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Welcome to Primaris… With your host … 200 pt 300 pt 400 pt 500 pt 100 pt 200 pt 300 pt 400 pt 500 pt 100 pt 200 pt 300 pt 400 pt 500 pt 100 pt 200 pt.

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2 Welcome to Primaris…

3 With your host …

4 200 pt 300 pt 400 pt 500 pt 100 pt 200 pt 300 pt 400 pt 500 pt 100 pt 200 pt 300 pt 400 pt 500 pt 100 pt 200 pt 300 pt 400 pt 500 pt 100 pt 200 pt 300 pt 400 pt 500 pt 100 pt OASISAvoiding ACH Fall Prevention Managing Meds Care Coordination

5 How many days are allowed to complete an admission OASIS?

6 Five days

7 Are Significant Changes in Condition (SCIC) OASIS required to be submitted after Jan. 1, 2008?

8 Yes. Submitting SCICs is required per regulation but there is no payment adjustment.

9 How is the Start of Care (SOC) determined?

10 It is the first billable visit, regardless of the discipline.

11 How many clinicians can author an OASIS?

12 One clinician must complete it, but all disciplines may collaborate w/ the author.

13 What does the acronym “OASIS” mean?

14 Outcome and Assessment Information Set

15 What is a written, patient-centered plan with a range of symptoms to report first to the agency, rather than calling 911?

16 A Patient Emergency Plan

17 According to the HHQI BPIP for reducing ACH, what should be reviewed on every visit by every discipline before leaving the patient’s home?

18 A Patient Emergency Plan

19 What assessment other than OASIS is a part of a best practice to reduce ACH that is completed at the SOC?

20 Hospitalization Risk Assessment

21 What are the two most effective BPs that promote early ID of abnormal S&S, intensify patient/caregiver education, reinforce the patient emergency plan and initiate best practices for medication management?

22 Front-loading visits and phone monitoring

23 True or False? Hospitalization risk assessment should be completed on SOC/ROC and may also be performed at recertification or with significant change in condition (SCIC).

24 True

25 Who defines a fall as “an unintentional change in position resulting in coming to rest at the ground or a lower level?”

26 The Missouri Alliance for Home Care

27 True or False? “Timed up and Go” screening is an effective assessment to identify persons at risk for falls.

28 True. Use this assessment as a part of your hospital risk assessment.

29 Fall-related injuries accounted for 6%, 3% or 1% of all medical expenditures for people age 65 and older in the U.S.

30 6%

31 What OASIS timeframes are suggested for doing a fall risk assessment?

32 SOC, ROC, Recertification

33 What is the first step in the procedure for accurately assessing orthostatic hypotension?

34 Place patient supine for five minutes, obtain BP and HR

35 This “Criteria for Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in Older Adults: Independent of Diagnosis or Conditions” is otherwise known as:

36 Beers Criteria

37 MO 780 states, “Management of Oral Medications: Patient’s ability to prepare and take all prescribed oral medications reliably and safely, including administration of the correct dosage at the appropriate times/intervals.” The OASIS response selected should reflect the patient’s ability to:

38 Take a majority of daily doses correctly on the day of assessment

39 Name one element of medication review required by the Conditions of Participation.

40 Any of the following are appropriate answers: Identify any significant side effects Significant drug interactions Duplicate drug therapy and noncompliance with drug therapy A process is put in place to ensure that the patient’s medication regime is evaluated. The same process must be carried out for therapy-only patients.

41 To accurately assess the patient’s medications the clinician needs to use a combined approach of interview and __________.

42 Observation

43 Your patient had a stroke and is unable to open the medication bottles or open her pill box. To what discipline would you make a referral?

44 Occupational Therapy

45 Name two care providers involved in patient care transition.

46 Hospital to home health Home health to self-care Hospital to SNF SNF to home, PCP or hospice Any of the following:

47 When you think of patient transition, what is the purpose of the handover?

48 Answers could include: Exchange Vital Information Communicate patient status Exchange information and assume or pass on responsibility *** Transitional care-coordination should be the standard of care

49 True or False? Medication reconciliation only applies to medications and prescriptions ordered by a doctor.

50 False Reconciliation includes all medications taken by the patient including any OTC vitamins, supplements, pain meds, etc.

51 Name at least one piece of information that should be included in the Personal Health Record (PHR).

52 Answers could include: Caregiver’s name and phone number Physician’s name and phone number Advance Directives Current Medications and Allergies

53 The four pillars of care transition activities are described within the HHQI care coordination best practice package. What are two of the four pillars?

54 Answers could include: Medication self-management Patient-centered record Physician follow up Red flags

55 Jeopardy Game Template adapted from the work of Susan Collins and Eleanor Savko, District Resource Teachers for Hardin County Schools: The End! Tally up the points to see who your winner is. Publication MO-08-87-HH This material was prepared by Primaris, the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization for Missouri, under contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The contents presented do not necessarily reflect CMS policy

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