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Benefits for All Lisa Pool Technology Affinity Group.

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1 Benefits for All Lisa Pool Technology Affinity Group

2 Agenda Simplify History What is Simplify? What is the GuideStar Exchange? Current Status Demo Call to Action – Sign up for Simplify Now! 2

3 Simplify History 201120122013 3 Nov. 2011: Project streamline report Idea for common database 2012 TAG committee formed 2012 TAG member survey of common data 2012 Identify TAG partners Nov. 2012 TAG board approves project Nov. 2012 TAG and GuideStar agree to partner Nov. 2013 Simplify launched Develop API Fundraising Branding Beta Testing API

4 What is Simplify?

5 Common Database (via GuideStar Exchange) NOT a Common Application Streamlined Application Process Nonprofits Enter Data Once Funders Access Data via Application Program Interface (API) Standards-setting Data-sharing 5

6 Benefits to Funders With Simplify, funders can: Help grantees save time and resources Increase accuracy of grantee applications Simplify the application process for themselves Provide ability to share data sector-wide Improve sector reporting 6

7 How Data Sharing Works Grantee creates a profile in the GuideStar Exchange database using its EIN as the identifier –Grantees that already have their information in the GuideStar Exchange do not need to enter it again Once the grantee has a profile, Simplify can access the data 3 ways 7

8 SCENARIO 1 Funder has online application form Funder’s application automatically accesses the GuideStar Exchange Data Sharing 8 Grantee enters EIN into funder’s online application GuideStar Exchange Grantee’s profile data populates application

9 SCENARIO 2 Funder uses grants management system Funder’s GMS automatically accesses the GuideStar Exchange Funder enters grantee EIN into grant management system (GMS) Grantee’s profile data populates application 9 GuideStar Exchange Data Sharing

10 SCENARIO 3 Funder accepts application via email or paper (no GMS) GuideStar Exchange provides grantee’s profile Funder enters EIN into Simplify Directory of Grantee Profiles Funder gets PDF of grantee’s profile GuideStar Exchange Data Sharing 10

11 Data Included in the Simplify API Organization Information Mission & Impact Statement Some NTEE Codes Financial Information People/Contact Information Uploaded Documents IRS Information 11

12 Data Standards 12 ConsistentOpenTransparent GuideStar Exchange API Simplify API Open Philanthropic Data eXchange (OPDX)

13 Standards Vision OPDX = worldwide standards for the sector Establish an independent global governance body for standards-setting Expand beyond the initial core data Be a widely used, reliable source for data 13

14 What is GuideStar Exchange?

15 What is the GuideStar Exchange? Central repository of nonprofit data Connects nonprofits to potential supporters New in 2013 — what’s different –More timely information –Nonprofits login and update their own ‘nonprofit report’ Three levels of participation, based on how much information is shared 15

16 Exchange Bronze 16

17 Exchange Silver 17

18 Exchange Gold 18

19 Demonstration

20 2014 – 2016 20142015 & Beyond 20 Vendors Modify Software Foundations Sign up for Simplify Foundations Use Simplify Data Nonprofits Enter Data into GuideStar Exchange 2014–20162017 & Beyond Grants GuideStar Self-sustaining Funding

21 TAG’s Role 21 FundraisingProject Oversight Outreach to Funders Contribute to Data Standards Adopt Standards as TAG Members

22 GuideStar’s Role 22 Technical development Marketing expertise & communications Outreach to GMS vendors Outreach to nonprofits Contribute to data standards

23 Simplify Project Funders 23

24 Costs 24 GranteesGMS Vendors Funders $0$0 $ 750/yr assets > $50M $ 350/yr assets < $50M Invest to modify their software OR Negotiate wholesale pricing with GuideStar

25 Participating Vendors — Simplify Launched in Product! Additional vendors to come 25

26 Participating Vendors – Simplify in Development Additional vendors to come 26

27 Why you should Simplify 27 Save nonprofits time and resources Increase the accuracy of applications Eliminate the duplication of efforts Provide the ability to share data, report sector-wide Help make the grantmaking process more efficient

28 Find out more at

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