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CHP/District Heating Conference & Networking Event, 22nd May 2014 – Prince Philip House, London. Delivering the Future.

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1 CHP/District Heating Conference & Networking Event, 22nd May 2014 – Prince Philip House, London. Delivering the Future

2 Caterpillar  Established 1925 by Benjamin Holt and Daniel Best  Worlds leading manufacturer of Construction and Mining equipment, Diesel and natural Gas engines and industrial Gas turbines.  Turnover: 60 Billion US Dollars (2011) – GBP 37.8 Billion  Profit: 4.9 Billion US Dollars (2011) – GBP 3.1 Billion (8.2%)  Employees: 125,099  Route to Market: Independent Worldwide Dealer Network  Dealer Employees: 127,000  Caterpillar Dealers Worldwide: 188

3 Finning and Caterpillar  Established 1933 By Earl B Finning  Exclusive Dealer For Caterpillar  Western Canada (Alberta, BC, NW Territories & Yukon), UK & Ireland, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay  Turnover: 5.9 Billion CAN $ (£3.8 Billion Pounds) in 2011  Canada 50%, South America 36%, UK 14%  EBIT: 380 Million CAN $ (244 Million Pounds) in 2011 (6.4%)  Employees: 11,900 of which 5,300 are skilled technicians  World HQ in Vancouver, Canada.  Toronto Stock Exchange FTT.TO  World’s Largest Caterpillar Dealer  If its CAT we sell it and maintain it

4 Global Locations Who Are Finning ? Vancouver Edmonton Fort McMurray Santiago Antofagasta Finning South America Finning UK and Ireland Finning Canada Cannock Revenue £2.4bn£1.3bn £0.5bn

5 Finning in the UK and Ireland  Finning (UK) Ltd  Headquarters in Cannock  23 Branches  About 1600 people  Major business units:  Equipment Solutions  Power Systems  Product Support  Turnover about £525m in 2011  Businesses: Cat, Diperk, Rollo, Damar Group, Murray Controls

6 Power Systems  Equipment and Installation Business  700 Employees  Power & Energy, CPCT  Commercial Marine & Offshore Petroleum  Pleasure Craft  Industrial & EP Retail  Diperk, Rollo (Damar, MCS)  Turnover GBP 220 Million  £180 Million – New & Used Equipment  £40 Million – Parts & Service  International experience – 43 countries  Lifecycle support  24/7 operation  Manned telemetry  Parts logistics

7 Specialist EPC Contractor Global Turnkey EPC Solution provider Infrastructure, Power Generation, Mission Critical, Renewables, Utilities

8 Green Park Energy Mines Gas – Fully Risk Transferred Landscape, building, fencing, engines generators, power, connection CAT finance £20m – 12 x 3520, 24 MWe, over 6 sites

9 Canary Wharf 4 x 3516, 1.8 MWe at 11kV, on acoustics floor cast in place, above directors offices, standby

10 Thames Water – 1. Biogas CHP 6 MWe 2. Biodiesel Finning sponsored research student at Brunel into biodiesel. Not as simple as it sounds. 5 x 3516, 8 MWe Biogas plant currently being fitted with steam boiler for Cambi plant designed and installed by Finning

11 Silent Valley Landfill and Biogas Prototype 3520 joint development CAT and Finning

12 BNHJV Mission Critical

13 BNHJV Energy Centre Complete turnkey energy centre 6 x gas engine chps 3516 1.2 MWe

14 Green Energy and CHP Southern Water Biogas to power

15 Process CHP Natural gas chp for process heat and power – pharmaceuticals – 3516 1.2 MWe

16 Digester Technology New food waste digester for Wessex Water, including waste reception, maceration, hammer milling etc

17 Caterpillar 3408 turbocharged 255 kWe gas engine gasifier for wood chip Obtained 220 kWe from natural gas engine – 1990

18 Waste cooking oil derived fuel to power 10 x 1820kWe diesel engines CAT 3516BHD diesel sets developed and optimised by Finning for the purpose of running on the bespoke fuel EPC by Finning, Gensets by CAT, all works inc civils and M&E by Finning or Finning owned companies, risk transfer for availability and output Funded by CAT finance and 7 year O&M BY Finning

19 Other engine based projects Finning are pursuing with clients Some of the planed projects in which Finning CPCT is taking full EPC responsibility: wood to gas engine power via gasifier Waste incl. RDF to gas engine power via pyrolysis tallow to power via diesel engine

20 How To Procure CHP that works (1) 1.Initially use a third party consultant to monitor in detail your plant and to scope out likely size of power plant, fuel, vendor options etc based on detailed monitoring and modelling, a not insignificant task 2.Its then essential to then let each engine or chp supplier to design, spec and quote for the total design – buildings, pipes, civils, electric and the power plant including say any gasifier etc and provide overall wrap 3.Do not involve third parties between you the client and the vendor as this will add unnecessary cost, and provide wriggle room in any subsequent dispute – you want responsibility to rest solely with the vendor – if a third party produces a spec to quote against the vendor may always revert to “ …well your design was wrong….” (and third party designs are often wrong)

21 How To Procure CHP that works (2) 4.Instead force vendor to accept all liabilities for his design, installation and any subsequent non performance ( loss of output, non-availability, maintenance costs, efficiencies etc) 5.Ask him to provide both a purchase offer and a full EPC funding option ( ie some kind of p/kWh offer) with the possibility of outright purchase at a later date 6.The choice of supplier shuld then be made solely on the fully funded cost of providing heat and power ( ie the p/kWh offer) and therefore in large part on the cost of having the funded offer – NOT merely the cheapest offer. 7.Further the Bank or funder, will perform diligence on the vendor, and secure vendors with a good track record will get low cost of funds and the bank’s own technical experts will also ensure the bid is of the correct standard. This is all revealed by the p/kWh cost.

22 How to Procure CHP that works (3) 7.You want vendors who are financially secure and who can be held to account for non performance – only these will be able to get funds at reasonable costs and this is inevitably reflected in the p/kWh cost. 8.The above points will ensure that vendors do not cut corners on installation to offer an initially cheaper price (inevitably resulting in a higher lifecycle cost) - vendors know better than any third party advisors what is necessary, and by offering a 10 year guarantee on performance will be forced to design to a correct standard 9.When you have picked the cheapest funded offer, (p/kWh) you may take the buy out if ultimately you prefer to fund it yourself and if necessary after an initial proving run

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