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Proposal Development Maternal-Child Health in Developing Countries University of Washington 16 February 2012.

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1 Proposal Development Maternal-Child Health in Developing Countries University of Washington 16 February 2012

2 JShJSh Background

3 Key proposal development steps Identify and research health need Design appropriate intervention Develop proposal and budget Identify potential partners Identify potential funders Submit proposal

4 Tradeoffs: Government or foundation funding? Prescriptive or room for innovation – Health need – Geographic region – Partners Funding mechanism – Contract or grant Administrative and financial requirements – Organizational capabilities Size and scope

5 Funding resources Individual foundations/organizations








13 Sustainable approaches Evaluation, output, and outcome driven Alliances Cost share or leveraged financing Public/private partnerships Can be scaled- up Funding Trends

14 Preparing a Proposal

15 Present compelling feasible ideas Address clearly articulated need. Match donor priorities. Feasible to complete within time frame. Address needs/constraints. Result in measurable difference.

16 Proposal Overview Executive summaryIntroductionBackground Goals and objectives Implementation plan Evaluation Budget request and justification Supporting materials

17 Outline goal and key project elements. Funding required. Short, clear, compelling! Executive Summary

18 Introduction Introduce need and beneficiaries. Introduce project response. Introduce submitting organization. Introduce key partners.Outline fit with funder priorities.

19 Background Describe project context. Describe organization and partners work related to project. Discuss community and official support. Describe other related projects.

20 Goals and Objectives “Reduce the number of cases of malaria among children under 5 in the target area by improving compliance with correct pediatric malaria treatment.” Describe overall goal of project. Increase compliance with correct malaria treatment by 20% over baseline within 2 years. Distribute 10,000 units of pre-packaged pediatric malaria treatment through 20 drug shops serving the target area over 2 years. List “SMART” objectives.

21 SMART Project Objectives

22 SPECIFICIs the objective precise and well-defined? Is it clear? Can everyone understand it? MEASURABLEHow will you know when the objective has been achieved? What evidence is needed to confirm it? Have you stated how you will judge whether or not it has been achieved? ACHIEVABLEIs the objective achievable within the scope of the activity? Are there sufficient resources to achieve the objective? REALISTICIs it possible to perform the objective? Is the objective sensible? TIMELYIs it feasible to achieve the objective within the timeframe of the project?

23 Implementation Plan Outline when key activities will be initiated and completed (project timeline). Match implementation plan with budget. Describe project management plan. Describe specific project activities.

24 Evaluation Describe project outcomes. Describe how progress toward objectives will be measured. Outline how project will be monitored. Budget for evaluation (10%-15%).


26 Budget request and justification Outline budget year and category (personnel, travel, equipment/supplies, facilities, indirect costs). Justify each budget item by matching to implementation plan.

27 Sample 1-year budget Personnel Staff titlesLOE (Days)RateAmount Training manager40$400$16,000 Fringe Benefit @ 25%$4,000 Consultants Field training coordinator20$350$ 7,000 Personnel subtotal$27,000 Travel Seattle-Kenya RT1$2,500$2,500 Nairobi per diem8$200$1,600 Travel Subtotal$4,100

28 Supporting Materials Information that is helpful, but not crucial, to understanding the project. Letters of support Summaries of previous work Staff capabilities Organizational information Publications

29 GOOD LUCK! Jane Hutchings Director Reproductive Health Global Program PATH

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