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Open Repository Going Green for your Open Access Mandate Claire Bundy.

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1 Open Repository Going Green for your Open Access Mandate Claire Bundy

2 Overview BioMed Central: who we are About Open Repository Mandates & Policies Is Open Repository right for you? Questions and answers

3 BioMed Central – who are we? ●Launched in 1999 ●GOLD: –The world’s largest publisher of STM Open Access peer- reviewed journals –We originally pioneered the Open Access Movement –We provide immediate barrier-free access to 205 journals, 35 tracked by ISI and 61 with Impact Factors –288 member institutes in 37 countries ●GREEN: Open Repository

4 Why have a repository? Comply with funding agencies More exposure Universal access Easier information discovery New digital techniques Persistent access Long-term preservation Wide range of content

5 Berlin Declaration 1. “require their researchers to deposit a copy of all their published articles in an open access repository AND 2. encourage their researchers to publish their research articles in open access journals where a suitable journal exists (and provide the support to enable that to happen).” ●271 Member Institutions have now signed the declaration

6 Mandate Examples European Research Council and European Commission: All funded research to be deposited in a research or institutional repository within 6 months NIH: All funded research to be available in a repository within 12 months of publication Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OATKA): All funded research available in a repository Wellcome Trust: All funded articles to be made available in an Open Access repository


8 Obstacles to building a repository in-house Costs of Implementation Delays from IT services Lack of personnel with the correct skills Projects often go on for much longer than necessary Other priorities

9 In-house solution = Hidden Costs Front end Server File storage IT personnel Back ups Upgrades

10 ● A hosted solution ●Simplest & quickest way to own a repository ●Permanent preservation ●Ownership & control retained by the customer ●Collects, showcase and preserves scholarly output ●Variety of document formats ●Transparent and predictable pricing What is Open Repository?

11 Hosted solution = Transparent Costs Try before you buy Rapid set up Seamless upgrades Predictable/lower costs Technical support

12 What Open Repository Offers You Setup, maintenance & ongoing support Customisation & branding Personal workspaces Import historical data with batch uploads Populating the repository Sophisticated search functionalities Statistics External article linking Training for users & administrators Try before you buy – FREE pilot

13 How do Open Repository Customers Benefit? We understand the process better than anyone Wealth of experience in different sectors Grow content quickly We share ideas to foster success We help you promote your repository

14 Who Already Uses Open Repository? University/Higher Education  Research Institutes Teaching Councils Museums International Charity/Humanitarian Aid Organisation National Health Service (Government) University Hospitals


16 Thank you for your time! +44 203 192 The institutional repository service from BioMed Central

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