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Technology Adoption

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1 Technology Adoption

2 Customer engagement - The need for customer engagement 1 Forrester Research's North American Consumer Technology Adoption Study shows people in the 18-26 age group spending more time online than watching TV

3 Technology adoption lifecycle 1 The technology adoption lifecycle is a sociological model that is an extension of an earlier model called the diffusion process, which was originally published in 1957 by Joe M

4 Technology adoption lifecycle 1 The technology adoption lifecycle model describes the adoption or acceptance of a new product or innovation, according to the demographic and psychological characteristics of defined adopter groups

5 Technology adoption lifecycle - Adaptations of the model 1 Wenger, White and Smith, in their book Digital habitats: Stewarding technology for communities, talk of technology stewards: people with sufficient understanding of the technology available and the technological needs of a community to steward the community through the technology adoption process.

6 Technology evangelist - History of term 1 The marketing aspect of the role was strongly influenced by Geoffrey Moore and his books concerning the technology adoption lifecycle.

7 Systems Modeling Language - History 1 In 2003 Cris Kobryn and Sanford Friedenthal organized and co-chaired the SysML Partners, an informal association of industry leaders and tool vendors, which initiated an open source specification project to develop the SysML in response to the UML for Systems Engineering RFP. The SysML Partners distributed their first open source SysML specification drafts in 2004, and submitted SysML 1.0a to the OMG for technology adoption in November 2005.

8 Forrester Research 1 It offers a variety of services including syndicated research on technology as it relates to business, quantitative market research on consumer technology adoption as well as enterprise IT spending, research-based consulting and advisory services, events, workshops, teleconferences, and executive peer- networking programs.

9 Electric vehicle - General Electric 1 GE told the media that by electrifying its own fleet, the company will accelerate the technology adoption lifecycle|adoption curve, drive scale, and move of EVs from anticipation to action

10 Path dependence - Economics 1 Path dependency theory was originally developed by economists to explain technology adoption processes and industry evolution. The theoretical ideas have had a strong influence on evolutionary economics (e.g., Nelson and Winter 1982).

11 Decision engineering - Origins 1 If a pattern from previous industries holds, such a methodology will also facilitate technology adoption, by clarifying common maturity models and road maps that can be shared from one organization to another.

12 Technology lifecycle 1 Technology adoption is the most common phenomenon driving the evolution of industries along the industry lifecycle. After expanding new uses of resources they end with exhausting the efficiency of those processes, producing gains that are first easier and larger over time then exhaustingly more difficult, as the mature technology|technology matures.

13 Technology lifecycle - Technology perception dynamics 1 Because of the logistic curve nature of technology adoption, it is difficult to see in the early stages whether the hype is excessive.

14 Technology lifecycle - Technology perception dynamics 1 Technology Adoption LifeCycle|Technology adoption typically occurs in an S curve, as modelled in diffusion of innovations theory

15 Religious views on genetically modified foods - Philippines 1 (2007)[ 10n3a07-cabanilla.htm Socio-Economic and Political Concerns for GM Foods and Biotechnology Adoption in the Philippines]

16 Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development - BIG 1 The [ Big Data Public Private Forum (BIG)] is working towards the definition and implementation of a clear strategy that tackles the necessary efforts in terms of research and innovation, while also it provides a major boost for technology adoption and supporting actions for the successful implementation of the Big Data economy

17 Building Information Modeling - Non-proprietary or open BIM standards 1 capital facilities industry due to inadequate interoperability arising from the highly fragmented nature of the industry, the industry’s continued paperbased business practices, a lack of standardization, and inconsistent technology adoption among stakeholders.

18 V.i. Labs - Partnerships 1 V.i. Labs is a member of the [ ded/en- us/partners/partnerprofile.mspx?Company ProfileID=300Type=1 Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner] program, Microsoft Empower ISV Program, Visual Studio Industry Partners (VSIP) program, and participates in Microsoft Technology Adoption Programs.

19 Everett M. Rogers - Diffusion of innovations 1 His research and work became widely accepted in Communication studies|communications and technology adoption studies, and also found its way into a variety of other social science studies. Rogers was also able to relate his communications research to practical health problems, including hygiene, family planning, cancer prevention, and drunk driving.


