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09/25/13 *Come in Silently!!! *Remember to fill out your planner!!!

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1 09/25/13 *Come in Silently!!! *Remember to fill out your planner!!!

2 Agenda

3 Why do you think authors use dialogue? What is the purpose of dialogue?

4 Share!!! *Share your ideas with your table group

5 Example of dialogue that is “interesting” or adds something to the story… “Don’t you dare paint me as an hysterical female,” Angela said as she got into the car. “Making the local chief of police mad like that certainly isn’t rational,” David said. “Remember, this is a small town. We shouldn’t be making enemies.” “Our friend is missing, there is evidence of a struggle in our basement, and the police don’t seem too interested in finding out what happened. You’re willing to let it rest at that?” “As awful as Phil’s disappearance is,” David said, “we shouldn’t be the ones trying to find him. It’s a problem that should be left up to the authorities.” “What?” Angela cried. “The man is our friend and obviously taken from our house. We’re involved whether you want to admit it or not, and I want to find out who did it.” WHAT DO WE NOW KNOW ABOUT THE CHARACTERS, CONFLICT, SETTING?

6 What are some basic rules for dialogue? Indent a new paragraph for each new speaker. Put quotation marks around the dialogue Put terminal punctuation inside the quotation marks

7 Try it yourself… Create a scene using dialogue from your superhero paragraph. There need to be at least two characters speaking.

8 Share It! Share it with your group and give one another feedback

9 Debrief Exit Slip: (Answer in complete sentences) What do you need to work on to improve your use of dialogue in a narrative?

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