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Nutrition Concepts Acid-Base Relations and Detoxification Anthony Wallace, CALA, CCMA, ND P.C.D.I. Healthcare and Consultants of Texas, LLC © All rights.

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1 Nutrition Concepts Acid-Base Relations and Detoxification Anthony Wallace, CALA, CCMA, ND P.C.D.I. Healthcare and Consultants of Texas, LLC © All rights Reserved

2 Disclaimer This presentation will educate the community regarding nutritional interventions to some common illnesses. The presentation is solely to reinforce dietary prescriptions given by the clinical Dietician. It is recommended that all alternative methods of healing are shared with your primary doctor to prevent adverse reactions. Combining some alternative methods of healing with conventional methods may cause side effects, set backs in care, and even death.

3 Definitions FDA – Food and Drug Administration ADA - American Dietetic Association Clinical Dietician – This professional holds the highest license/registration within the food service industry. This professional holds the highest authority when making clinical decision in nutritional therapy. Clinical Dieticians attend four years in college and require 900 hours of contact internship to become licensed by the ADA. Diet Technician – This professional is the assistant to the Dietician. This professional is licensed within the state of practice and can only perform dietary duties within the eyes of the supervising Dietician. The professional usually has a 2-year degree in diet technology or gain experience on the job. Diet Clerk – This professional works within the dietary office. The clerks inputs patient diets into the computer or filing systems. The clerk checks the dietary prescription along with physician order, to ensure the patients are getting the right therapeutic diet.

4 Definitions Acid (hot) blood – This term is used to diagnose high carbon in the blood. For example, slow blood or poor circulation. This condition is usually caused by high consumption of animal protein and or corn. Base (cold) blood – This term is used to diagnose thinning blood, low platelets, low energy (QI). For example, sensitivity to the sun (photosynthesis). Metabolic Stimulating Foods (MSF) – These food are used by therapist to increase metabolism to cause weight loss. These foods may also add natural chlorophyll blood cleaners. High Susceptible Populations – These are populations that are more vulnerable to disease from environmental causes, food borne illnesses, and communicable diseases. The elderly, children under 6 years old, and sick patients (asthma, HIV, Cancer).

5 Food and Drug Administration This agency ensures that all food and drugs are safe for consumption and properly labeled for the American people. This agency establishes federal agency laws that govern the production, transportation, and distribution of food and drugs. This agency works closely with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to ensure the grower will not poison the land and water with excessive pesticide usage.

6 Environmental Protection Agency This agency oversees the protection of land, water, and air. This agency will ensure that pesticides used by farmers (growers) will not poison the land, air, and water. This agency establishes the limits on chemicals. The USDA is responsible for determining if the soil is certified to grow organic produce. The USDA certifies the produce organic.

7 Organic Foods Organic is a word that means plain, not tampered with, or nothing added. Organic foods are grown in an environment without any added pesticides. Organic soil could have had pesticides in it before produce seeds were planted. The land must rest at least seven years to extinguish further use of inorganic pesticides within the soil. These foods can be more expensive, providing the same nutritional value as conventional produce. There are some studies that favor organic over conventional but nothing solid.

8 Genetic Modified Foods (GMO) These foods can be poisonous for the human body. These foods are genetically modified (grown in a lab and crossed). Conventional Food can be GMO foods without an FDA label. Most consumers buy GMO and or Conventional grown foods because it is cheaper and more family friendly.

9 Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) GMO foods were a form of rescue foods from the federal government. America is growing and we faced a shortage of food to feed the citizens of America. The scientist in the lab decided to cross match different food that could withstand the weather aliments This caused the foods to become designer foods. For example, broccoflower (broccoli and cauliflower mix). This video will explain it a little more. GMO foods Video

10 Food Codes Organic foods are foods that are Certified Organic because of the EPA survey and the USDA (Untied States Department of Agriculture). There are several food codes that you should look out for. Conventional foods, the FDA does not require a label that say “GMO” so when in doubt leave it. Just remember look at the label if the code starts with “9” its organically grown. If it starts with “4” it is conventionally grown. If it has 5 numbers starting with “8” it’s a lab experiment. Put it down (Mikkelson, 1995).

11 Animal Protein Animal protein is important for the mental development and daily functions. Animal Protein can be a benefit but can cause hot blood. To much animal protein can cause high cholesterol, heart disease, organ failure, and even death. Incorporate a balanced diet with fruits and vegetable.

12 Plant Based Protein This is a good diet that is a living diet. The plant based diet has been shown to lower cholesterol and heart disease. There are cautions with this diet (vegetarian diet). To make up the animal protein (fat) the diet is lacking essential protein. Most new vegetarians can not supplement the vitamins that are usually in meat (iron). A daily multi-vitamin supplement may be taken to replace essential vitamins that can only come from food.

13 Detoxification These are just some recommendations but please share everything with you doctor. 1. Apple Cider Vinegar – This is a really good detoxing agent that will clean the blood, lower blood pressure, and help detox the liver. Side effects: lower potassium, increase blood sugar levels (vine – wine, gar – sugar =wine sugar) mineral depletion used over a period of time, tooth and enamel decay. 2. Grapefruit – Great for speeding up the metabolism. Side effects: can contradict blood pressure medicines, tooth enamel decay

14 Detoxification Green Tea – Good for tooth decay, digestion, clears up the skin, and speed up metabolism. Side Effects: increase heart rate, do not take with anti-inflammatory medication-NSAID(it does the same thing), do not take if you are on dialysis, thinning the blood (low platelets), do not take with depression medication. Aloe Vera – Blood neutralizer, good for burns, rashes, discolorations over time. Side Effect: do not use if pregnant will cause spontaneous abortion

15 Recommendations To get the full knowledge of nutrition consult a licensed dietician or nutrition for guidance. Eat to live and never to satisfy. The treatment to most diseases is within the plate. Eating a balanced meal may add years to your life. If you eat to live today, you may prevent more diseases to come. If you take care of your body now then your body will care for you in the future. When gathering ingredients for nourishment, make sure that you remember the greener the better for health (unless on blood thinners). Take care and be in good health.

16 References Roth, L. (2010), Mosby’s Handbook of Herbs and Natural Supplements 4 th Edition, Mosby Elsevier, St. Louis, MO Mikkelson, B., Mikkelson, D. (1995), PLU codes,

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