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Targeting Grade C Unit 3 Algebra 3 Travel Graphs GCSE Mathematics.

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1 Targeting Grade C Unit 3 Algebra 3 Travel Graphs GCSE Mathematics

2 Review 1: Key facts Practice 1: GCSE questions Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 Question 5 Question 6 Can you: If not you need Remember the key points about travel graphs Answer examination questions Involving: Calculating how long was a rest Calculating how far did they travel Working out the average speed Completing a travel graph

3 Travel graphs – Always the same and always easy! The Four Key Points: A travel graphs is always DISTANCE against TIME FLAT sections are where it’s STOPPED The STEEPER the graph the FASTER it’s going For any section, SLOPE (gradient) = SPEED Remember SPEED = Distance ÷ Time lesson

4 1.Jane drove 320 km from her home to the airport. The travel graph shows Jane’s journey. During the journey, Jane stopped for lunch. (a)(i)For how long did Jane stop for lunch? (ii)How far had Jane travelled in the first 90 minutes? (b)Work out the steady speed that Jane travelled at after lunch. Continue 30 minutes 120 Km 60 Km/Hr Click for answers

5 Jane’s car uses 1 gallon of petrol for each 40 miles. A gallon of petrol costs £3.20 (c)Work out the cost of petrol for Jane’s 320 km journey. More questions £25.60 Click for answers

6 2.Here is part of a travel graph of Siân’s journey from her house to the shops and back. (a)Work out Siân’s speed for the first 30 minutes of her journey. Give your answer in km/h. More questions Click for answer 40 Km/Hr

7 Siân spends 15 minutes at the shops. She then travels back to her house at 60 km/h. (b)Copy and complete the travel graph. More questions Click for answers

8 3.A man left home at 12 noon to go for a cycle ride. The travel graph represents part of the man’s journey. At 12.45pm the man stopped for a rest. (a)For how many minutes did he rest? (b)Find his distance from home at 1.30pm. More questions 15 minutes 15 Km Click for answers

9 The man stopped for another rest at 2pm. He rested for one hour. Then he cycled home at a steady speed. It took him 2 hours. (c)Copy and complete the travel graph. More questions Click for answers

10 4.James left home at am. He walked to the swimming pool. On the way to the swimming pool he stopped to talk to a friend. Here is the distance-time graph for his complete journey. More questions

11 (a)For how many minutes did James stop and talk to his friend? (b)What is the distance from James’ home to the swimming pool? More questions 45 minutes 5 Km Click for answers

12 5.The graph shows the rate of rainfall, in mm per hour, one afternoon last year. (a)At what time did it start to rain? (b)What was the rate of rainfall at 1700 in mm per hour? (c)What happened to the rate of rainfall between 1600 and 1615? More questions mm/hr It increased Click for answers

13 6. Robert left school at 3 30 pm. He walked home. On the way home, he stopped to talk to a friend. His sister, Sarah, left the same school at 3 45 pm. She cycled home using the same route as Robert. Here are the distance-time graphs for Robert’s and Sarah’s complete journeys. More questions

14 (a)Find the distance Robert walked during the first 10 minutes of his journey. (b)Find the total time that Robert stopped to talk to his friend. (c)Write down the distance that Robert had walked when Sarah cycled past him. Lesson 1 Km 30 minutes 2 Km Click for answers

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