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Network Update Steve Cotter Director, Network Services TNC2007, Copenhagen May 22, 2007.

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1 Network Update Steve Cotter Director, Network Services TNC2007, Copenhagen May 22, 2007

2 Slide 2 Internet2 Network Layer 1: Managed wavelengths from Level(3) Communications Level(3) owns and manages Infinera optical gear: responsible for software upgrades, equipment maintenance, remote hands, sparing, NOC services Internet2 NOC has total provisioning control Layer 2: Internet2 owned and managed Ciena CoreDirectors Using DRAGON GMPLS control plane Layer 3: Internet2 owned and managed Juniper T640s Expanded Observatory Platform for layer 1/3 network performance data collection, collocation, experimentation perfSONAR integration for intra- & inter-network performance analysis International connectivity Layer 1 network extended to international exchange points in Seattle, Chicago and New York City Peering points in Seattle, PAIX, Equinix Chicago Infrastructure Overview

3 Slide 3 Phase 1 Complete Phase 2 March 2 Complete Phase 4B June 12 Phase 3A April 19 Complete Phase 3B April 27 Complete Phase 4A May 18 Complete

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7 Slide 7 Internet2 Network Dedicated point-to-point wavelength services Dynamic Circuit Service Point-to-point Ethernet (VLAN) Framed SONET Circuit Point-to-point SONET Circuit Bandwidth provisioning available in 50 Mbps increments Best-effort high-speed IP Service Enables delivery of advanced content, commodity services, etc. Physical Connection 1 or 10 Gigabit Ethernet OC-192 SONET Flexible Infrastructure Supporting e-Science, Network Research & Education

8 Slide 8 Internet2 Network Connection Oriented Services provide for: Guaranteed bandwidth (predictable, repeatable, dependable performance between collaborating sites) Traffic segregation (support specific policy or traffic engineering requirements) Router bypass: Express links created for high-bandwidth, limited duration long-haul traffic reducing the need for mid-path L3 interfaces Cost efficiency: L3 router blades cost > L2 ports > L1 or L0 interfaces Capability tradeoff but could possibly improve performance Automated dynamic circuit services enable rapid provisioning and efficient utilization of capital investment Establishing end-to-end lightpaths is a non-trivial task: it is resource intensive and error prone Automated reservation, allocation, and provisioning enables co- scheduling of network and non-network resources. Dynamic Circuit Services

9 Slide 9 Multi-Service/Domain/Layer/Vendor Provisioning Regional Network Internet2 Network ESNet Dynamic Ethernet TDM GEANT IP Network (MPLS, L2VPN) Ethernet Router SONET Switch Ctrl Element Domain Controller LSP Data Plane Control Plane Adjacency Multi-Domain Provisioning Interdomain ENNI (Web Service and OIF/GMPLS) Multi-domain, multi-stage path computation process AAA Scheduling TDM Slide from Tom Lehman, ISI-East GUI XML AST

10 Slide 10 Internet2 Network Create private networks between key collaborating sites within a science community or on a project-by- project basis. Examples: Radio Astronomy community sharing telescopes and correlation facilities High Energy Physics community distributing large data sets Smaller projects may link data repositories and computational resources among key participants – e.g. grid portals Network engineering and operations community can use these capabilities to support traffic engineering objectives We expect applications will use these circuit services to carry high-bandwidth, limited duration flows and will retain use of IP links for generic Internet access. Dynamic Circuit Services Applications

11 Slide 11 Example: E-VLBI Application Specific Network Correlator/Compute Cluster Mark 5 VLSR Analysis station VLSR Global R&E Hybrid Infrastructure Globally Distributed, Unified Storage Clusters Sensors Slide from Jerry Sobieski, MAX

12 Slide 12 Collaborations The DICE group - Dante (GEANT2), Internet2, CANARIE, and ESnet Working closely with ESnet on interfacing OSCARS and HOPI - involves AAA work, using OSCARS interface “Stitching” project to describe data layer interconnections between segments of a PTP path Reporting back progress to the GLIF and other organizations For example, Phosphorus, in coordination with the SURFnet and University of Amsterdam participants Also having discussions with JGN2 Coordinating with OGF on various schema - topology, path computation, signaling Working with the appropriate standards bodies - ITU, IETF, and OIF

