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ExpressOS TM At A Glance. 2 Our Focus We focus heavily on helping our clients increase Shareholder Value by enhancing performance. Shareholder value is.

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1 ExpressOS TM At A Glance

2 2 Our Focus We focus heavily on helping our clients increase Shareholder Value by enhancing performance. Shareholder value is created when the drivers of performance are improved and the expectation of performance improvements are accepted by the market. How value is created (value drivers) What you can do (important Levers: Business Processes, Assets and Organizational Capabilities)

3 Functional Architecture

4 Solution Overview – A Configurable Industry Solution Innovation & CollaborationScalable & Reliable Industry Data Model Workflow Management Business Rules Engine Document Management Configurable Web Services High Availability Design Scalable Component Design Finance Portals Front Office VENDOR DIRECT CUSTOMER SELF-SERVE COMPUTER TO COMPUTER INDIRECT Finance Sources MY LEASE MY LOAN THEIR LOAN THEIR LEASE SYNDICATION PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT Middle Office THEFOOTPRINT TM Credit Decisions, Document Mgmt, Audit, Compliance & Booking Private Labeled Channel Mgmt, Incentive Programs, Origination Accounting & Contract Service Management Business Intelligence DEAL ORIGINATION CREDIT ADJUDICATION DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT AUDIT & BOOKING INCENTIVES & PROGRAM MANAGEMENT

5 A Day in the Life – Using ExpressOS TM

6 ExpressOS TM System Administration Roadmap

7 ExpressOS TM Object Overview Master Lease An open-end type agreement under which a Lessee obtains the use of property, and can add additional equipment periodically at rates to be negotiated and through the use of "schedules," under the basic terms of the original instrument. Eliminates signing new leases as additional equipment is leased.Lessee Programs Programs drive specific parameters of a deal through processing. Specific properties associated with a program include product type, transaction type, end of term options, lease term, appropriate documents and many others. Users are required to select a Program to process their quote or transaction in ExpressOS TM. Transaction Any request made by the Customer to a funder in ExpressOS TM, for financing Quotes, Line of Credit applications, Lease or Loan applications. Schedule Is a means to group lease transactions under a Master Lease. Each schedule may provide similar terms and conditions, such as Contract Term, Payment Frequencies, and possibly similar type assets. Finally, schedules are often considered a lease in themselves, where all leases on a schedule are booked together.

8 Live Product Demonstration Overview

9 Operating Environment - Architecture ExpressOS TM employs an n-tier architecture that delivers on both scalability and performance with separate tiers.

10 Operating Environment - Architecture ExpressOS TM is designed using Microsoft.Net web services. Supports integration with all popular development technologies including Java, COM and CORBA through SOAP or XML. All rules and business logic are instantiated by a transactional component layer for maximum scalability, extensibility and management. ExpressOS TM is cluster-aware and manages its own session state information so that user’s connections can be seamlessly moved from one web server to another for scalability, load balancing and failure-recovery. This level of cohesion between software and hardware architectures is unique within the financial services industry Hardware Scalability Security of data and infrastructure – protecting data and infrastructure from malicious attacks or theft. Continuous service availability – using redundancy and functional specialization to contain faults. Linear scalability – continuous growth to meet user demand and business complexity

11 Operating Environment - Architecture

12 Geographic Fault Tolerant Architecture Toronto Dallas

13 ExpressOS TM Architecture Testing


15 Interface Solution (IS) This is the data transformation engine that lies at the heart of Cyence’s Interface Solution.

16 Technical Support – Process & Representative Service Levels Production system problems are resolved in order of severity:  Severity 1: Response Time: Fifteen (15) minutes from discovery of issue. Anticipated Resolution Time: Within four (4) hours.  Severity 2: Response Time: Thirty (30) minutes from discovery of issue. Anticipated Resolution Time: Within one (1) Business Day.  Severity 3: Response Time: Eight (8) hours from discovery of issue. Anticipated Resolution Time: Within five (5) Business Days.

17 Methods & Tools that Realize the Benefits of ExpressOS TM FastTrack TM for ExpressOS TM Project Management Benefit Realization Process Redesign (Package Based Reengineering) Change Management (Communications, Organizational Redesign, End User Training) Establishment of Workflow Competency Center (Training and Knowledge Transfer) Technology Services (Systems Integration) Workflow Competency Center Governance Change Control Business Performance Measurement Continuous Improvement Drivers and Assumptions Our ROI Experience Implementation Approach Complexity and Risk Resource Assumptions Improve Operations Performance … with minimal … Implementation and Operational Risk …which allows you to… Achieve Operational Excellence Our Proposal to CitiCapital PROVEN DELOITTE CONSULTING METHODOLOGIES CAPABILITY BENEFIT Business Case for ExpressOS TM Scope Benefits Risks Feasibility Quantify the Benefits and Risks of Implementing ExpressOS TM … in order to …

18 Resource Planning Assumptions - Technical. Technology Resource Assumptions The scope of the technology implementation is primarily driven by the number of interfaces, customization and data conversion. Technology resources requirements represent 15% of our resource estimates. ExpressOS TM is configured by business analysts working in the process design thread of the implementation. Implementing the technology is not a driver of the implementation, it must fit in with the deployment strategy. We have assumed that the pure technical implementation can be accomplished in the first phase. Phases 2 & 3 make use of production support and change control to support changes to the technology. We expect few, if any, changes to the technology in Phases 2 & 3. This is why there are virtually no technology staff in Phase 2 & 3 assigned to the project. Phases 2 & 3 are organizational deployment phases supported by workflow a business rules. Data conversion is all accomplished through the interface design. Opportunities to Reduce Cost Interfaces, conversion and customization require review with CitiCapital to resize all estimates. There may be one or two management roles that could be performed by CitiCapital staff to reduce external costs

19 Resource Planning Assumptions – Non-Technical Non-Technology Resource Assumptions Non-technical resources make up 85% of the project resource requirements The non-technical resources are the most critical to a successful implementation of Collaborative Commerce solutions. While these solutions contain best practices and predefined interfaces to industry services and legacy systems, they must be configured to reflect the workflow and business rules of the organization employing them. Properly implemented these solutions become the ‘manufacturing process’ of your business. Phase 2 & 3 prepare CitiCapital for a long-term release strategy in which new functionality, new businesses and/or continuous improvement programs can be implemented. Opportunities to Reduce Cost We have identified 23 CitiCapital business owner and SME roles, representing 1,100 person days of effort. This has the potential of being reduced up to 50% if the knowledge is resident in a smaller number of people. CitiCapital could deploy Phase 3 independently, or merge with Phases 2&3, saving $650,000.

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