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AGENDA Who We Are and What We Do The Website Types Of Funding Internal Awards Types Of External Sponsors Funding Opportunities Guides To Grant Writing.

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2 AGENDA Who We Are and What We Do The Website Types Of Funding Internal Awards Types Of External Sponsors Funding Opportunities Guides To Grant Writing Possible Funders Institutional Approval Documents and Timeline

3 WHO WE ARE Executive Director Pantelia (Lia) Bairaktaris Associate Director Joan Joseph Grants Fiscal Analyst Jeanne DeMarsico Program Assistant Ronnie Carlini Program Assistant Tina Nesbitt Office Support

4 Through a variety of ways, the Grants Office supports members of the Stockton Community in their scholarly, research and creative activities. As an office that provides a full range of services, we encourage you to let us know whenever we can assist in developing ideas, proposals for funding or provide information. MISSION

5 SERVICES AND ACTIVITES Some of our services include: Assist with all aspects of proposal preparation, proposal submission and award management Assist in locating internal and external funding sources Offer access to funding search engines Coordinate Institutional Review and Approval process Publish Grant Deadlines Present Workshops to Faculty Monitor Standard Assurances and Certifications Coordinate and Support applications to IRB

6 THE WEBSITE Visit the Grants Office at Home Page About the Grants Office Policies and Procedures Proposal Development Post Award Funding Sources and Resources Internal Grants Institutional Review Board Forms Student Research Funding Opportunities Staff

7 INTERNAL FUNDING SOURCES Sabbaticals Sabbatical Subventions Provost Faculty Opportunity Fund Research & Professional Development Provost’s R&PD in Academic Advising SCOSA Research & Professional Development Career Development Award Travel Fund Publication, Poster, Exhibit or Performance Charges Book Subvention




11 GUIDES TO GRANT WRITING  Many federal agencies include guidance on writing successful grant proposals on their web sites. For ex. the National Science Foundation (NSF) has many documents which are useful to researchers in all disciplines. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has a section called “Grant Writing Tip Sheets”. The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Web site has a section on developing and writing grants proposals.  The Foundation Center’s Learning Lab has a proposal writing short course providing basic information for all fundraisers, academic and non- profit.

12 9 TIPS TO GRANT WRITING  The project is the organization’s priority  The proposal should follow an accepted format  Writing: Clear, Direct, No jargon, An appropriate Story  Research the funder thoroughly  Take the time to build the relationship with the funder  Reporting is critical even when not asked for  No is not forever  Give them only what they ask for  Electronic applications are not an excuse

13 FEDERAL FUNDING The federal government is the single, largest grant maker to domestic state and non-profit organizations. Programs are well-defined and sponsor guidelines are specific. Proposals undergo peer review. Programs are competitive. Government is committed to making a grant award or contract.

14 STATE FUNDING State programs can be funded with either federal “flow-through” funds or with state appropriations. Programs are competitive or formula-based. The state of NJ is currently the largest contributor of external support to Stockton research and scholarship activities.

15 NJ AGENCIES FUNDING GRANTS AND CONTRACTS NJ Department of Education NJ Department of Environmental Protection NJ Commission on Higher Education NJ Department of Transportation NJ Department of Community Affairs and others… Visit for a list of NJ agencies and links to agency-specific grant programs.

16 LOCAL PARTNERSHIPS Consider county and municipal agencies as partners/collaborators Many lack the funding to provide grants, but would welcome an opportunity to collaborate on a project that is routed in the community that they service. Benefit: Geographic restrictions limit competitive pool. Local county agencies typically release public requests for proposals

17 PRIVATE INDUSTRY FUNDING Generally, private industry funding is provided on a non- competitive basis; however, a small but growing number of companies are using a competitive request for proposal mechanism. Industry sponsors are not committed to giving funds away, but are looking to fund research in areas that solve an industry problem (commercially viable).

18 CONNECTING WITH PRIVATE FUNDERS Professional/Scientific Societies Professional Conferences Journals/Publications Alumni from your doctoral program – Industry researchers graduate from the same programs! Establish profile on LinkedIn – Indicate in your profile that you're interested in consulting offers, job inquiries, and expertise requests. This can initiate conversation with industry contacts.

19 SOME FOUNDATIONS TO CONSIDER Foundation NameFocus The Ford FoundationEducational opportunity and scholarship, freedom of expression, human rights The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (NJ)Human capital, public health, vulnerable populations The David and Lucile Packard FoundationConservation and science, children, families, and communities Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation (NJ)Arts, education, environment The Fund for New Jersey (NJ)Public policy in NJ, environment and land use, social and economic opportunity Bristol Myers Squibb (NJ)Health disparities, STEM education, public services for people in need Verizon FoundationEducation, literacy, domestic violence prevention, healthcare and access, internet safety W. K. Kellogg FoundationEducation and learning, food, health & well-being, family economic security, racial equity, civic engagement

20 INTERNAL APPROVAL DOCUMENTS Submit the following to the Grants Office as soon as you begin to work on your idea – Transmittal and Approval Form – Budget form found through the link on the bottom of pg. 1 of the transmittal – Copy of the RFP/Announcement – Abstract or draft Narrative The Transmittal and Approval Form is available at:

21 PROPOSAL SUBMISSION TIMELINE 3-6 months from due date PI begin developing project idea and proposal Contact GO early! 2-4 months from due date Discuss project with Dean and Program colleagues for advice and support. Contact program officer at funding agency. Possible collaboration? Determine roles, time commitments, and budget needs. 3 weeks before due Develop a budget and budget narrative. Seek GO help with details and review of allowable costs. Begin Internal Approval process by completing the forms and submit to GO for review. Then you will submit the forms to your Dean for approval and discussion. The GO will continue the routing of the forms. 1-2 weeks before due GO will overnight mail, e-mail, or submit the application package online.

22 OPEN DISCUSSION/QUESTIONS? Grants Office Contact Information E-226 101 Vera King Farris Dr. Galloway, NJ 08205 Phone: (609) 652-4844 Fax: (609) 626-3467

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