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1 Plumbers Local 63 Joint Apprenticeship Training Center ScreenSafe Inc. Program Administrators 877-SCREEN-9 877-727-3369 MAP Member Assistance Program.

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1 1 Plumbers Local 63 Joint Apprenticeship Training Center ScreenSafe Inc. Program Administrators 877-SCREEN MAP Member Assistance Program

2 2 Alliance Goals and Objectives  Recognition of the problem;  Development of a comprehensive policy;  Educate Participants;  Promote the Member Assistance Program, MAP;  Implement a fair and respectful drug testing program that conforms to Federal drug testing standards.

3 3 Policy Requirements and Exclusions  The use of alcohol or drugs by employees during working hours on the job site or on company property (including company vehicles) is absolutely prohibited.  Participants are required to submit to drug and/or alcohol testing in accordance with this policy.

4 4 Policy Requirements and Exclusions  All Apprentices will be selected randomly once per year through the 100% pool for the length of the Apprentice Program.  Every Apprentice will be in an ongoing 10% pool.

5 5 Policy Requirements and Exclusions  No participant will be tested for alcohol unless a reasonable suspicion exists that the person is under the influence of alcohol, or they are involved in an on the job accident.  Participants subject to this policy continue to have access to the usual protections provided as part of their union membership.

6 6 Testing Procedures- Reasonable suspicion/for cause The Training Coordinator must confront you.  The Training Coordinator must drive you to the test site.  The Training Coordinator must find a way home for you.  The Training Coordinator is notified of result.  If a participant is negative any lost wages are reimbursed.  If the participant is positive you are considered non-compliant.

7 7 Testing Procedures  Names picked from the random pool.  ScreenSafe informs the Apprentice School who needs to test.  Participants are given until end of next day to take test.

8 8 At The Collection Site  The Drug Test Information and Instruction Sheet  Authorization for Consent to Drug Analysis and Authorization of Release of Results for Testing  Release of Information Signed for MRO, MAP, Training School and ScreenSafe

9 9 At The Collection Site  Participant states they are from Plumbers  Participant must have a valid picture ID  Participant signs consent forms  Collection Site technician faxes Consent and Release form back to ScreenSafe.

10 10 Testing Procedures – Safeguards  Urine samples separated into two containers at time of collection(in case you disagree with the result the same specimen will be tested).  Other forms of testing for participants with confirmed medical conditions  Blind testing

11 11 Testing Procedures - Safeguards  Integrity of specimens insured by utilization of one collection procedure at all sites  All labs have DHHS certification  All positives confirmed by GCMS(Gas Chromatography)  MRO verifies all questionable non- negative results

12 12 Test Results  If the test is negative, no further action is taken.  If the test is positive for any reason, the Medical Review Officer (MRO) calls participant to validate reason for positive.  If the MRO can not reach the participant they are considered non-compliant  If no valid reason found, participant is non- compliant.

13 13 Medical Review Office  Verifies your prescription  It must be your prescription and must have been filled before the date of your test.  If your prescription is verified by the MRO a negative result is reported out.  Any participant can call the MRO to try to verify a result.  Any participant can re-test the ORIGINAL specimen at a substantial cost. If the re-tested specimen is negative the participant will be refunded.

14 14 Policy Violations  Policy Violations can include;  Having a positive test result.  Failing to take a test as scheduled  Failing to keep a scheduled appointment with MAP  Failing to participate in and/or complete the assigned treatment or education program

15 15 Policy Violations  Policy Violations can include (continued);  Substituting another substance or specimen  Providing a dilute specimen(an observed drop will then be necessary)if the second specimen is dilute it is a violation  Providing a urine specimen which shows the presence of an adulterant

16 16 Consequences  Upon a first notice of non-compliance;  Participant will be referred to the MAP for evaluation  Participant must complete recommended treatment or education program  Participant will be returned to work prior to program completion  The participant will be placed in a one year accelerated testing program.

17 17 Consequences  ScreenSafe will notify the Training Coordinator at the Apprentice School.  Participants will receive written notices confirming their non- compliance.  Participants could be cancelled from the Training School.

18 18 Returning and Continuing Compliance  Follow-up testing  Following MAP recommendations  Proper contact information If for any reason at all you become NON-COMPLIANT for the 2 nd time.

19 19 Consequences The participant will be terminated from the program

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