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WIT Libraries. Our Institutional Repository Story David Kane, WIT.

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1 WIT Libraries

2 Our Institutional Repository Story David Kane, WIT

3 WIT Libraries About Scholarly Communication Current System (for 350 years) Print Paradigm Problems Increased sum of human knowledge The Journals Crisis The Internet Disintermediation

4 WIT Libraries Journal Prices From 2000 to 2004, the increase in median price for 12 journal publishers rose between 27% (Cambridge U.P.) and 94% (Sage). Library and Information Statistics Unit (Loughbrough University)

5 WIT Libraries Journal Prices Average prices of peer-reviewed titles increased by an annual average of 6.5% from 2009 to 2011. 2010 Study of Subscription Prices for Scholarly Society Journals: Society Journal Pricing Trends and Industry Overview

6 WIT Libraries Cell Print: €8,201 I.F. = 32.403

7 WIT Libraries Physics Reports Print: €8,467 I.F. = 20.394

8 WIT Libraries Brain Research Print: €23,843 I.F. = 3.417

9 WIT Libraries Institutional Annual SubscriptionUSACanada & MexicoUKEurope (Euro zone) Rest of World Online Only$30,860 £ 15,747€19,910$30,860 Print + Online$35,489$35,993£ 18,557€23,463$36,245 Print Only$30,860$31,364£ 16,133€20,398$31,616 Journal of Comp. Neurology I.F. = 3.808

10 WIT Libraries Nature Print (51 issues): Personal: £135 Postdoc: £89 Student: £79 I.F. = 36.280

11 WIT Libraries 1963 Articles freely given by authors for publication Published by many small scholarly societies Not for profit 2013 Articles freely given by authors for publication Published by a very few commercial publishers Research generated at public expense is viewed as a commercially exploitable commodity The Changed Character of Scholarly Communication

12 WIT Libraries Big Publishers are doing well: Profits posted for 2012. Elsevier: Profit: £724 Million (36% of £2 Bn. revenue) Springer: Profit: £294 Million (34% of £0.8 Bn.) John Wiley: Profit: £106 Million (42% of £0.25 Bn.) Informa Plc: Profit: £47 Million (32% of £0.14 Bn.)

13 WIT Libraries Enter Open Access Free, immediate, permanent access to research for use, downloading and distribution. 2 Approaches Free, online journals (published by small scholarly societies) Institutional Repositories

14 WIT Libraries Copyright Authors of preprints hold the copyright to them Publisher OA Policies on Copyright

15 Publisher O.A. Policies

16 WIT Libraries Open Access Benefits Promotion of institutions, research groups. Cross-fertilization between disciplines Access for non-academic users ( e.g. policy makers ) Citation advantage

17 Steve Lawrence (2001) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

18 Eysenbach, G. (2006) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

19 HIDDEN SLIDE 3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0 013636

20 WIT Libraries A Look at WIT’s Repository

21 Repository Birthdays

22 WIT Libraries

23 Software Dspace (9) TCD, UL, UCC, NDLR, DBS, Marine Inst., NUIG, Teagasc, HSE Fedora (1) UCD Eprints (5) Maynooth, WIT, DCU, HRB, DKIT, Digital Commons (2) DIT, RCSI

24 Repository Structure Presentation Web Portal OAI Publisher Presentation Web Portal OAI Publisher

25 Emails Information Sessions Flyers Video Institutional Website – RSS Feeds Twitter Data entry Statistics Promotion Efforts

26 The Big Challenge Researchers are: –Comfortable with tried and tested forms of scholarly communication –They already have their ‘social’ networks

27 Current Focus Working closely with the Research Office –Gathering of references from institute staff for inclusion in ‘Research Matters’ –Creation of an easy to use deposit form on institutional website –Institutional Open Access Mandate Promotion Efforts

28 Institutional Mandates DIT Trinity Maynooth

29 Funder Mandates OA Policies on Copyright Funder Mandates

30 IRELAND HRB (position statement) SFI HEA Irish Research Council EUROPE European Commission European Research Council CERN

31 Portal for all Irish Repositories Standardised Metadata (Qualified Dublin Core) Only harvests Open Access and Peer-Reviewed articles WIT Libraries National Aggregator: RIAN

32 Aggregators/Harvesters (Now Incorporates DARE)

33 WIT Libraries European Aggregator: Open Aire “an electronic infrastructure and supporting mechanisms for the identification, deposition, access, and monitoring of FP7 and ERC funded articles”

34 WIT Libraries

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