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Kevin Davis, CEO, INN Investigative News Network & Impaq.Me.

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1 Kevin Davis, CEO, INN Investigative News Network & Impaq.Me

2 The INN Nonprofit 100

3 MISSION: To aid and abet, in every conceivable way, individually and collectively, the work and public reach of its member news organizations, including, to the fullest extent possible, their administrative, editorial, and financial wellbeing. And, more broadly, to foster the highest quality investigative journalism, and to hold those in power accountable at the local, national, and international levels.

4 INN Programs Training & Educational Resources – CJET, Legal Guide Fiscal Sponsorship & Insurance – A “fiscal home” for orgs that don’t have their 501(c)3 yet – E&O & D&O insurance Revenue opportunities – Syndication, Collaborative Investigations – Data Journalism & Newsroom collaboration Technology – Largo, site development, & more

5 Sign up: Email Lisa Newstex Syndicates your content on sites looking for authoritative content Aimed at site publishers with in- depth topical stories Pays quarterly royalties based on usage of your content Curabitur elementum posuere pretium. Quisque nibh dolor, dignissim ac dignissim ut, luctus ac urna.

6 Sign up: Email Lisa Newsbank News clipping and research service used by libraries, researchers, legal firms and others Aimed at news publishers Pays quarterly royalties based on usage of your content Curabitur elementum posuere pretium. Quisque nibh dolor, dignissim ac dignissim ut, luctus ac urna.

7 Innovation in Funding Provides a new way to engage both donors and audience Built for funders who want to support more nonprofits and tie funding to attributable action Combines social sharing with fundraising to boost engagement and revenue Aimed at nonprofits who want to raise money & awareness online


9 We have raised $45,000+ for community information nonprofits in only two test campaigns And we’ve delivered 100,000+ shares and 800,000+ clicks

10 10 makes sharing more effective Number of clicks per shared item

11 11

12 What do news consumers choose to share and click on? Consumers are overwhelmingly choosing to share serious, in- depth pieces from our members – Top 3 most shared pieces: Research on ancient bayous in Louisiana A longform profile of an entrepreneur with a colorful past trying to make a fortune with medical marijuana A 13,000 word profile of Maine’s current governor Consumers are choosing to click on “affiliation opportunities” in large numbers. 3 out of the top 10 most clicked pieces are opportunities to support a news organization through donating or attending an event 12

13 How does an campaign work?

14 Funder grants money to INN for administration. Money goes into a “campaign.” 1. Start with a campaign fund

15 Earn-to-Cap All-or-nothing Matching drives – coming soon Challenge campaign – coming soon 2. Choose a Campaign Type

16 Do you want to ask a user to donate $? Do you want info like an email address? Do you want to sell them something? 3. Choose a Secondary Action

17 - Shares and clicks start to roll in. - $1 gets credited to the nonprofit from the campaign fund for each share and each click-back. 4. Launch the Widget on the Nonprofits’ Site

18 Every campaign yields TONS of DATA on what was clicked, what was shared, what articles were the MOST INFLUENTIAL, the most popular, how content performs on different platforms & much more. 5. Dig Into the Data

19 Why bother?

20 Buys high-quality traffic Anybody can buy junk traffic. increases your engagement with the readers most likely to become donors.

21 Reveals the part of your work visitors care about the most

22 Gives you an opportunity to “level up” in social media

23 Helps you fight funder fatigue with something new to put in front of a foundation Shiny charts and graphs that funders love come free with every campaign

24 Gives underwriters a high-quality, high- engagement alternative to traditional banner advertising Everybody knows nobody looks at those things.

25 For Foundations

26 Ties funding to actions No more funding content that nobody sees

27 Many nonprofits don’t have great digital engagement skills; an campaign is like going to the gym for social media Leaves skills behind after the money is gone

28 Enables a foundation to invest in a sector Make smaller bets with a better chance for a big win

29 Makes it easier to spread a grant across a wider array of nonprofits Fewer hassles for microgranting and regranting programs

30 Gives foundation insight into a nonprofit’s performance and skills, making it easier to target interventions We wrap skills assessment and training around every group campaign

31 Creates greater collaboration & ties between nonprofits Because we bring the nonprofits together to discuss strategy before, during, and after the campaign, they have new ties to others in their field

32 What we want to do next Want to partner with a foundation that works with a network of nonprofits Want to find a way to test the combination of the widget and social media training with a wider array of nonprofits Want to include other mission driven nonprofits Want to figure out what will be most effective on sites that aren’t “article-driven”

33 We are looking for the next round of participants in DEADLINE: Round will close to new participants August 15

34 Thank you Kevin Davis @KLJDavis

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