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YOUR LOGO HERE YOUR LOGO HERE Amy Brink Comparing caTissue Plus to caTissue 1.3.6A Amy Brink March 5 th, 2014.

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1 YOUR LOGO HERE YOUR LOGO HERE Amy Brink Comparing caTissue Plus to caTissue 1.3.6A Amy Brink March 5 th, 2014

2 Agenda 1.Overview of caTissue Plus 2.caTissue Plus Development 3.New features in caTissue Plus 4.Comparison of CaTissue Plus to current version of caTissue 5.Known issues 6.User feedback

3 CaTissue Plus In the past caTissue versions have been NCI driven. New features and enhancements were largely driven by NCI needs. These “needs” did not always match the Users “needs” Today caTissue Plus is developed by Krishagni. Krishagni has been a part of caTissue development since 2005, so they have a robust knowledge of caTissue and the user needs

4 CaTissue Plus Developement  At the 2013 CaTissue End User Meeting it was decided the caTissue community would support Krishagni development of caTissue Plus  Enhancements, new features, and bug fixes are driven by community involvement.  Testing of new versions will be done by the caTissue user community.

5 New Featues in caTissue Plus Performance Query Folders and Sharing Multiple My List and Sharing Transfer Event Container Enhancements Ordering and Distribution enhancements Specimens are more color coded in Specimen tree Specimen titles

6 Performance



9 Administrative Enhancements  Studies can be exported into a csv format. This allows the CP to be loaded via BO.

10 Administrative Enhancements  When creating a CP, the specimens can have a specimen title CaTissue Plus CaTissue 1.3.6A

11 Data Entry - Participant  Consent response moved.  Race is check boxes  Activity Status moved  Registering to Multiple CPs caTissue Plus caTissue 1.3.6A

12 Data Entry - Participant  Activity status is displayed after participant is registered.  Consent response is entered after registration

13 Data Entry Enhancement  If the use is registering a new participant to a CP then, the user will not notice much change to the workflow for the first SCG selected

14 SCG Enhancements  User can now select the SCG from the dropdown list and enter SCG info on the same page as the specimen details

15 SCG & Specimen Enhancements  SCG details are at the top of the page with the key fields  User can still access the entire SCG page by selecting SCG edit from previous page  Container map enhancements

16 Specimen Tree Enhancements  Specimen Titles  Specimens are color coded Collected Specimen Distributed and Close Specimen Not Collected Specimen

17 My Specimen List  “My List” has been replaced with “My Specimen List”  Users can have multiple My Specimen List  Lists are saved  Lists can be shared with other caTissue users  Can add specimens to list via the specimen details page or via a search  Does not throw error that specimen can not be added due to different “view”  Does not require a user to remember to add Specimen ID to a saved query

18 My Specimen List From specimen details page 1. Click Add to specimen List. 2.Enter new list name or select a current list. 3. Click assign.

19 My Specimen List From Query

20 My Specimen List My specimen List is located in the Search Tab (like My List) User can select the Specimen List. Then specimens are displayed

21 Query Enhancement  Query page loads to My Queries first  Loads queries much faster  All Queries are given an ID and user can search for that ID  User can search for a Query by title  User can organize Query by creating Folders  Users can have as many folders as user desires

22 Distribution Enhancements Verifying Consent is much easier! Distribution Short Title is displayed Specimens with same responses are grouped together

23 Known Issues with IE and Plus  IE under performs FireFox consistently.  Auto fill boxes in IE are not optimal.  No Distribution Report.  “Apply First to All” location is delayed in Plus.  Changing parent specimens is greatly delayed in IE when using Plus.  The Admin. Tab requires the user to select the arrow.  Need to remove My List from Query Tab

24 Questions caTissue Plus Link 80/catissuecore/

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