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Page 1 Improving Research Grant Quality at GCU Professor John Marshall Director Academic Research Development.

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1 page 1 Improving Research Grant Quality at GCU Professor John Marshall Director Academic Research Development

2 page 2 BEFORE YOU START A GRANT APPLICATION Make a list of what you should do before you start writing your proposal Check the literature for prior art ( both academic and commercial) Check what has been funded before and how it relates to your idea Consult funding search tools about current calls (GCU Talk to the funding body about your idea (and listen) Talk to potential beneficiaries to gauge interest and support Talk to a member of the GCU peer review college about your idea Consider collaborative partners (to supply complementary expertise) Ask GCU research office about application/approval processes Request a full economic cost assessment at an early stage If going ahead, let your line manager know in advance!

3 page 3 THE TITLE Read these examples and assess their suitability as research project titles: Investigation of problems relating to risk management in the financial sector Studies to understand the factors that affect corporate behaviour in mitigating financial risk Research to develop a new approach to risk assessment in banking A survey of procedures for assessing risk in financial institutions A novel methodology for risk assessment in banking

4 page 4 THE RESEARCH PROPOSAL Question prompts: Is it original (check academic literature) Is it significant (step change or incremental?) Is it rigorous in its methodology (international best practice) Are the research objectives stated at the outset ? Is the proposal structured with relevant headings and developed logically and coherently (ask someone else!) What research skills/capabilities/infrastructure are required/available to the project?

5 page 5 THE ABSTRACT Write an abstract/summary of no more than 100 words about a current research proposal that you have Give the abstract to a colleague and accept critical feedback on their impressions about what it says. The abstract should: Present the essential meaning of the proposal as a stand alone item Give the reviewer their first and most important impression of of proposal (may determine funding). Emphasise the main objectives and critical developments in theory/procedure/methodology/technology needed Be concise: every word must count and the whole must be coherent. Be consistent with the proposal (should be written last)

6 page 6 Summary of Research for the lay person Take the abstract you have written and re-write it in everyday language as a summary for a lay member of the public. Ask someone who knows nothing about your subject to read it and provide critical feedback on the clarity of the summary as they see it.

7 page 7 Beneficiaries of the Proposed Research Read the impact statement for the research proposal provided and : 1.Identify what has been done well 2.Identify what has been done less well Only consider the possible benefits arising from the research. Would you fund this proposal if you were a (non-academic) user of the research?

8 page 8 The justification of resources What do you need to carry out the project and Why you need it. Your summary should include: Staff appointments (level and cost) Consumables (specific and reasonable) Travel (relates to specific project objectives) Equipment (purchase/running costs/service/access costs) Dissemination of results (specific project costs) Timescales (relates to project planning) Value for money !!!

9 page 9 Project Management Essentials: What ? Where ? When ? How ? Who ? Dependencies /criticial path? Note: Project management plans must relate to the Research project narrative. Check !

10 page 10 The Research Grant Application Checklist (1): Discuss the proposal before you start with a member of the University peer review college A short clear title that is consistent with the text A proposal with clearly stated aims and objectives Academic team track record relevant to the specific proposal Identify beneficiaries and any support offered (be specific, show evidence) A realistic project management plan (What Where When How Who)

11 page 11 Justify the resource requested (competitive) Cost it properly (using University fEC model) Complete the proposal fully (all of it) Then have it rigorously peer reviewed (as if for real) Incorporate feedback by taking comments on board Polish the proposal at least twice more before submitting The Research Grant Application Checklist (2):

12 page 12 GENERIC GRANT APPLICATION PROCESS Follow the Instructions ! Do everything that is requested, in full ! If you don’t know what is needed then ask the funder, allowing enough time for an answer. Check that all the sections are completed and that documents are spellchecked Meet the deadline with time to spare (servers often go down at the last minute)

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