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Arab Region. Despite some bumps along the way, the economies of the Arab Region have generally grown in the past decade.

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1 Arab Region

2 Despite some bumps along the way, the economies of the Arab Region have generally grown in the past decade


4 Domestic concerns take priority

5 93% of Jordanians and 90% of Egyptians believe that their own country’s problems are priority for their leaders, compared with a global average of 76%

6 Volunteering levels are mixed across the region – they are higher in Palestine than Jordan


8 People in the Arab Region are far less tolerant of certain issues than in the rest of the world, particularly AIDS and gay rights

9 People in the Arab Region have more confidence in charities than the rest of the world does

10 35% of people living in the region have a great deal of confidence in charitable or humanitarian organisations compared to 18% worldwide

11 Internet is a good medium for donations – online transactions are common for those who use the internet

12 95% of internet users in the UAE use it for shopping compared to 84% worldwide

13 Smart phone penetration is varied across the Arab Region, but high in parts


15 Thank you to Trajectory for providing the data

16 Atallah Kuttab Founder and Chairman, SAANED, Jordan Arab Region - Host

17 Global Perspective Arab Region Cultural traditions, religious norms, political histories & economic conditions shaped charitable sector Institutional philanthropy on the rise globally! Regional variety of factors but key forces are the same With growth of institutional philanthropy, gradual shift: from traditional charitable giving  more strategic giving (for social change) Cross sectorial Collaboration: key to broad & lasting impact and approach of complex and entrenched challenges Challenges to philanthropic growth and effectiveness are not insurmountable Global context and trends of giving

18 Philanthropic activities - highly influenced by religious traditions Giving is structured through more institutionalized models for greater impact. Trend: transition from individual generosity & charity to more strategic mode of giving Arabs in the Western diaspora serve their home country! Establish foundations and provision of support to local actors Arab Spring impact: diverse and shifting! Specific trends in Arab Region philanthropy Global Perspective Arab Region

19 Dec. 2011 Consultation in Amman December 2011 Consultation in Amman/Jordan Effort to build more Accountability and Transparency in the Sector

20 Dec. 2011 Consultation in Amman Objective: Define what constitutes a good organization and how to measure grantee satisfaction in addition to benchmarking Attendees: lead philanthropy organizations from across the Arab Region: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates All were informed of other efforts globally

21 Transparency Decision Making Frequency of measures/Evaluation Responsiveness Key Elements of Accountability Dec. 2011 Consultation in Amman

22 Leadership/Governance Results and Impact Ambition / Innovation Finances Activities and Programs People, Resources and Systems Management / Efficiency (Key questions were developed to assess each) Key Organizational characteristics Dec. 2011 Consultation in Amman Measures of Good organizations

23 Leadership/Governance Selection process, approval process and support during implementation Monitoring, reporting and evaluation Non financial support Legal restrictions on efficient and effective grant-making An Online Questionnaire in Place Key Organizational characteristics Dec. 2011 Consultation in Amman Measurement of Accountability to Grantees

24 Survey Results Arab Region Accountability to Grantees

25 Being a responsive funder What do grantees think of their funders? 29 Questions Survey (online) Three grantmakers participated 50 Grantees participated

26 Does the grant meet the needs? What is the value of the money? What is the non financial value of the grant? What is the level of comfort with the funder? Scope Examples

27 Here we are just giving a few findings to see you the kinds of things that can be done There is much more…. Selected findings



30 We can dig deeper into data Look for relationships between ratings…

31 Large amounts of valuable data Will enable you to get feedback on all important areas mentioned earlier in absolute and comparative forms Just a last example where one foundation doing well; others less well Time taken to process application

32 Proportion satisfied: between date of application and date money received

33 Experiences from the Arab region WAQFIYAT Al MAADI (Egypt) Palestine Children Relief Fund (Palestine & Lebanon) INJAZ (Jordan) Emirates Foundation (Abu Dhabi_UAE) Arab Human Rights Fund (Pan-Arab) ROTA (Qatar)

34 Obstacles and challenges to philanthropy Unfavorable legal & regulatory framework for philanthropy Lack of reliable data and information Low levels of trust & transparency in sector Public perceptions regarding the role of philanthropy in relationship to the role of the public sector and government Difficult demonstrating impact and effectiveness of philanthropic giving

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