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Grant Writing. Greater Amarillo Affiliate Workshop Goals 1.Familiarize applicants with the vision, mission, and strategies of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

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1 Grant Writing

2 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Workshop Goals 1.Familiarize applicants with the vision, mission, and strategies of Susan G. Komen for the Cure ® 2.Inform potential applicants about funding opportunities 3.Help applicants develop a successful application 4.Encourage networking with other breast health professionals

3 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Vision A World Without Breast Cancer Promise The Susan G. Komen for the Cure promise is to save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find the cures.

4 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Funding Priorities Target underserved women:  10% of families fall below the poverty line  31% of women are uninsured  40% of women over forty did not get an annual mammogram

5 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Funding Priorities Continued Focus funding in six counties:  Gray, Hansford, Potter, Randall, Dallam, and Carson.  These counties are home to 67% of the Panhandle’s population while also representing high incidence and counties with service providers.  The counties are also adjacent to counties without service providers so the affiliate can investigate rural versus urban obstacles to service.

6 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Encourage partnerships:  The expected success of the WISE Woman Project and the coordination of services created by the project highlight the potential for additional partnerships.  Increased partnership and coordination with the BCCCP will stretch funding dollars and ensure more women have access to screening and diagnosis. Funding Priorities Continued

7 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Address cultural and ethnic obstacles to education, screening, and diagnosis:  Although Caucasian women are more than half of the population, the minority groups of the Panhandle are expected to grow faster than the Caucasian group during the upcoming census.  Caucasian women have traditionally had better access to healthcare, so emphasis on minority groups will provide data for future programs and grant opportunities. Funding Priorities Continue d

8 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Community Profile Demographics and breast cancer statistics Programs and resources Interviews with survivors, grantees, and other front-line providers.

9 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Important Dates Grant writing WorkshopOctober 22, 2009 Application DeadlineJanuary 21, 2010 Award Notificationmid March 2010 Award PeriodApril 1, 2010-March 31, 2011

10 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Eligibility Non-profit organization Project must be specific to breast health and/or breast cancer All past and current Komen-funded grants and awards are up to date and in compliance with Komen requirements Be located in or providing services in one of more of the 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle

11 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Submission Process Submit 10 copies 1 original 9 duplicates Required Information Summary Information Program Description Budget Supporting Documentation

12 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Program Description Background Goals and Objectives Evidence-based Strategies/Promising Practices Evaluation Plan Organizational Capacity Sustainability

13 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Budget Consultant fees Meeting Costs Supplies Travel Other direct program expenses Indirect costs, not to exceed 20 percent of direct costs

14 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Funds may not be used for the following purposes: Medical or scientific research (costs associated with program evaluation are allowed) Media projects (film, radio, web sites, public service announcements, etc.) Scholarships or fellowships Construction or renovation of facilities Political campaigns or lobbying

15 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Supporting Documentation References Budget Justification Curriculum Vitae No other materials will be accepted.

16 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Selection Criteria Impact Feasibility Capacity Collaboration Sustainability

17 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Grant writing Tutorial Developing a Proposal Writing an Abstract Developing Objectives Program Evaluation Budgeting Helpful Hints

18 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Planning the Proposal Read everything! Consider the funding priorities carefully. Discuss ideas with decision-makers in your organization. Explore opportunities for collaboration. Prepare proposal together.

19 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Proposal Abstract First impressions are important. Brief statement of your “case” and a summary of your proposal. Be concise! Do not exceed 1200 characters (about 200 words).

20 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Components of a Case for Support  Mission/Vision/Values Statements  History  Goals  Objectives  Programs and Services  Community Outreach/Partnerships  Facilities and Service Delivery  Stories/statistics of Impact  Finances (Budget, graphs, pie charts, narratives)  Planning and Evaluation  Governance  Staffing  Fundraising  Gifts and Benefits  Conclusion

21 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Abstract Purpose of the program Description of key activities Summary of evaluation methods Likely impact of the program.

22 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Planning a Proposal Create a Project Profile 1. What is the function of the project you are proposing? 2.Is your project unique? 3.In what field is your project? 4.Whom will benefit from your project? 5.What are the geographic parameters of your project? 6.What type of grant are you likely to be seeking?

23 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Assessing Your Capability Should you write this proposal? “Proposals for purposes that do not tie to mission are better left unwritten.”.”

24 Greater Amarillo Affiliate 1.Do you have the proper legal status to receive funds? 2.Is the purpose of the proposal consistent with the mission of your agency? 3.Does your organization have a strategic plan that positions you to achieve excellence? 4.Does your organization have a good governing structure or board? 5.Do you understand and can you explain the “competitive advantage” of your agency for this particular proposal?

