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CS499 – Test Generation Project – Internal Docs This PowerPoint file is available at

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1 CS499 – Test Generation Project – Internal Docs This PowerPoint file is available at

2 Part 1 - Database Design Storage method: mySQL DBMS

3 Entity-Relationship Diagram questions index body type category chapter answers body label correct index title books qa qb

4 Relational Schema

5 The mySQL Server Host: Database: ukyadmin_testdata Connecting to the server There are many UI’s and GUI’s available for use in connecting to the server. This will show you how to connect with the mySQL command-line shell (mysql.exe) that is distributed with the mySQL DBMS itself. This program is similar to SQL*Plus for Oracle. mySQL.exe is available for download at 1)In windows, open a command prompt. 2)cd to the folder that contains mysql.exe 3)Execute mysql.exe with the following syntax: mysql.exe – –u -p -Dukyadmin_testdata (make sure the ‘D’ is capitalized, see next page for an example)

6 The mySQL Server (cont.) There are 5 usernames set up: ukyadmin_erica ukyadmin_kevin ukyadmin_sameer ukyadmin_yi ukyadmin_user The password is your last name (or ‘test’ for ‘ukyadmin_user’). As an alternative to this command-line shell, one of the GUI’s available is mySQL-Front, see

7 The mySQL Server (cont.) Here are some examples of things you can do from the mysql> prompt, once you are logged in. 1)Execute SQL statements/queries: SELECT * FROM questions; (make sure to end a statement with a semicolon) 2)View database information: show tables; (lists all tables in database) describe answers; (shows schema of table, ‘answers’) 3)Run SQL scripts: An SQL script is a bunch of SQL statements in a text file. You can execute the SQL in a script with backslash-period, like this: \. sqlscriptfilename

8 Part 2 – Populating the Database Method:Parser program to convert existing data to SQL script, which can be executed, using the mySQL shell interface. Very crude, preliminary code: Version 0.1 of the parser (a Java version) is available at: Version 0.2 of the parser (a C++ version) is available at: Version 0.2 was used to make an SQL script to test-populate the database, using questions from Dr. Keen (only chapters 1-3 so far). The script is available here:

9 Part 3 – The user interface Functionality: The interface should allow the user to: 1)Add/Edit/Delete questions 2)Browse questions 3)Generate a test Issues: 1)What language should it be written in? 2)What output formats should be available for test generation? (plain text, XML, HTML?) 3)What flexibility should be available when generating tests? Allow user to pick some, with the rest at random? Allow a user-defined distribution? (5 from Ch3, 2 from cat “spreadsheet”)

10 Customer Communication When do we need to meet with the customer again? What will we need to prepare to show him when we do? Unresolved issues (asked via email, but not answered): 1)Is there any more existing data that we do not have? 2)On what platform will the UI run (if Windows, what version?)

11 Web Page/Other Issues 1)One of the sections should list what we have done as a group in our meetings (decisions made, questions, etc). 2)Our first presentation is NEXT WEEK! Tuesday, Feb 25.

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