Displacement D A E Time

6 Velocity vs. Time Graphs
B E C Time D

7 Acceleration vs. Time Graphs
D B Time

8 Scoring Rubric Motions Story Plot Illustration d vs. t graph
V vs. t graph a vs. t Care/Creativity Less than 3 motions Not Present Not present Sloppy, unfinished 1 Only 3 motions Plot confusing and disorganized Not clear what illustration is displaying. Lacks more than one component or makes one mistake Project is “Bare-boned.” 2 Only 4 motions Inconsistent plot without graphs. Only illustration is clear, but sloppy. Lacks one component or makes one mistake Some creativity/care, but did not attempt to “think outside the box” 3 5 Motions Clear and understandable plot Illustration is clear and displays something relevant to the plot. Includes all labels, displays motion clearly and matches plot. Care was clearly put into the project.

9 Example Student Project on constant motion only

10 Motion Graph Story Book Project
Jasmine McDowell

11 Jane was really early one day for school and decided to make a couple of trips around the school.

12 She went up a flight of stairs at a constant rate taking her time.

13 When on the top floor she stopped and talked to a teach for twice as long as it took her to go up the stairs.

14 She went back down the stairs at the same speed stopping halfway to talk to a friend for the same amount of time it took her to go up the stairs, then continued down to the main floor.

15 There she stopped to eat a muffin for the same amount of time it took to talk to the teacher.

16 From there she walked down another flight of stairs, at the same constant speed as the first time, to check on a project.

17 She stayed there for half the time it took her to eat the muffin.

18 Then ran up three flights of stairs to get to her first class, twice as fast as the time it took her to work on her project .

19 Position-Time Graph

20 Velocity-Time Graph

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