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節分の日 “Setsubun no hi” Day of the changing seasons.

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1 節分の日 “Setsubun no hi” Day of the changing seasons

2 What is it?  Setsubun ( 節分, Bean-Throwing Festival or Bean-Throwing Ceremony) is the day before the beginning of spring in Japan.springJapan  The name literally means "seasonal division", but usually the term refers to the spring Setsubun, properly called Risshun ( 立春 ) celebrated yearly on February 3 as part of the Spring Festival ( 春祭, haru matsuri ? ).Risshun ?

3 Mame Maki  For good luck eat the number of beans that corresponds to your age…throw the rest at the oni!

4 “Oni was soto, Fuku wa uchi!”  This phrase that is said during mame maki translates to “Devils out, happiness in”

5 And now a moment of silence…  Each year, it is a tradition in my house to eat a sushi roll, a big fat one, in complete silence. It is recommended to face in a certain direction. Each year is different.

6 Eho-Maki  It is customary now to eat uncut makizushi called Eho- Maki ( 恵方巻 ) (lit. "lucky direction roll") in silence on Setsubun while facing the yearly lucky compass direction, determined by the zodiac symbol of that year.

7 How to make rolled sushi

8 So what are you waiting for  A few activities to consider: 1. Read the article 2. Put the sentences in the correct order 3. Write 1 and 2 in Japanese 4. Make the mask 5. Eat the beans 6. Throw the rest 7. Eat the sushi roll 8. Be happy

9 Resources E5%88%86 E5%88%86 se-prints-uview/Chikanobu- Setsubun.php?y=1&aid=127&pid=7783& pg=1&ppp=100 se-prints-uview/Chikanobu- Setsubun.php?y=1&aid=127&pid=7783& pg=1&ppp=100 ources/downloads/setsubun.html ources/downloads/setsubun.html ng_celebrations.htm ng_celebrations.htm



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