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Unit 1-2 Revision Although it feels as hard as stone, it easily melts____________. Turn to him for help if necessary. =Turn to him for help if it is.

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2 Unit 1-2 Revision


4 Although it feels as hard as stone, it easily melts____________. Turn to him for help if necessary. =Turn to him for help if it is necessary. when heated 语法:状语从句的省略情况

5 1. ___________ ( 一旦见到 ), the beautiful scenery can be never forgotten. 2. I won’t attend their party _____________. ( 即使被邀请 ). 3. She will remain silent ________________. ( 除非你跟她说话 ). 4. I called on them _____________( 逗留 ) in London. 5. ___________________ ( 当第一次介绍 ) to us, he looked shy. Once seen even if invited unless spoken to when staying When first introduced 语法:状语从句的省略情况

6 语法: of + 抽象名词=形容词 The design for the room was _________________ popular in those days. 琥珀屋的设计具有当时那个年代最流行 的奇特风格。 of the fancy style

7 of great importance= of interest= of use= of value= of help= very important interesting useful valuable helpful 语法: of + 抽象名词=形容词

8 高质量的 颜色不同的 一样大小的 属于这一类的 of high quality of the same size of different colours of this kind 语法: of + 抽象名词=形容词

9 1.These models _________________ ( 大小各 异 ). 2.The meeting __________________ ( 很重要 ). 3. Such books _____________ ( 没用 ). 4. They ______________ ( 很有帮助 ) to learners of English. 5. Your advice ______________( 很有价值 ) to our work. are of different sizes is of great importance are of no use are of great help is of great value 语法: of + 抽象名词=形容词

10 This was a time when the two countries were at war. ( Para4, L2 )这是两国交战 时期。 at peace at breakfast at rest at table at work at school at the piano at one’s best 语法:介词 at +名词 表示状态或动作

11 Frederick William I, the King of Prussia, __________________________ that his greatest gift to the Russian people would have such a strange history. could not/never have done 对过去所发生事情的否定推测 The ground is wet everywhere. It must have rained last night. could never have imagined 句型 : could (not) have done

12 ______________________________ ( 我本可 以借他点钱 ), but he didn’t tell me he needed it. _______________________________ ( 你一 定感到很紧张 ), when you spoke in front of so many people. I could have lent him some money You must have been very nervous 句型 : could (not) have done

13 句型: I doubt … I don’t doubt… ____________________ the boxes were then put on a train for Konigsberg, at that time a German city on the Baltic Sea. 毫无疑问,这些箱子后来被装上火车运往哥尼 斯堡,当时它是波罗的海边的一个德国城市。 There is no doubt = It’s clear = It’s beyond argument There is no doubt that

14 e.g. I have no doubt that he is honest. =I don’t doubt that he is honest. =There is no doubt about his honesty. compare: I doubt whether/if he is honest. There is some doubt whether he is honest. 句型: I doubt … I don’t doubt… 注意 : 同位语从句不能用 there is some doubt if… 其他情况 : Some people have the doubt how such a little boy can lift so heavy a box.

15 短语: in return (for) 作为报答 e.g. I really don’t know what I can do in return. He did something in return for their kindness. in return for nothing

16 About four metres long, the room served as a small reception hall for important visitors. (Para2, L9) 琥珀屋约四米长,做 了接待贵宾的小接待厅。 He served two terms as President. He served as a waiter there. When you sleep in the open, old newspapers can serve as a blanket. 短语: serve as 担任,充当

17 She told her artists to add more details to its design. (Para3, L3) add…to… 把 …… 加进 …… 里去 He added that he was very pleased with our work. Please add some sugar to the milk. Add the score up. His being absent added to our difficulty. The money he spent one day added up to about $100. 短语: add to/ add up/ add up to

18 1) Don’t fancy that you can succeed without hard work. 2) I can’t fancy his doing such a thing. 3) I fancied him to be dead. 4) He fancies himself as a good writer. 5) Do you fancy a glass of coffee? 6) I don’t fancy walking in the rain. fancy + that-/one’s doing sth/sb to be…/sb as/sth/doing sth 词汇: fancy vt. 想象, 推测, 假想

19 词汇: light 的过去时 lit or lighted? (1)The streets are brightly _______ up. (2)The ________ candle in the room ga ve poor light. A. light B. lighted C. lit D. B&C A. light B. lighted C. lit D. B&C (1)D (2) B His cigarette was lit. Then he dropped the lighted cigarette.

