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CT/GC Testing Specimen Collection Submission and Ordering.

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1 CT/GC Testing Specimen Collection Submission and Ordering

2 Objectives Learn about specimen collections Learn about specimen submissions Learn about specimen ordering 2

3 CT/GC Testing Gen-Probe/Hologic APTIMA Combo 2 Assay –A target amplification nucleic acid probe test that utilizes target capture for the in vitro qualitative detection and differentiation of ribosomal RNA (rRNA) from Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) and/or Neisseria gonorrhoeae (GC) to aid in the diagnosis of chlamydial and/or gonococcal urogenital disease. –FDA-cleared for male urethral and endocervical swab specimens, plus male and female first-catch urine (FCU) specimens, and in patient-and clinician-collected vaginal swab specimens. –Turnaround Time: 2-5 days 3

4 Specimen Collection Acceptable Specimen Types –Urine (Male & Female) –Vaginal Swab –Unisex Swab Endocervical Male Urethral Rectal Must be collected using only APTIMA Specimen Collection Kits (see package insert for instructions) 4

5 5 CT/GC Testing: Specimen Transport Specimen Transport –Store specimens in their collection systems and keep at 15-30°C until shipped to ISDH –Specimens must be transported to the ISDH Lab at 2 ‐ 30°C in Gen-Probe/Hologic urine, vaginal or unisex swab APTIMA Collection Kits. –Specimens MUST be received at the ISDH Lab in a timely manner: Urine: within 30 days of collection Swabs: within 60 days of collection

6 6 Common Causes of Specimen Rejection Mismatch of patient name/ID – Name on specimen tube and LimsNet entry don’t match Lack of patient identifier on specimen tube – Specimen tube is completely blank Specimen tube is leaking or broken Specimen received in Lab after: – 30 days for urine specimens – 60 days for swab specimens Improper specimen type Expired transport tube Multiple swabs in specimen tube

7 Packaging and Shipping 7 Package all specimens as UN3373 Category B, “Biological Substance” following federal guidelines. ISDH Labs will provide the UN3373 mailing labels, inner and outer mailing containers and small/large Tyvek mailing evelope. – Ordering of these supplies will be done by each submitter via LimsNet.

8 ISDH Shipping Containers 3 Components to Container – Urine/Swab collection tube (primary container) – Watertight, metal secondary container (absorbent material NOT provided by ISDH Labs) – Rigid (cardboard) outer container All shipping containers are provided by ISDH Labs 8

9 Specimen Packaging 9 Must package and ship using UN3373 Biological Substances, Category B LimsNet coversheet should be wrapped around the secondary container – Must be separated from specimen to avoid contamination UN3373 mailing label should be placed on the rigid outer container and the mailing envelope Place outer container(s) inside the Tyvek mailing envelope – Specimens may also be shipped using just the rigid outer container as long as it contains the UN3373 mailing label

10 Options –UPS *best option* –FedEx –U.S. Postal Service –Courier Service Ship specimens to arrive at ISDH Labs on Monday-Friday, excluding holidays 10 CT/GC Testing: Specimen Shipping

11 LimsNet Submissions 11 What is LimsNet? ISDH Lab’s electronic specimen submission system that allows submitters to submit lab testing requests electronically rather than with paper form Benefits No need to fill out paper submission forms Reduced turnaround time-results are available sooner-no need to rely on faxing or mailing Delays in testing due to incomplete patient/submitter information are virtually eliminated Submitters are able to view, print and save laboratory reports as PDF files at their convenience. Currently, 100% of CT/GC specimens submitted to ISDH labs are via LimsNet

12 LimsNet Submissions 12 How to obtain a LimsNet account? Call the ISDH Lims Help Desk at 317-921-5506 or 888-535-0011 E-mail the ISDH Lims Help Desk at Support is available Monday – Friday from 8:15 to 4:45

13 LimsNet Submissions Be sure that “CT/GC” is the test selected on the Log new test dropdown. Type in patient’s demographic information. Be sure to complete items marked in red. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page Repeat for additional specimens. 13

14 LimsNet Submissions Be sure to fill out the Insurance Type! – Specimens with complete billing info will NOT be counted against your allotment! Select the appropriate “Reason for Test” – MSM (urine & rectal swabs only) – Anal Risk (Female rectal swabs only) – Routine testing Priority Age, Signs/Symptoms, Contact to confirmed STD, IUD, Prenatal, WIN-UPT, Test of Cure, Positive CT/GC within past 6 months. 14

15 Click “Submit Tests” at the top of the page. Check the box next to the specimens to be shipped. Enter the UPS Tracking #, if applicable. Click “Mark as Shipped” at the bottom of the page. Print LimsNet coversheet to send in with specimens. 15 Submit Tests Screen

16 Click on “Test Results” at the top of the page to view the status of specimens submitted. Enter patient search data, or use collection data to search. Click “Search” at the bottom of the page. 16 Test Results Screen

17 See the “Status” column to see if lab results are available – Unshipped Not yet sent to ISDH Labs – In Transit Sent but not yet received by ISDH Labs – Released Lab report released by ISDH Labs Click “View” to see a PDF of the lab report. 17 LimsNet Reports Screen

18 LimsNet: Ordering Collection & Shipping Supplies 1.Log into LIMSNET. 2.On the CT/GC Request Form, click the Order Supply button. 3.A new window will open displaying the Order Form. 18

19 19 1.The top fields (red asterisks) will be pre-populated but are editable. 2.Enter the quantity of each item needed. 3.Enter a contact name, phone #, fax # and email address at your facility. 4.Click the Save button. **ISDH will automatically receive your order via email and you’ll receive a “completed” message** 5.ALL ORDERS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY THE 10 TH OF THE MONTH!

20 20 Billing For Services

21 21 Billing For Services When you provide the patient’s insurance information and the clinic’s NPI # to ISDH through LIMSNET, the specimen submission will not be subtracted from your allotted amount of annual clinical tests provided in the STD Grant.

22 22 Questions? Virology/Preparedness & CT/GC Supervisor Phone: 317-921-5843 Fax: 317-927-7804

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