21 Crossing the Chasm - Synopsis 1 Adoption of continuous innovations (that do not force a significant change of behavior by the customer) are still best described by the original technology adoption lifecycle

22 Paul Milgrom - Supermodular Games 1 The impact and importance of the theory of supermodular games came from its breadth of application, including search, technology adoption, bank runs, arms races, pretrial negotiations, two-player Cournot competition, N-player Bertrand competition, and oil exploration, and the economics of organizations (Milgrom and Roberts, 1990b).

23 Digital divide in the United States - Digital society 1 E-commerce is one of the solutions proposed by many groups that may help improve the lack of information technology adoption within rural communities

24 Digital divide in the United States - Knowledge divide 1 * The laidback – those who are attributed with a lack of clarity of the potential benefits of the internet and information technology adoption who mainly use the internet and computers for search and email exchange

25 Tim Bajarin 1 He was one of the first analysts to cover the PC Industry and is considered one of the leading experts in the field of technology adoption cycles. m.html He is president of a technology company called Creative Strategies, located in Campbell, California. xecutive.html?excode=DC2F7E24DDDF469 D9406DBE42F275AD3

26 Tim Bajarin - Career 1 His writing and analysis has been on the forefront of the digital revolution and he is considered one of the leading experts in the field of technology adoption cycles

27 Geoffrey Moore - Technology adoption life cycle, high tech marketing model 1 One of Moore's key insights is that as one progresses through the technology adoption life cycle used as a model for high tech marketing, there is a credibility gap that occurs in trying to move on through the adoption segments outlined below.

28 Geoffrey Moore - Technology adoption life cycle, high tech marketing model 1 The next segment in the technology adoption life cycle are the early pragmatists who do not trust visionaries as a reference base, and act like herd animals in the adoption of innovations, so are very reference or support oriented. So this creates a catch-22 since the only references that an early pragmatists will use is another pragmatists that is in their industry.

29 Advanced manufacturing - Use of Technology to Improve Products and Processes 1 The rate of Technology adoption lifecycle|technology adoption and the ability to use that technology to remain competitive and add value define the advanced manufacturing sector.”(Virginia Beach Economic Development Department

30 John A. List - Environmental economics 1 List has published research on the impact of environmental regulation on economic production 4p944-952.html and on endangered species. the-endangered-species-act-bad-for-endangered- species-john-list-thinks-it-might-be/ List's research has also focused on testing non-market valuation mechanisms in the field frequently used in contingent valuation and in testing different incentives to promote environmentally friendly technology adoption. ichListPrice_CFL.pdf

31 Healthcare Services Specification Project - Philosophy 1 HSSP specification work is divided into two foundational components: functional specifications (manifested as Service Functional Models) and technical specifications (resulting in technology adoptions)

32 Healthcare Services Specification Project - Philosophy 1 The intention behind splitting the standard into two work products is to facilitate and improve involvement from different communities, leveraging each to their strengths. To date, HL7 has been leading in identifying standardization priorities, elaborating the functions desired into Service Functional Models, and in defining conformance criteria that would be used to assess compliance. The OMG has been leading the technical specification process as part of their Technology Adoption Process.

33 Neuromanagement - Neuro-information system 1 The proposal discussed four major opportunities for the application of cognitive theory, methods and techniques on information system issues, particularly in technology adoption and application, e- commerce and group decision support systems.A.Dimoka, P.A

34 UPDM - OMG Adoption Process and DoD/MOD endorsement 1 The OMG Technology Adoption Process[ /processintro.htm OMG Technology Adoption Process] includes issuing an RFP, responses to that RFP called submissions, resolution of differences between submissions, acceptance of the final submission, and the chartering of a Finalization Task Force that refines the submission into a specification

35 UPDM - OMG Adoption Process and DoD/MOD endorsement 1 The OMG Technology Adoption Process specifically prohibits the kind of scope creep that would have resulted in trying to extend the RFP requirements to address the then current versions of the architecture frameworks

36 Africanization - Africanization of civil services 1 Goans of the North Atlantic: A Transnational Study of Migration, Technology Adoption, and Neoculturation across Six Generations by Clifford Pereira in Migration, technology and Transculturation: Global Perspective

37 International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas - Research Programs 1 The Social, Economic, and Policy Research Program aims to better understand rural poverty, livelihood strategies, and gender and youth issues to improve the targeting of research and development investments and accelerate technology adoption

38 For More Information, Visit: m/the-technology-adoption- toolkit.html m/the-technology-adoption- toolkit.html The Art of Service

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