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Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire 30 months on …..

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2 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire 30 months on …..

3 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire What I said at July 2012 launch event: A clear overall strategy Music Leaders with the right skills and attitudes Responding to opportunities

4 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire Consistency of provision – not stop/start

5 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire

6 Pupil Referral Units – 13.5hrs/week Hospital Education – 10 hrs/week (inc home visits) EBSD Special Schools – 3.5hrs per week All grew out of our Youth Music MINC funded work All funded by schools at £30 per hour What has happened? Long term, on-going provision: Also ….. New cross art form, offsite provision Currently 30hrs/week – total of 8 students

7 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire Skilled staff – excellent engagement and outcomes What has happened?

8 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire How do we know that it is any good? Feedback from students & staff : “B and J were so energised by today’s session.... it was the first time I have seen them both smile genuinely in several weeks.” Inclusion support officer, secondary school. “ Barney, engaged all pupils who showed interest in his music sessions …. we had some of our most challenging kids there. He very quickly adapts his sessions to children with various special needs which include mental health disorders, severe dyslexia, severe conduct difficulties. …..they all engage together without any problems which is a major achievement. Sessions positively impact on self-esteem, anger management, social skills, education etc. “ Theraputic support manager – EBSD residential special school.

9 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire How do we know that it is any good? Schools ask for, and pay for extra hours Schools set up dedicated space and invest in music equipment “ Raikes have me for the whole day now and have given me a room specifically for music sessions in their bungalow. I seem to make a big difference to their offer to students and relieves pressure on staff. It is good progress.” George Moorey – Music Leader

10 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire Schools investing

11 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire Building a team of local music leaders Now have at least 12 able to work independently to a high standard, more coming through

12 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire 30 months on ….. What have we learnt? Over 30 hrs per week of music work, every week, on-going, that has grown out of this work For comparison, the target in our first two years YM Musical Inclusion funding was just 4 hrs per week

13 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire Deliver at an affordable price: Maximise value (cut things that don’t add value) Minimise travel Minimise time shifting equipment Minimise management costs Maximise productive time at one site Get student ratios right Preparation, record keeping & evaluation must all add value Think about the school’s costs – staff time, taxis, leaving students calm! The viability challenge:

14 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire The viability challenge:

15 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire The viability challenge:

16 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire The viability challenge:

17 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire The viability challenge: If a school are going to fund at supply rate ….. then the impact and number of students worked with needs to to be the same or better than a supply teacher.

18 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire Learning – music leader skills: The biggest barrier for many students is fear Music Leaders need to be emotionally intelligent Excellent feedback skills are central – picking up feedback from students, able to give feedback that is accurate, constructive and trustworthy

19 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire Learning – music leader attitudes: Child centred - reflective practice: “I am learning to teach you and you are learning to learn from me” Seeing them as a young musician, who is having to find a way to survive in the system Giving power and encouraging independence Head, Heart and Hands - Social Pedagogy

20 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire Learning - Working with purchasers A shift in thinking: Strands of work NOT projects When the work starts needs to be determined by the needs of a purchaser rather than funder Subsidy is really important in getting work off the ground and in building workforce BUT Need to be honest about whether a particular model of delivery is likely to be sustainable, before starting.

21 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire Seek to understand the pressures on them. Listen and understand their agenda Respecting their time frames in planning Enthusiasm and in depth knowledge helps sell BUT Schools usually want to see actual engagement & outcomes, in their school Track record and endorsement from a key gate keeper is what opens doors Learning - Working with purchasers:

22 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire Work together to get best value. To achieve full cost recovery, start with significant financial contribution from school Movement towards viability needs to be in all dimensions – less school staff in sessions, working with more students, costs down, charges up Engagement, outcomes and costs all matter Being rock solid on safeguarding is vital Learning - Working with purchasers:

23 THE MUSIC WORKS What next? Training – Music leaders, teachers etc. Current Inclusion training with 3 each from Wilts and Swindon and 7 from Glos (with extra Glos Funding) Inclusion work in mainstream schools Progression opportunities for all Still too many young people in Gloucestershire who are missing out on music education – we will continue to work to change that

24 Musical Inclusion Gloucestershire Musical inclusion is when we all see each other as musicians

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