20 vt. to think about, 考虑 e.g. Please consider my suggestion. Have you considered how to get there? You should consider the feelings of other people. *They are considering changing their plan. 词汇: consider

21 Compare: Do you consider that we can finish the project ahead of time? He considers himself (to be) very important. He is considered as a kind man. Fuzhou is considered (to be/as) a comfortable city. vt. to hold an opinion of, 认为 词汇: consider

22 1. We are considering ________(go) to Hainan for the Spring Festival. 2. They consider Jim _______(be) the cleverest boy in their class. 3. He is considered _______________(invent) the first washing machine. going to be to have invented 词汇: consider

23 词汇: prove He has proved his courage in the battle. All this proved him (to be) an honest man. 被动态? His courage has been proved in the battle. He proved (to be) an honest man. He turned out (to be) an honest man.


25 What do you think the Chinese team will do in order to win more medals? 插入语 (think, believe, suppose, imagine, consider, suggest, say 等 ) 语法:插入语

26 (1). Where do you think _____________? ( 他们已经去哪里了 ) (2). Who do you suppose ________ _________________? ( 会获得第一名 ) (3). When do you suggest ________ __________ ( 我们去度假 )? they have gone will win the first prize/place we spend our holiday 语法:插入语

27 Mum is coming. What present ___________ for your birthday? A. you expect she has got B. you expect has she got C. do you expect she has got D. do you expect has she got 2005 年福建高考题 : 语法:插入语

28 I live in what you call “Ancient Greece”… what 引导名词性从句, 指事, 物, 时间, 地 点, 言语, 和情况等等。 They were not satisfied with what you have done. 语法:名词性从句

29 We waited what seemed two hours. We arrived at what they call “Xihu” now. I’ll give the money to whoever helped me in the past. 语法:名词性从句

30 No other country could join in, nor could slaves or women. (1) I didn’t go there. _______________ she. ( 她也 是 ) (2) She was a teacher. So ____ I. ( 我也是这样 ) (3) I’m a student and I like English. ___________ him. ( 他也是如此 ) Nor /neither did was So it is with 语法: nor/neither do I

31 Mary 也一样??? Tom likes singing, but he doesn’t like dancing. Tom is in Class Two, and his classroom is over there. Tom is clever and he studies hard. So it is with Mary. 语法: nor/neither do I

32 every four years = every fourth year = every other three years every other day = every two days every few days ( 不用 a few) ( 注意 :every 不能换成 each) every+ 基数词 + 名词复数 = every+ 序数词 + 名词单数 短语:

33 (1) It’s so boring to wait here, John, go to ________ when the plane will arrive, will you? (2) On the way home I ______ a watch lying on the road. (3) They’re trying to ________ the secret. (4) Columbus __________ America in 1492. (5) Can you ________ Mr. Liu’s address for me? find out found 词汇: find /find out / discover find out discovered find out

34 find 指偶然发现 ; find out 指有意识地去发现, 打听 或者询问 ; discover 强调新的发现或科学的 发现。 词汇: find /find out / discover

35 admit sth. / doing sth. / that-clause 容许, 承认, 接纳 (1) The thief admitted his crime. (2) She admitted having stolen the necklace. (3) I had to admit that I had done wrong. (4) At last he was admitted to Beijing University. (5) I admit it to be true. 词汇: admit

36 The old machine should be replaced by new ones. We've replaced the old adding machine with a computer. You have to replace the book where they were. 词汇: replace 代替 ; 放回原处

37 interview (n./v.) 采访, 会见, 面试 interviewer ( 采访者 ) interviewee ( 被采访者 ) Today I had an interview for a new job. I interviewed 20 people for the job. a job / telephone / TV interview a personal interview 词汇: interview

38 compete (v.)—competition (n.) competitor (n.)—competitive (adj.) in 1. I hope all of us can compete ____race / running. 2. I know my English cannot compete ____________ his. with /against 词汇: compete


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