25 Greater Amarillo Affiliate 6.Do you know how the reputation of your organization will affect this proposal? 7.Do you know who else in the community or field is doing similar work and can you articulate what makes your work distinct from theirs? 8.Do you have collaborative relationships with other entities doing similar work where those make sense? 9.Do you have or can you get (in time) the right staff for this project? 10.Do you have the appropriate infrastructure to support the project and ensure that you can spend the funds within the required timeframe? 11.Have you thought through the impact of your project on your infrastructure?

26 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Developing the Idea 1. Assessing the Need  External Considerations  Internal Considerations  Project Considerations 2.Defining the Approach 3.Documenting the Need 4.Building Support and Involvement

27 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Selecting a Funding Source – Finding Common Ground  Shared Vision  Shared Constituency  Shared Culture  Shared Image  Shared Market

28 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Writing the Proposal Identified a need or problem that is really important. Done your homework to show how your work differs from others. Understood and can demonstrate its relevance to the funder(s). Planned an effective and feasible approach that will result in useful outcomes. Justified the requested resources. Shown, in compelling terms, that your organization and staff have the skills and experience to succeed.

29 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Statement of Need  What is the problem?  Who is affected by it?  What is the impact?  What are the implications to the community?  Why does this situation exist (root causes)?  What has been your organization’s experience with it?  What does external research reveal?  Who else is working on it?  What models of research have been tired elsewhere?

30 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Pitfalls to Avoid  Don’t paint a picture so bleak that the grantor feels the problem is insurmountable.  Don’t present a lack of your solution as the problem.  Don’t attribute the need to the applicant organization

31 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Procedures (Methods, Approach, Plan of Action) Common Problems to Avoid  Procedures do not match outcomes.  Proposal does not include a plan of action or procedures.  Procedures do not match the objectives and needs.  Only a tenuous connection is made between the need and procedures.  Procedures have no sound rationale.  Procedures are not demonstrated to be feasible.  Procedures focus on an internal benefit.

32 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Writing Objectives Specific Tangible Concrete Measurable Achievable within the grant period Define success Form basis for evaluation

33 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Writing Objectives If you have more than five objectives, consider breaking them up under two or three general goals. Be realistic. Who, What, By when, How much???

34 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Process Evaluation What happened How it happened How much Where To whom

35 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Impact Evaluation Changes in: Behavior Knowledge Attitudes Beliefs Change among Individuals Providers Organizations Communities

36 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Evaluation “There is no single best way to do evaluation.” Defined as “consistent, ongoing collection and analysis of information for use in decision making.” W. K. Kellogg Foundation Evaluation Handbook Free Management Library

37 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Budget & Expenses Projects become reality because the central idea is sold, not because the proposal is cheap! Be realistic! Ask for what you need. Justify expenses. Do your costs follow with narrative program description?

38 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Budget “As much care should be given to the budget as the development of the rest of the application.” 1.Identify total costs. 2.Arrange budget items. 3. Transfer your data to funders format if required.

39 Greater Amarillo Affiliate The Seven Deadly Sins of Proposal Writing 1.The application does not have a clear focus. 2.Presentation is sloppy. 3.Proposal is unsound. 4.The proposal has an “internal” rather than an “external” focus. 5.Budget problems. 6.Instructions were not followed. 7.Deadline was missed.

40 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Helpful Hints Read the RFP carefully — follow ALL directions. Be innovative, realistic, specific. Write clearly, use active rather than passive voice. Avoid jargon or acronyms. Allow plenty of time.

41 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Typical Funder Review  Proposal Screening  Internal Staff Review  External/Expert Review  Telephone Interview  Site Visit  Informal Check with Colleagues Decision Approval, Approval with Changes, Decline, Tabled

42 Greater Amarillo Affiliate You Are Successful! What Next? Grant Agreement Performance Reporting Build positive relationships through the entire process. Your relationship with the funder does not end with getting the check!

43 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Resources: Getting Funded The Complete Guide to Writing Grant Proposals 4 th Edition By Mary Hall, Ph.D. & Susan Howlett & Susan G. Komen for the Cure:

44 Greater Amarillo Affiliate Need Help? Susan G. Komen for the Cure Greater Amarillo Lisa Hoff Davis Executive Director 806.354-9706 Brandi Ruiz Mission Coordinator 806.354-9706 Nonprofit Service Center A program of the Amarillo Area Foundation Katharyn Wiegand Director 806.376-4521 Patricia Ward, CFRE Senior Project Manager 806.376.4521

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