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& WILEY. Simba OA Journal Publishing 2014-2017.

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3 Simba OA Journal Publishing 2014-2017

4 Top 3 publish 51% your papers Article Output by Publisher


6 Wiley OA papers

7 Growth of hybrid (OO) Output

8 A Journal choice in every Discipline

9 AUTHORS rule 2.Open Access Issues

10 With a Creative Commons:  Author retains copyright  Author encourages sharing and reuse  Author choses one of 3 license types 1. CC BY 2. CC-BY-NC 3. CC-BY-NC-ND

11 2.Open Access Issues

12  Editorial management  including filtering, peer review, copyediting  Journal development  marketing, branding and promotion  Content dissemination  hosting, linking, archiving and preserving  Discoverability and innovation  e.g. improved article formats, inclusion of videos  Collaboration with industry initiatives  such as Crossref, Fundref, COUNTER  Usage statistics and author metrics  Rights management  Open Access

13 Each year, over 1.4 Million papers are published – What is the impact of your paper?



16 Librarians Toll AccessOpen Access

17 Wiley supports Green Open Access

18 Self-Archiving Policies 1. Standard Self-Archving Policy (since Jan 2014) Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) Personal repository Institutional repository Subject repositories e.g. PubMed Central 12/24 months embargo 2. Compliance with Funder Mandates Fully compliant with RCUK and COAF

19 Immediate access to the Version of Record  funded by article publication charges (APCs)  paid by authors or on their behalf by universities or funding institutions


21 WILEY OPEN ACCESS ACCOUNT Library deposits money into Account APCs will be deducted from Account One account vs. many invoices 25% discount on APCs PLUS offset credits…….

22 Funder Dashboard

23 Review Requests Article details, incl. APC WOAA administrators approve or deny requests, or request additional information

24 Generate OA reports Check account balance Add funds to top-up low balances Review requests and approve/deny Review account history Efficiency! “the dashboard has made Wiley by far the easiest company to deal with regarding open access. That is quite a big claim! It’s made a real difference to what can generally be a very cumbersome process.”

25 Time for discussion

26 Pricing Adjustments for Hybrids  Adjust subscription prices where content has migrated to OA Drop in subscription-funded articles Increase in OA articles * * In the same year

27 NESLi 2 OA Agreement  33 Participants  WOAA pre-pay  25% Discount  Offset credits  “Total Cost of Ownership”  2015 for WOAA customers

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