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Finding the cure Presentation 23.02.10 Parkinson’s Caroline Morris - Education & Training Officer South West & Channel Islands.

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1 Finding the cure Presentation Parkinson’s Caroline Morris - Education & Training Officer South West & Channel Islands

2 Our Programme Today………… What is Parkinson’s? Symptoms and Impact of Parkinson’s Managing Parkinson’s The work of Parkinson’s UK

3 Hoxton Square Shoreditch, London Dr James Parkinson (1755 – 1824) Essay on the Shaking Palsy “….involuntary tremulous motion, with lessened muscular power, in parts not in action …… with a propensity to bend the trunk forward, and to pass from a walking to a running pace …… the senses and intellect being uninjured.” 1817

4 What is Parkinson’s……. Dopamine Parkinson’s is a progressive & fluctuating neurological condition Parkinson’s occurs when 80% of dopamine producing cells are lost from the part of the brain that controls movement The cause of loss of dopamine is being researched……..

5 1 in 500 of general population 127,000 in UK in 2012 > 162,000 in UK by 2020 Average age of diagnosis years Does not discriminate – all ethnic groups Parkinson’s is rarely a hereditary condition (5% of cases) Parkinson’s – Incidence & Prevalence General Practice Research Database (GPRD) 2009

6 NICE If Parkinson ’ s is suspected, patients should quickly be referred (untreated) to a neurologist or to a geriatrician with a special interest in Parkinson ’ s Follow up every months to optimise treatment and reassess the diagnosis

7 Diagnosis - Main Physical Symptoms Slow Movements (bradykinesia) Ability to start a movement (initiation) Reduced size of movements (amplitude) Coordination of movements (sequencing) Stiff, Rigid or Frozen Muscles Problems with turning, getting out of a chair, turning over in bed Fine detailed movements – activities of daily living Stooped posture, difficulty with facial expressions Pill Rolling Tremor 70% of people with Parkinson’s have a tremor More noticeable when a person is anxious

8 Impact of Parkinson’s

9 Communication problems Mask - Bradyphrenia - Voice Eating & drinking difficulties Saliva, swallowing issues Mobility problems Hypotension Falls & “Freezing” Bladder & bowel problems Pain/Dystonia Anxiety/Depression Dementia Sleep problems Tiredness Tremor General health Complex medication

10 Managing Parkinson’s

11 Parkinson’s Medications Medication & GIOT (Day & Night) Levodopa Dopamine agonists MAO-B inhibitors COMT inhibitors Glutamate antagonist Anticholinergics

12 Fluctuations in response (“On/Off” effect) Hallucinations, nightmares, confusion Impulsive / Compulsive behaviour (ICB’s) Dyskinesia (involuntary movements) Challenges of Medication

13 Parkinson’s UK

14 We’re the Parkinson’s support and research charity. We’re committed to finding a cure and improving life for everyone affected by Parkinson’s

15 Parkinson’s UK Join our Conversation (web viewed by 95,000 people each month) FREEPHONE CONFIDENTIAL HELPLINE

16 Sudhansu

17 In 1989 we pioneered the first Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist Since then we have invested over £8 million in funding these nurses There are now 336 specialist nurse posts across the UK, so over 75% of people now have access to a Parkinson's nurse They offer a targeted service to greatly improve the care of PwP Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist Service

18 Information & Support Workers Up-to-date information on Parkinson’s Emotional support for PwP’s & family Information about benefits and applications Information about and links to local services A supporting voice Links to other Parkinson’s Services: –Helpline –Website –Information Resources –Local Branches and Support Group

19 Raise awareness of Parkinson’s 1 hour talks to care & nursing homes Across the South West Volunteer Educators

20 Parkinson’s Research We are the largest charitable funder of Parkinson’s research in the UK. We have invested over £55 million so far……. 90 Projects (£17 million) 40 projects investigating the causes of Parkinson’s 20 projects to improve life with Parkinson’s 30 projects exploring better treatment and a cure

21 Olympic Torch

22 David Denmead (Cornwall) South West Olympic Torch Bearers


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