13 Slide 13 For more information: Thank you!

14 Slide 14 Layer 2: Cisco 6513 Ethernet switch for IPv4/v6 peering with 1GigE & 10 GigE interfaces Layer 1: TDM based optical equipment (SONET / Ethernet interfaces) Cisco 15454 Nortel OME 6500 Nortel HDX MAN LAN website: /manlan/ /manlan/ MAN LAN Exchange Point 32 Avenue of the Americas, NYC

15 Slide 15 Trans-Atlantic Connectivity Connection toLink Operator (Funder)BW (Gbps)N.A. Interconnect CERNLHCnet (CalTech) (DOE)2x10, 1x10MAN LAN, StarLight CESnet (CZ)CESnet (CESnet)10StarLight GEANT2 (Europe)DANTE (GEANT2)10, 10NGIX-East, MAN LAN GEANT2 (Europe)TransLight/StarLight (NSF)10MAN LAN GEANT2 (Europe)Internet2/HOPI (Internet2)10MAN LAN SURFNET (NL)SURFnet10, 10StarLight, MAN LAN SURFNET (NL)Internet2&SURFnet (IEEAF)622MbpsAbilene-NYC NetherLightTransLight-StarLight (NSF)10StarLight NetherLightInternet2&SURFnet (IEEAF)10MAN LAN RBnet (Russia)Gloriad (NSF/Russia)3x1 (on TL/SL link to NetherLight) StarLight ENERGI (Egypt)ENERGI (MCIT)155MbpsMAN LAN UKLight (UK)UKERNA (JISC)10StarLight Qatar Foundation Network Qatar Foundation (Qatar Foundation) 155MbpsMAN LAN TENET (S. Africa)Telkom SA (TENET)GRE tunnelMAN LAN

16 Slide 16 Trans-Pacific Connectivity Connection toLink Operator (Funder)BW (Gbps)N.A. Interconnect APAN TokyoXPTransPAC2 (NSF/NICT)10Pacific Wave-LA JGN2 (Japan)NICT (NICT)10StarLight AARNET (Australia)AARNET (AARNET)2x10Hawaii/Pacific Wave CERNET (China)CERNET (CERNET)155MbpsStarLight CSTNET (China)GLORIAD (CSTNET)2.5PacificWave-Seattle KREONET (Korea)GLORIAD (KREONET2)10PacificWave-Seattle Hong KongHARNET45MbpsStarLight SINET (Japan)NII (NII)10, 2.5MAN LAN, PW-LA GEMNET (NTT-Japan)NTT (NTT)622MbpsPacific Wave SingAREN (Singapore)SingAREN (SingAREN)155MbpsPacific Wave-LA NUS (Singapore)NUS (NUS)155MbpsPacific Wave - Seattle TWAREN (Taiwan)NCHC (NCHC)2, 2.5, 1.2Pacific Wave, MAN LAN ASNET (Taiwan)ASNET (Academica Sinica)2.5StarLight UNINET (Thailand)UNINET (UNINET)155MbpsLA WIDEWIDE&PNWGP (IEEAF)10, 622MbpsPacific Wave - Seattle Qatar FNQatar FN (Qatar Foundation)155MbpsPacific Wave - LA

17 Slide 17 Americas Connectivity Connection toLink Operator (Funder)BW (Gbps)US Interconnect CA*net (Canada)CANARIE (CANARIE)~50StarLight/PWave/MAN LAN redCLARA (Latin America), ANSP (Brazil), RNP (Brazil) WHREN-LILA (NSF, FAPESP) 1.2AMPATH redCUDI (Mexico)WHREN-LILA (NSF)1CALREN2 redCUDI (Mexico)UTEP, CUDI (UTEP, CUDI)1UTEP REACCIUN-2 (Venezuela)AMPATH (AMPATH)45MbpsAMPATH Gemini/NOAO, Chile(NSF funding)55MbpsAMPATH

18 Slide 18 RON Dynamic Infrastructure Ethernet VLAN RON Dynamic Infrastructure Ethernet VLAN Internet2 DCS Ethernet Mapped SONET Domain Controller GUI XML AST 1. Service Request 2. Path Computation Request 3. Recursive Per Domain Path Computation/Scheduling Processing 4. Path Computation/Scheduling Response (loose hop route object returned) 5. Service Instantiation (Signaling) A. Abstracted topology exchange A A A A 1 3 3 2 NARB VLSR 4 AAA Need more work on AAA, Scheduling 5 Flexible Edge Mappings (port(s), tag, untag) Provisioning Flow

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