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We will get started very soon. Before we do… Take the next 5 minutes to print or save the files in your “file share” box (located in the bottom right corner)

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1 We will get started very soon. Before we do… Take the next 5 minutes to print or save the files in your “file share” box (located in the bottom right corner) to take notes on. Lesson Entry Time-1130 Lesson Start Time- 1135 Lesson End Time- NLT 1230 Get EXCITED!!!! Time to learn!!! ALSO: Please submit your full name and workplace in the Chat box for our record keeping. Just in case you haven’t seen one of these before…

2 Basic Nutrition for Everyday Series- Lesson 5 Information Provided To You By: The JFHQ Occupational Health Office

3  Ways to fit a workout in your busy schedule.  Ideas that can help create more time for a healthy lifestyle.  Tips for eating out at a restaurant.  Quick workouts that can be squeezed in at anytime.  Slow Cooker Lasagna Recipe

4 TIME IS PRECIOUS THERE ARE NEVER ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY…  Here are some ideas to help make you more successful with your busy lifestyle:  Workout in the morning  Use a slow cooker for meals  Plan your meals & workouts for the week in advance  Add your workouts to your appointment calendar There is always time, when you are fighting to keep this off!

5 Achieve Success on a Time Budget!  Get ahead of the game  Make enough for 2-3 meals, each time you cook.  Work out at lunchtime  Break up the time invested in your workouts  50 minutes a day, is 50 min/day.  Do half in the morning and the rest at midday or evening.

6 1. Put time in at the gym before you go out to eat. 2. Decide on guidelines before you get to the restaurant. 3. Make special requests. 4. Practice portion control. 5. Downsize your meal.

7 6. Watch out for extras. 7. Don’t drink extra calories. 8. Skip dessert. 9. Decide if the outing is a special occasion or just another meal. 10. Remove temptation when you are full.

8  Start your day with a healthy breakfast.  Get moving.  Snack smart  Don’t eat too much of any one thing.  Make physical activities fun.

9  Presort your laundry  Shop online  Soak as you go  Clean your shower while your in there  Prepare for the next day the night before  Keep your space tidy

10  Minute 1: Single Jump Jump rope with feet together  Minute 2: Ski Jump  Place rope on floor and jump over it to the left, with feet together. Then jump to the right. Repeat, alternating sides.  Minute 3: Double Jump Jump high enough to pass the rope under your feet twice before you land.  Minute 4: Jumping Rope Jacks As you jump rope, land with feet hip-width apart on one jump, feet together on the next.  Minute 5: Jump Rope Run Run in place while jumping rope. The rope should pass under one foot at a time.

11  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  March in place, and then increase the intensity by adding high knees.  Jumping jacks for 30-second segments.  Simulate jumping rope for 30 seconds.

12  Squats: Stand in front of your chair with feet shoulder width apart. Squat down, pretending you are going to sit in your chair, then come back to a standing position. Also, try one-legged squats (holding your chair for support).  Knee Extensors/Flexors: seated at your desk, lift one leg off the chair, extend the foot out and lower it back down (stopping short of the floor). 15 each leg.  Tricep Dips: place both hands on your chair arms, and slowly lift your bottom off the chair. Lower yourself back down stopping short of the seat. Try 15.  Wall/Desk Push-ups: Stand and put your hands on the wall or desk. Walk feet backwards, so your back is straight and bottom is down, and then do push-ups against the wall or desk. Try 15.  Abdominals: Seated and sitting tall, suck the bellybutton into the spine, hold 15 seconds and relax. Repeat 15 times.

13  Reach for the Sky: Sit tall, extend arms up and reach. Hold 30 seconds, then reach to the right side and the left side.  Touch Your Toes: Stand and bend at the hips reaching for your toes (knees are slightly bent).  Chest Opener: Sit tall and grasps your hands behind you, sticking the chest out.  Hug: Wrap your arms around your body, grabbing the opposite shoulder blades. Try to separate those shoulder blades with your hands and your chin is down.  Seated Twist: Sit up straight. Twist in your chair, keeping your hips stationary. Twist from the lower back all the way up to your head looking over your shoulder.  Ear to Shoulder: Hold stretch 30 seconds on each side.

14 Ingredients:  1 pound uncooked lean ground beef with 7% fat  1 small onion chopped  1 clove garlic minced  28 oz canned crushed tomatoes  15 oz canned tomato sauce  1 tsp table salt  1 tsp dried oregano  ½ tsp dried basil  ¼ tsp crushed red pepper, or to taste  1 cup part-skim ricotta cheese  1 ½ cup shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese, divided  6 dry lasagna noodles, no cook  ½ cup shredded parmesan cheese

15  Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add beef, onion and garlic; cook, stirring frequently, breaking up meat with a wooden spoon as it cooks, about 5 to 7 minutes. Stir in crushed tomatoes, tomato sauce, salt, oregano, basil and red pepper flakes; simmer 5 minutes to allow flavors to blend.  Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, stir together ricotta cheese and 1 cup of mozzarella cheese.  Spoon 1/3 of beef mixture into a 5-quart slow cooker. Break 3 lasagna sheets in half and arrange over beef mixture; top with half of ricotta mixture. Repeat with another layer and finish with remaining 1/3 of beef mixture.  Cover slow cooker and cook on low setting for 4 to 6 hours. Remove cover; turn off heat and season to taste, if desired.  In a small bowl, combine remaining 1/2 cup of mozzarella cheese and Parmesan cheese; sprinkle over beef mixture. Cover and set aside until cheese melts and lasagna firms up, about 10 minutes. Yields 1/6th of dish per serving.

16 The Weekly Challenge…  Identify the time of day you have the most difficulty staying healthy and plan for it. Example: If you tend to snack on unhealthy foods while watching TV, make a plan to help you stay healthy. Answer: You can fold laundry or eat a healthier snack instead.

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